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The inertia of summer has finally met with the immovable object of reality, and after all the fun and excitement, the road has brought us back home. To Rosedale and Swope and Cliff Drive and two dozen other familiar destinations which we are eager to play as soon as we can find the strength to do so. Our fondness for them has grown during our travels and we want to see them as eagerly as we want to see our old friends.


Everywhere we walk the ground crunches under our feet as if we’re walking on a bowl of dry shredded wheat. The summer wasn’t as kind to the courses as it was to us. With every course we visit, the overwhelming devastation shocks us into silence. But we play.


We wanted to wrap up things answering some of the questions and to give our “best of” list. We have talked this over a lot and we could never really settle on THE best, we could only come up with contenders for the top spot.


* We have now traveled over 30,000 miles playing disc golf. 


* This year we have added over 60 courses for a total of 272 courses in 48 states, 3 provinces (SK, MN, ON), and 3 countries (US, Canada, Finland) Minna has 3 countries, I have 2, but if a country can’t win a gold medal in the summer Olympics then it’s really just a territory in my opinion. 


* Southern Texas and Southern Florida are the only two areas of the country we have not toured that we wanted to.


* I have aces in 5 states. (Missouri, Kansas, Texas, Illinois, Michigan)


* The MOST ATTRACTIVE COURSES in our opinion: Pickard (Des Moines) Pier Park (Portland) Blue Ribbon Pines (Minnesota) Idlewild (Kentucky) Parma (Rochester)


* The MOST COMPETITIVE COURSES in our opinion: Maple Hill (Massachusetts) Idlewild (Kentucky) Renny Gold (Charlotte) Fly Boy (Georgia) Morraine State Park (Pittsburgh) Delaveaga (Santa Cruz)


* The HARDEST COURSE you want to play but shouldn’t: Diamond X (Billings). This course is just silly. It’s elevated and the obstacles are intense. Example: Missing a ten foot putt can mean losing it in the rocks below the basket… Forever. This course had the most “LETHAL” obstacles of any of the courses we’ve played. Death and serious injury are very possible during a round.


* The best course you want to play but shouldn’t: Toronto Island. For all of the challenges the course offers, it’s too much of a pain in the ass to get to. 


* The most overrated course: Flip City. It’s a fine course, but it’s not number one. It’s not even top twenty. It’s also a pain in the ass to get to, but compared to Toronto Island, this is in your backyard. As you play the course, you keep waiting for it to earn the number one status and there are a few holes which do kick ass but there are just not enough of them to make this course numero uno. 


* The most underrated course: Highbridge (Spokane) Nestled under a bridge in a forgotten park, this course has all the challenges disc golf can offer; elevation, water, lots of trees, blind shots, death putts toward OB, and hippies who smell of pee who wander the course. It’s a great course. 


* Longest drive: Loomis – 950 feet, Minna – 700 feet. Hole 18, Black Course (West Virginia)


* The BEST DISC GOLF EXPERIENCE everyone should have – Fly Boy (Georgia) 


* The BEST COURSE everyone should play – Maple Hill (Massachusetts)


* The BEST TOURNAMENT – Amateur National Championship. Every AM should play this at least once before they turn PRO. 


* Favorite moment of the trip: The beach in Florida at midnight. 


* Worst moment of the trip: Our stinky shoes left in the hot car.


I think that’s about it. If you have any further questions, we can probably answer them face-to-face. We want to post a map of the trip and the location of all the courses but we lack the know-how. If someone knows how to post a map on here, please let us know.


Here’s the list of courses (MINUS A FEW LOCAL AND TEMP COURSES)

United States

George Ward Park    Birmingham, AL        
University of South Alabama    Mobile, AL     


Fountain Hills Park    Phoenix (Fountain Hills), AZ        
Vista Del Camino Park    Phoenix (Scottsdale), AZ        


Alma Flying Disc Course    Alma, AR       
Bell Park DGC    Greenwood, AR       
Ben Geren Park – North    Fort Smith, AR       
Ben Geren Park – South    Fort Smith, AR       
Burns Park – Blue Course    North Little Rock, AR       
Burns Park – Red Course    North Little Rock, AR       
Lake Bella Vista    Bentonville, AR       
Old Post DGC    Russellville, AR       
Pleasant View DGC    Russellville, AR     

Black Mouse DGC    Felton, CA       
College of the Redwoods Eureka    Eureka, CA       
CSUMB Oaks Course    Seaside, CA       
DeLaveaga Park    Santa Cruz, CA       
Golden Gate Park DGC    San Francisco, CA       
Huntington Beach Central Park    Huntington Beach, CA       
La Mirada Regional Park – Front 18    La Mirada, CA       
Oak Grove (Hahamongna Park)    Pasadena, CA       
Pinto Lake DGC    Watsonville, CA       
Ryan Ranch DGC    Monterey, CA       
U.C. Santa Cruz    Santa Cruz, CA      

