2013 Kansas City Ice Bowl Schedule of Events

Ice Bowl is an international series of around 240 winter disc golf events dedicated to fighting hunger, building community, and having fun. Since 1996, over $2 million has been raised via Ice Bowl disc golf tournaments. For more on the origins and history of Ice Bowl, go here.


The 2013 Kansas City Ice Bowl is once again a fundraiser for Harvesters Community Food Network and Bishop Sullivan Center. Through the years, the Kansas City Flying Disc Club has donated nearly $44,000, including a record-setting $8,000 in 2012. We also had a record number of 444 players/contributors with about 346 posting scores. Our goal for 2013 is to raised more money and have more people participate.


While we hope you’ll play some golf and join the fun on Sunday, even if you can’t, we hope that you’ll still be part of it by purchasing a player’s package. Please download a registration form here. We also encourage your friends, co-workers, and family to donate through the use of this Ice Bowl Pledge Sheet. There are incentives listed for raising money with the top fundraiser receiving a $100 Dynamic Discs gift certificate.


2013 Kansas City Ice Bowl Schedule of Events

Saturday, January 26

8:00am – 9:30am: Registration and Check-in for preregistrants.

9:00am – 4:00pm: Closest-to-the Pin Contest

9:50am: Brief players meeting

10:00am: Tee off

11:00am – 12:30pm: Check-in for preregistrants.

12:50pm: Brief Players’ Meeting

1:00pm: Tee Off


Sunday, January 27

7:45am – 10:00am Registration and Check-in for -reregistrants (pick up scorecards)

8:00am – 1:15pm: CTP Contest

9:00am – 1:15pm: Mini Golf

11:30am – 1:15pm: Lunch

12:30pm: Deadline for turning in a scorecard to play the final round

1:25pm: Group Photo

1:30-1:45: CTP Prize Distribution

1:55pm: Brief Players Meeting/hole assignments

2:10pm Nine-hole final round.

±4:30pm: Champion trophy presentation. Card winners get discs.


For questions about Ice Bowl, contact Tournament Director Ben Crosby: 785.393.1555. For preregistration issues, contact Disc Golf World:816.471.3472.


More About the KC Ice Bowl


Because the Kansas City Ice Bowl is not a typical tournament, we want to let everyone know how it works and what you can expect. First of all there are a few rules that apply to Ice Bowls everywhere. First, an Ice Bowl will not be postponed or canceled because of the weather. Second, no wimps or whiners are allowed. Third, there are no excuses for not supporting your local Ice Bowl.


We’re going to explain how Ice Bowl “competition” works. But first, we encourage you to preregister for this event. By preregistering you can get your players package ahead of time and lessen your time in line. You can download a registration form here.


Let us emphasize that Ice Bowl is not a “serious” competition, but more like “competition lite,” which befits an event where you can buy as many mulligans as you want to use during the first round. (And we encourage the liberal use of mulligans!) All told, there are 27 holes played at Ice Bowl–18 on Saturday morning or Saturday afternoon or Sunday morning, with the nine-hole final round on Sunday afternoon.


The first round is played on the top course. On Saturday, there is more structure in that you can choose to play either in the morning flight or the afternoon flight. Flights are limited to 108 players (6 per hole.) Working with the TD, you may form your own group of up to six players. A shotgun start will be employed on Saturday. On Sunday, after checking in, you can form your own group of no more than 5 players and just go play. You need to finish your round and turn your scorecard in no later than 12:30 if you want to play the nine-hole final.


There are no divisions, so cards are determined for the second round by ranking players by their scores from the first round. This means that all the players on a scorecard will have very similar scores. For the second round, players will one of these nine holes: top 1-9, top 10-18, DU 1-9, DU 10-18. The player on each card with the best total score wins a DX disc. This means there will be at least 36 “winners” with everyone, regardless of skill level, having a shot at winning. The person with the very best overall score is the KC Ice Bowl Champion and gets to keep the traveling trophy for a year.


The Closest-to-the-Pin Contest


A very popular and fun Ice Bowl activity is the CTP Contest. A basket is set up near the shelter and people throw at it from about 90 feet. While you can (and are encouraged) to buy lots of tickets for throws, only your closest throw is recorded. The person who is closest to the pin gets to pick first from the prizes that have been donated. Last year, about 5 or 6 players actually made the shot and a playoff determined the winners and runners-up. Because a player can only win one prize, there are as many winners as there are prizes.


