06/09/11 Water Works Mini

51 showed for a warm Thursday lap at Water Works. Temp in the upper 80s with cooling 10-15 breezes.

Mostly a local crowd on this Wide Open Eve. A few out of town visitors and quite a few area players that came for the clinic and stayed for the mini. Great to see all the folks that don’t make WW league often. The course looked great and played fairly tough with the tournament settings and somewhat fickle winds. Only six of the 51 in attendance finished under par.

The hot round of the evening came from the Masters and Old Pike Mike at 49 winning the division by five. Joe H continued his hot Thursday play shooting 50 and tying John Riley, former KC resident visiting from GA, for first in Open. Pro2 was a split as well between visitors Gabriel Arellano and Nicody Tucker, both coming in at one under. I heard rumors that Fred Fortson hit metal on a drive… hole 3 maybe?? Chris Cossette, back from Florida, won the battle of the brothers by one.

Open (13)

John Riley  50
Joe Hesting  50
Kevin Corbett  52
Nick Winkelbauer  54
Cooper Arnold  55
Jake Bowen  56
Slim Belcher  59
Aaron Martin  59
Josh Warner  61
Tony Dutiel  61
Jay Cram  61
TJ Ring  64
Edwin Hart  68

Masters (15)

Mike Thomas  49
Jamie Barry  54
CD Steiner  54
Billy Nelson  55
Brian Gammon  55
Doug Kantro  57
Ted Keith  59
Bill Neenan  60
Dan Zink  61
Ron Kline  61
Tom Verstraete  62
Kevin Montgomery  63
James McLaughlin  63
Kelly Warren  63
Mike Simone  67

Pro2 (23)

Gabriel Arellano  53
Nicody Tucker  53
Chris Cossette  54
Adam Cossette  55
Fred Fortson  57
Jason Lyon  58
Anthony Puryear  58
Steve Harris  58
Shane Caylor  59
Rodney Beagle  59
Bret Long  60
Thomas Spencer  61
Jitt Belcher  62
BJ Font  63
Chris Millsap  63
Brad Lenheim  63
Eric Kolkmeier  65
Brian Albertson  65
Matt Fox  66
Ian Stone  70
Mike Penny  71
Tim Forbes  74
Ryan Westa DNF

Ace Pool = $457

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