Beaver Ranch/Conifer Park    Conifer, CO       
Johnny Roberts DGC    Arvada, CO       
Phantom Falls    Pine, CO    

Cranbury Park    Norwalk, CT       
Wickham Park    Manchester, CT     


Brandywine Creek State Park    Wilmington, DE      

Sunset DGC    Gulf Breeze, FL     

Central Park DGC    Cumming, GA       
Flyboy Aviation     Whitesburg, GA       
Jim Warner Memorial    Appling, GA       
Sandy Creek Park    Athens, GA       
Steady Ed Headrick Memorial    Appling, GA    
WR Jackson Memorial DGC    Appling, GA     

College of Southern Idaho    Twin Falls, ID       
Corbin Park DGC    Post Falls, ID       
Farragut SP – A.W.O.L. DGC    Athol, ID       
Panhandle Kiwanis DGC @ Cherry Hill    Coeur d’Alene, ID       


Anna Page Park – East    Rockford, IL       
Anna Page Park – West    Rockford, IL       
Bradley Park    Peoria, IL       
Illinois Central College DGC    East Peoria, IL       
Lincoln Park – North    Springfield, IL       
Lincoln Park – South    Springfield, IL       
McNaughton Park    Pekin, IL       
Moorman Park    Quincy, IL       
Northwood Park    Morton, IL       
Rock Spring Park    Alton, IL       
The Oaks    Mokena, IL       


Lemon Lake County Park – Blue    Crown Point, IN       
Lemon Lake County Park – Red    Crown Point, IN       
Lemon Lake County Park – Silver    Crown Point, IN       
Lemon Lake County Park – White Crown Point, IN       
Mesker Park    Evansville, IN       
Rogers Lakewood Park    Valparaiso, IN       
Seviren Lang DGC    Georgetown, IN   

Big Creek State Park    Polk City (Des Moines), IA       
Ewing Park    Des Moines, IA       
Graceland University    Lamoni, IA       
Grandview Park    Des Moines, IA    
J&B Rolling Hills    Lamoni, IA       
Legion Park    Cedar Rapids (Marion), IA       
Pickard Park    Indianola, IA       
Shaver Park    Cedar Rapids, IA       
Treasure Cove DGC    Council Bluffs, IA       
Walnut Ridge    Johnston (Des Moines), IA       
West Lake Park    Davenport, IA

Blue Valley of Kansas    Overland Park, KS       
California Trail    Olathe, KS    
Camp Hawk    Newton, KS       
Carey Park    Hutchinson, KS       
Centennial Park    Lawrence, KS       
Crestview Park    Topeka, KS       
Eisenhower State Park    Osage City, KS       
Frontier Park    Hays, KS       
Gunn Park    Fort Scott, KS       
Herman Hill Park    Wichita, KS       
Jackson Park – 18    Atchison, KS       
Jackson Park – 9    Atchison, KS       
Jones Park – East    Emporia, KS       
Lake Shawnee    Topeka, KS       
Lakewood Park – North 9    Salina, KS       
Lakewood Park – South 9    Salina, KS       
Mighty Shunga – Topeka, KS
Oak Park    Wichita, KS       
Peter Pan Park – Optimist DGC    Emporia, KS       
Pittsburg Lincoln Park    Pittsburg, KS       
Pomona Lake – Wolf Creek    Vassar, KS       
Prairie Center Park    Olathe, KS       
Riverfront DGC    Lawrence, KS             
Rosedale Park – Top    Kansas City, KS       
Shawnee Mission Park DGC    Shawnee, KS    
Ted’s Dread – Kansas City, KS   
Thomas Park    Salina, KS       
Thornfield – Spring Hill, KS
Wyandotte County Park    Bonner Springs, KS       


Basil Griffin Park    Bowling Green, KY       
Bowling Green Technical College DGC    Bowling Green, KY       
Chalybeate Springs Sports Complex    Brownsville (Smiths Grove), KY       
Charlie Vettiner Park    Louisville, KY       
Ephram White Park    Bowling Green, KY       
Hobson Grove Park    Bowling Green, KY       
Holler In The Hills    Brownsville, KY       
Idlewild    Burlington, KY       
Kereiakes Park    Bowling Green, KY    
Lincoln Ridge Park    Independence, KY    
Lover’s Lane Park    Bowling Green, KY       
Paducah DGC    Paducah, KY       
Phil Moore Park    Bowling Green, KY    


Clyde Fant DGC (Veterans Park)    Shreveport, LA       
Ford Park    Shreveport, LA       
Lafreniere Park    Metairie, LA       


Woodland Valley – Black Bear    Limerick, ME       
Woodland Valley – The Grizzly    Limerick, ME       


