Biggest and Best KC Ice Bowl Ever

Kansas City 25th Ice Bowl Was the Biggest and the Best Ever

[blockquote  align=”center”] … drew a record 444 players and non-playing contributors, and raised a record $8000. [/blockquote]

With 240 pre-registrants for the 25th Annual Kansas City Ice Bowl, we knew going in that it was going to be a big one. The event took place January 28-29 at Rosedale Park. The unseasonable warmth that has defined this winter —snowless, sunny days in the 40s, 50s, and even 60s—continued into the weekend and primed our avid and generous disc golf community to shatter some records. The tournament drew a record 444 players and non-playing contributors, and raised a record $8000.

These proceeds will be divided equally between two local charities: Harvesters Community Food Network, and Bishop Sullivan Center. The emphasis of a KC Ice Bowl is always on charity, fun, and community, and in the mix we play a lot of golf. This year 346 players posted at least one 18-hole score, of which 239 played all 27 holes. Another 54 people were spotted at the Ice Bowl who either didn’t turn in scores or didn’t play. 38 people signed up early but may or may not have taken part. Another half-dozen people worked the tournament but didn’t play.

On Saturday, we had two scheduled flights in which people posted 18-hole scores and became eligible to play in Sunday afternoon’s final 9. On Sunday, the traditional Ice Bowl day in Kansas City, golfers formed their own groups and posted rounds in the morning. Mulligans were sold for the 18-hole rounds and brought in close to $500 for the charities. Before we teed off at 2:30 for the final nine, players were entertained by the closest-to-the-pin contest, mini golf, lunch (via the chili contest), and for those who acted quickly, some tasty 23rd Street Brewery ale.

The final nine is unique in that instead of traditional divisions, prizes are given to the player or players with the best 27-hole score on each card. Thus, there were at least 36 winners who represented the full spectrum of scores. The person with the very best score through 27 holes is the Ice Bowl Champion. This year’s champion was the returning 2010 Ice Bowl champion, Bryan Guthrie. He edged out Mike Thomas and Lee Killian by a single throw.

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Thanks to All the Volunteers

At the risk of omitting any of those who helped and contributed, we want to acknowledge the people who made this Ice Bowl shine. Volunteers Ben Crosby, Rick Rothstein, Van Spratford, and Kelly Warren sacrificed their spots on the field to run the competition and handle the merchandise and sales tables. They received scorekeeping and scorecard writing assists from John Park, Mary Walters, Mike Quiroga, and Jamie Barry. Kudos to Dale and Andrew Walters for the PA system, complete with tunes, on Saturday. Thanks to the Walters clan for the photos, and to Dick Parker for setting up and running the mini contest. Thanks also to Bert Boettcher, Bob Ward, and Will Mersman for getting the courses ready. Last year’s TD, Jack Lowe, stepped up by distributing news releases (we got coverage from Channel 4, Channel 9, and Channel 41), by helping with the meal, and as a sounding board for this year’s TD.


Chili Contest – Now a KC Ice Bowl Tradition

The following people made lunch possible by entering their best recipes into the Chili Contest: Tavish Carduff; Jonathan Causey (2); Vince Como; Rhonda Crosby; Brad Damico; Suzanne Davidson; Nick Davis; Matt Hayes; Tom Henderson; J.T. Miller;  Lee Killian; Jack Lowe; Kevin Montgomery; Tammy Montgomery; Jesse Pettibon; Jay Rivard; Caleb Walker; Dale Walters; John Theiss; Tony Todd; Jeff Webb; Kevin Weiss; and Shaun Welch. The Chili Contest winner, for the second straight year, was Nick Davis, as named by judges Mio Sillings, Mike Spady, and Scott Burnett. A big thanks to Steve Glover for securing the generator from the Rodina Company, and to Bucky Buckingham for the donations of two kegs of 23rd Street ales—netting an additional $200 in donations. Let’s not forget these KCFDC Board members who helped with the food and drink: Eric Kolkmeier, Kristie Svejda, Hal Kurz, and Chris Timko.

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The CTP Contest—run by Crazy John Brooks, with lots of help from John Theiss, Rhonda Crosby, Dale Walters, and Doc Cummings—raised nearly $600. Players buy chances to make a short shot or get it closest to the pin. The person who is determined to be closest picks a prize and then the next closest picks a prize. Significant prizes donated this year included a home-made rocking horse from John ”JP” Park, a Traveler Basket from Disc Golf World and Innova Disc Golf, a $100 gift certificate to Carmen’s from Pete Cashen and Dynamic Discs, hockey tickets from Jack Lowe, a water filtration device from Steve Dresser, a variety of shirts from Matt Hays and Fore Twenty Disc Golf, a DGW gift certificate, a bag and discs from the KCFDC, discs from Tom Henderson and the Baca Tournament, gift certificates from Mestizos and Mongolian Grill, some dyed goodies from Dan Howard, and more that showed up on the table. Whether mentioned here or not, we thank everyone who donated. Oh yeah, the winner, who selected the Traveler, was Thomas Davis.

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Tournament Director Rick Rothstein tried something new this year by adding a Sponsorship Pledge Sheet to the entry form. A special thanks goes to these people who solicited donations from 48 friends and neighbors  to total a very impressive  $1005: Jonathan Causey, $300; Bob Dieztel, $220; Greg Pomering, $135; Blake McNeal, $127; Shaun Welch, $100; Jesse Pettibon Jr., $86; Matt Eklund, $37. Additionally, approximately $500 in donations came in as people registered. For the 2013 Ice Bowls, we intend to get these pledge sheets out earlier.

It was great day for both Kansas City Disc Golf and for fighting hunger in KC. We hope to see everyone back next year, regardless of the weather.

Ice Bowl Media Coverage

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If there have been no Ice Bowls in your town, it’s time to begin the tradition. For information about how to get started, visit

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