90 days of disc golf – bigger and badder


90 Days of Disc Golf:
Bigger and Badder

Greetings from somewhere on I 80 just east of davenport, ia. We’re headed to west lake park to take on the challenge of what everyone we talk to calls, “the disc killer.” evidently the course is famous for eating plastic. We’ll see.


We just finished up four days at the toboggan course without losing a single disc and confidence in the honey badger-mobile is pretty high. Minna played one round on the beast and shot a play-in qualifying 67. But she didn’t play it to get in, she just wanted to face that giant and kick it in the nuts. 


 [blockquote align=””]The request actually sounded sketchy, something more a kin to a weird hook-up request; “hey loomis, you and minna wanna come hang out with me in the woods?” [/blockquote]

The past three weeks have been filled with allot of challenging golf all over the north central region. A call from Tank on Wednesday sent us to northern Wisconsin for a team tournament at Sandy point disc golf resort. The request actually sounded sketchy, something more a kin to a weird hook-up request; “hey loomis, you and minna wanna come hang out with me in the woods?” so we jumped on it! Who doesn’t want to drive 12 hours to the middle of nowhere to hang out with a bald man with a scratchy voice? 


Therefore is beautiful and if you’re reading this you are exactly the type of person who needs to go there. It’s beautiful and it is all disc golf. This is not a summer camp with kids in mind, it has modern cabins and a pro shop. Spiders were at a minimum which is also a huge plus. However, after mosquito bite number 2000, you’re ready to buy some spiders for protection.


 27 holes of challenging golf and a Pro shop. A private beach. Running water and a lock on the bathroom door. Perfection.


Team golf is a little odd but it was an honor to play for Kansas city. It’s a grueling test of endurance. 84 holes of golf in less than 36 hours. Then there is the party which is non-stop. I won’t name names, but thank god there is no random pee tests after this event. Our team finished 7th out of 8 but we were by far the most interesting and fun team. We wore pink. Need I say more?


Minna and I went up to high bridge to play bluberry hill – one of the top rated courses in America. Doss won a world championship on this course. It’s an impressive course but it was also a soup and the smell in our shoes is still with us to this day. It’s another resort location but it has no amenities other than 5 courses in one location. To get there you will a Sherpa guide and a pint of blood you can jack into your arm after you’re done playing to replace what you’ve lost. 


On our way to sandy point and on the way home we played shaver park, legion park in Iowa. Brown deer and dredska in milwaulkee. Standing rocks in Stevens point. Vallaharta in Madison. So when we rolled back into Kansas city on Monday, our bodies were spent. And we had the wide open in three days.


We both played well at our home tournament. we both cashed but could not accept the green because were idiots. To date, the wide open was one of the top ten tournament experiences for us. Everything about it was great except for the whole no cash thing. 


With less than 12 hours of rest we left town for my last AM tournament. En route to Detroit, we played valparasio, Indiana and all we can say is that is now one of our top five courses. It has maybe one minor CON and it took us an hour to think of one. Other than that, the course is perfect. 


We stopped at lemon lake to play but Minna caught me with abutter in a place no one should ever get hit with a disc. It crippled me. That’s all I have to say about that. 


We made our way to flip city and the number one course in America. Again, you’ll need a Sherpa guide to find it. The gps was pissed and just gave up on us. We found it and our reviews were not as glowing as they were for valpo. It’s a neat course but it’s not even in our top 50 of awesome places to play. It is fun, but there are six monster courses in the area which trump this one. Come see it so you can say you saw it, but if you want good golf, save yourself the trip and go elsewhere. 


Like birchfield! Located in Lansing, Michigan this course is huge, with a hundred possible layouts. Which is a pro and a con. Good because it has variety and keeps itself open for all levels of player, but bad because if you are playing one layout and someone else is playing a different layout it would be hard to avoid clashes on the courses. We played at dusk, I got an ace, it was very cool.


We played toboggan. I took 17th and I’m happy that my AM career is over. I’m sure a lot of AMs are too. I’m a pain in the ass socially, which is why I’m going to masters.


Talk to you soon… (forgive the typos, this is iPhone typing)

– Loomis


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