90 days of disc golf: 2012 – The Year of the Honey Badger

How better to follow up a Big Year in disc golf than to go after an even Bigger Year. After all the great feedback we’ve received from everyone who read our adventures and were nice enough to share some of their great ideas with us; and after some careful soul searching, number crunching and a few scheduling conflicts resolved by “Eenie-meanie-miney-moe” we have come up with this: TOUR 2012: Go Pro or Go Home!

After we posted our tale for everyone to read, the most common thing we heard was, “what was the best course you played?” which is then closely followed up by “where are you going next?” The first question was hard to answer as there is just too much great disc golf in the world for one person (or two) to narrow down to just one course. I change my mind every time the wind changes direction. I am pretty sure most people do the same thing when they’re asked the same question. No one plays just one course all the time (if they can help it), your mood changes and you dig a new sort of course. Such is the problem with deciding which is my favorite course; on certain days I know it’s Delaveaga. On other days, it’s Pier Park, or Waterworks. I just don’t know. 

The second question, “Where are you going next?” is just as difficult to answer. 

We left a lot of courses behind on our quest to see it all. We barely touched Texas, never saw Florida, and didn’t see anything Northeast of Kentucky. So this year it’s all about seeing new courses, taking new risks, and turning Pro. I would like to think that I am going to wait until after Worlds, but the hard fact is that the only tournaments I am playing this year that I played LAST year, are the AM Majors. The rest of the tournaments I play this year (even if I sneak in one or two that I played last year) are going to be on the Pro side. However, if by some crazy miracle I happen to cash in a tournament before Worlds, then I will play Pro at Worlds (secretly my reason to turn Pro before Worlds is that there is a vicious rumor that the Adv Pool won’t be playing Rennie Gold or Charlotte’s Web for Worlds). 

Waiting for the PDGA to update the tour season is nerve-racking, but with each new day comes a fresh batch of opportunities and the numbers get re-crunched. So far we have come up with this…

The Memorial in Phoenix. ADVANCED
People can’t say enough wonderful things about this tournament so we are going. The trip itself is cheap save for one. A rental car in Phoenix will cost us the same amount of money as a plane ticket and the hotel for the week. That’s crazy! Yet we are in like Flint. It’s two rounds at Fountain Hill and one round at Vista Del Camino. After three months of frozen-ness, this tournament is going to seem like Parole.

Bowling Green Am Championships. ADVANCED
We played last year and there are some revenge issues for me and someone else wants another golden mini basket for her living room. No word on the schedule. 

Glass Blown. PRO. 
If they have the country club course, I will play. If not, I have to save the money for later in the season.

Minnesota Am Championships. ADVANCED
It’s two rounds at Kaposia, which may or may not be worth it, I don’t know. I’m waiting on this one too.

Kansas City Wide Open. PRO.
Very first tournament I ever played. Time to play it again. No word on the courses yet, but I’m in even if it’s four rounds at SM Park. (what happened to Dirk Hacker???)

US Am Nationals. ADVANCED
Toboggan. I forgot to review this course. I probably should. Last time I get to see this course so I need to go resolve some issues I have with that course. 

Beaver State Fling. PRO.
Milo McIver is a biiiiiig course. I want to see how they make it “harder” for this tournament. 

Fort Stealicoom Open. PRO.
I played my first round of disc golf ever on this course.

After all of that, then this happens…


Worlds. Unsure.
The insanity of what this tournament will be like will be immeasurable. If you miss it, it will be the one great disc golf event of your life time that you will regret having not been a part of. Get there. I think most Pools get to play one round at Winthrop Gold. That’s reason enough.

Pittsburgh Flying Disc Open. PRO.
Never been there but the brochure looks nice. Tough wooded courses. A new experience lots of courses in North Carolina, Virginia, Maryland, Deleware and Pennslyvania to play before we get there. 

Brent Hambrick. PRO.
Again, never been and I hear this is Milo McIver East… with a Dam. So I am very excited to play this as well. Courses in Ohio, Kentucky and West Virginia to take in. 

Rochestor Open. PRO.
These are the AM worlds courses from 2011, but I didn’t go so I am making it up by heading up there next year. On the way; New York and Canada sites to take in. 

Vibram. PRO.
Honestly, I doubt I will get in, but I can try. And I’m going regardless. It’s a great course, and it’s surrounded by a lot of other great courses. So this is a must do, gotta go, no choice, gun to the head, done deal. Courses in New Hampshire, Vermont, Connecticut and Massachusetts to explore. And, if possible, Maine. 

The rest of the tour is open wide. Starting with Worlds, it’s six solid weeks on the road without a break, so we might be wiped out by then and need to retreat. But the tour doesn’t stop for us and we still want to see Florida and Texas… Ah… Maybe next year.

If you have any suggestions about courses along the way you feel we have to see, please send them along. We love input. And if you want to help out with the tour, please let us know, we only have so many discs to sell for gas and we’re in need of good ideas.

I will update the tour stops as they work themselves out. 


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