2013 Bag Tag Challenge Results

We had 102 people pre-pay for their 2013 Bag Tags. 99 of those 102 played at least 1 round. Below is the breakdown of what tag you will be starting your 2013 Bag Tag season off with. Remember they will be available to pick up at the Club Elections this Saturday 10-27 at the Westport Flea Market. 


If you are in a Tie, it will be first come first serve for the # listed by your name. If you did not play all 4 rounds, you are on a first come first serve basis within the tags assigned to your group. If you have not purchased a tag but would like to, your next opportunity will be at the Club Elections this Saturday. After that they will be available at DGW in KCMO. We will likely get a few over to the DDKC store as well. Thank You!


2013 Kansas City Flying Disc Club Bag Tag Challenge

1 Ken Franks
2 Fred Smith
3 CD Steiner
4 Eric Eastwood
5 Ryan Keck
6 David Valdiviez
7 Heath Kinton
8 Scott Ostenfeld
9 Jeff Campbell
10,11 Matt Perry
10,11 Dick Parker
12 Peter Bures
13 Brian Taylor
14,15 Matt Crowe
14,15 Paul Beard
16 Mark Albers
17 Jon Thomas
18,19,20 Kevin Weiss
18,19,20 Greg Utz
18,19,20 Tracy Walker
21 Chris Buckley
22,23,24 Matt Bergkamp
22,23,24 Lee Sarvis
22,23,24 Roland Vega
25 Ash Lawrence
26,27 Matt Hays
26,27 Kelly Markum
28 Brandon Deerr
29 Brian Cornelius
30,31 Drue Allison
30,31 Tyler Mattoon
32,33 Tom Verstraete
32,33 Gary Harvey
34,35,36,37 Josh Oothoudt
34,35,36,37 Jordan Ramey
34,35,36,37 Mike Quiroga
34,35,36,37 Jack Lowe
38 David Steeby
39,40 Zeke Henry
39,40 Matt Crutcher
41 Jason Pool
42 Corey Frank
43 Bill Shinoski
44 Andrew Walters
45 Hans Weding
46,47,48,49 Bob Walker
46,47,48,49 Aaron Shanahan
46,47,48,49 Jason Talley
46,47,48,49 Ben Delp
50 Greg Seher
51,52 Austin Penca
51,52 Josh Lawson
53,54 Gregg Mattoon
53,54 Adam Abernathey
55 Harold Berciunas
56,57 Jim Ramey
56,57 Ben Crosby
58 Dale Walters
59 Jeff Ozorkiewicz
60 Jake Crutcher
61 Charlie Tull
62 Ben Oliver
63 Van Spratford
64 Michael Petrin
65 Mary Walters
66 Rhonda Crosby
67 Rebecca Leach
68 Chris Portwood

3 Rounds

69-73 Elliot Hicks
  Jake Bowen
  Steve Carnegie
  Rob Bitter
  Earl Johansen

2 Rounds

74-89 Andy Lewis
  Nick Alteri
  Rob Martin
  Tracey Fintel
  Dan Sill
  Brett Maasen
  Jeff Waldren
  Josh Leroux
  Steve Pfost
  Matt Dixon
  Brad Deerr
  Caleb Walker
  Jamie Barry
  Amanda Jackson
  Scott Thompson
  Patrick Smith

1 Round

90-99 Rodney Beagle
  Suzie Zell
  Ed Holbrook
  Danny Rodriguez
  Collin McNulty
  Pauly Cross
  Kevin Montgomery
  Pete Cashen
  Hal Kurz
  Jeff Kelley

Pre Paid

100-102 Scott Reek
  Claire Zell
  Tavish Carduff

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