So far, the prizes include a Innova DISCathcher Sport Model from Disc Golf World, a PDGA amateur membership (new only) and several sets of Maverick hockey tickets from Jack Lowe, an energy or astrology session from Tavish Carduff, an oil change and a tire rotation/balance at AA Tire and U-Haul, two Tower Tavern Gift Certificates, an Oklahoma Joe gift certificate, a $25 gift card from Wheat State Pizza, a $100 certificate from Irezumi Tattoo, Frontier Steakhouse gift certificates, a pair of Fade straps, and more. Usually, people show up with other gift certificates, new and cool golf stuff, and more. Please consider donating to the prize pool.


The Communal Meal and Chili Contest


Part of the players’ package is Sunday’s potluck lunch that is made possible primarily by those who make chili for the Chili Contest. There is no cost to enter the contest. If you’re bringing chili, please let Rhonda Crosby know at rhonda.crosby@gmail.com. If you’re not making chili, please bring some food to share, such as chips, veggies, sweets, rum balls, etc. The Kansas City Flying Disc Club will supply the paper goods, beverages, utensils, condiments, and the power. (Thanks to Steve Glover and Nick Arbeitman for the generators.) Ice Bowl Schwag When you sign up for Ice Bowl, please consider buying some clothing and/or extra discs because the profit from each item sold goes to our charities. The best way to make sure you get the shirt you want is by preregistering. There will be clothing at the Ice Bowl, but sometimes sizes and styles run out. If you cannot preregister, but want to order a shirt or cap to be delivered to you, call Disc Golf World at 816.471.3472. The clothing, by the way, was printed by Kansas City-based Eagle Products, which is owned by KCFDC member #133, Duffy Carduff. Images of the clothing are at the end of this message.


Who’s Playing So Far and When


And finally, here’s a list of the people who have signed up to play or to support the 2013 Kansas City Ice Bowl. Please join us next weekend.

Saturday Morning

Drew Allison
Parker Asay
Michael Campbell
Matt Crowe
Matt Crutcher
Matt Dixon
Eric Eastwood
Reesa Eastwood
Rob Hoesly
Ted Keith
Lee Killian
David Leonard
Mark Mills
Neil Porras
Bill Shinoski
David Steeby
Andrew Stomps
Joe Teater
Mike Thomas
Danny Troop

Saturday Afternoon

Harold Berciunas
Nathan Clifton
Brian Collier
Brittany Naumann
Rhonda Crosby
Rick Gurski
Billy Harmon
Preston Harris
Jerry Harvey
Jordon Hippensteel
Dan Howard
Kyle Lander
Yanina Langer
Jack Lowe
Chris Mangiararcina
Frank Mangiararcina
Jeff Mosely
Bill Neenan
Danny Rodriguez
Doug Sears
Terry Seek
Van Spratford
Kristie Svejda
John Thompson
Josh Vance
Demian Vela
Suzie Zell


Sunday Morning

Aric Anderson
Corey Brantley
Joe Bristow
Michael Bristow
Thomas Bristow
Chris Cardinal
Chris Collins
Jesse Collins
Bianca Como
Vince Como
Paulie Cross
Travis Daetwiler
John Davis
Bobby Dietzel
Mike Dresser
Steve Dresser
Michael Durst
Josh Harrison
Johnny Kimbrell
David Koenig
Eric Kolkmeier
Luke Langcor
Rob Martin
Colin McNulty
Conrad Medina
Steven Novarro
Ben Oliver
Brian Pahls
Andy Portwood
Scott Reek
Paul Salierno
Aaron Shanahan
Shean Stanton
Ben Taylor
Robert Thompson
Jeff Waldron
Bobby Ward
Brian Woodson

Non-Playing Supporters

Tank Franks

Ken Hostetler
Drew Neitzel
Doug Linville
Troy Weigel


If we’ve put you down for the wrong time or wrong day, please let us know as soon as you can. Please note that each flight on Saturday is limited to 108 players. See you next weekend!

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