Seneca Creek State Park    Gaithersburg, MD

Maple Hill DGC    Leicester, MA       


Burchfield Park – Original    Holt, MI       

Burchfield Park – Rivers Edge    Holt, MI       
Cass Benton Hills DGC    Northville, MI       
Cold Brook Park    Climax, MI       
Hudson Mills Metropark – Monster    Dexter, MI       
Hudson Mills Metropark – Original    Dexter, MI       
Kensington Black Locust DGC    Milford, MI       
Kimball Pines    Battle Creek, MI       
Oshtemo Township Park    Kalamazoo, MI       
Victory Park    Albion, MI    

Acorn Park    St. Paul (Roseville), MN       
Blue Ribbon Pines DGC    East Bethel, MN       
Bryant Lake Park    Minneapolis (Eden Prairie), MN       
Hyland Ski & Snowboard Area    Bloomington, MN       
Kaposia Park    St. Paul (South St. Paul), MN       
The Willows    Winona, MN       


Ross Barnett Reservoir – The Rez DGC    Brandon, MS       
Veteran’s Park DGC    Tupelo, MS       
Wall Doxey SP – The Jungle    Holly Springs, MS    


Albert Oakland Park – Back Course    Columbia, MO       
Albert Oakland Park – Front Course    Columbia, MO       
Blue Valley Park    Kansas City, MO       
Blue Valley Park – Short Course    Kansas City, MO       
Clover Dell Park    Sedalia, MO       
Creve Coeur Lake Park    St. Louis (Maryland Heights), MO       
Crystal City Underground DGC – North    Crystal City, MO       
Endicott Park    St. Louis (St. John), MO       
English Landing Park    Parkville, MO       
Indian Foothills Park – North    Marshall, MO       
Indian Foothills Park – South    Marshall, MO       
Indian Hills DGC    Columbia, MO       
Jefferson Barracks    St. Louis, MO       
Jesse James DGC    Kearney, MO       
Joseph C. Miller DGC    Jefferson City, MO       
Kessler Park (Cliff Drive)    Kansas City, MO       
Lake Shore DGC    Pleasant Hill, MO    
Legacy Park    Lee’s Summit, MO       
McClelland Park    Joplin, MO       
Old Pike Country Club    Gladstone, MO       
Paradise Pointe – Beaver Creek    Smithville, MO       
Paradise Pointe – Blackthorn    Smithville, MO       
Paradise Pointe – Woodhenge    Smithville, MO       
Quail Ridge    Wentzville, MO       
Rothwell Park East – The Lakes    Moberly, MO       
Rothwell Park West – The Woods    Moberly, MO       
Sioux Passage    St. Louis (Florissant), MO       
Swope Park    Kansas City, MO       
Water Works Park    Kansas City, MO       
Wilbur Young Park DGC    Blue Springs, MO       
William Yates Sprint DGC    Independence, MO       


Diamond X    Billings, MT       
Makoshika State Park    Glendive, MT       
Pattee Canyon    Missoula, MT       


Cottonmill DGC    Kearney, NE       
Seymour Smith Park    Omaha, NE       


Peccole Ranch    Las Vegas, NV       
Sunset Park    Las Vegas, NV    

New Hampshire
Pinnacle    Newport, NH       


New Jersey
South Vineland Park    Vineland, NJ       


New Mexico
Arroyo Chamisos DGC    Santa Fe, NM       


New York
Black Diamond DGC @ Emery Park    South Wales, NY       
Brakewell Steel / Warwick Town Park    Warwick, NY       
Chili DGC @ Widener Park    Chili, NY       
Monroe Community College DGC    Henrietta, NY       
Parma DGC    Parma, NY       


North Carolina
Eastway Park    Charlotte, NC       
Elon Park – Angry Beaver    Charlotte, NC    
Elon Park – Eager Beaver    Charlotte, NC       
Hornets Nest Park    Charlotte, NC       
Kilborne TPC    Charlotte, NC       
Nevin Park DGC    Charlotte, NC       
Plantation Ruins at Winget    Charlotte, NC       
Renaissance Park    Charlotte, NC       
Sugaw Creek Park    Charlotte, NC       

North Dakota
Lincoln Drive Park – Regular    Grand Forks, ND       
Lincoln Drive Park – The Loop    Grand Forks, ND       
Patterson Lake DGC    Dickinson, ND       
Sunset Park DGC    Mandan, ND       


Brent Hambrick Memorial DGC    Columbus, OH       


Blackhawk    Tulsa, OK       
Boomer Lake Park    Stillwater, OK       
Centennial Park    Owasso, OK       
Chandler Park – Original    Tulsa, OK       
Course Dovillio    Tulsa, OK       
Haikey Creek Park    Tulsa (Broken Arrow), OK       
Hunter Park    Tulsa, OK       
McClure Park    Tulsa, OK       
The Lodge – Island Course    Pawhuska, OK       
The Lodge – Moccasin Creek    Pawhuska, OK       


Dexter Park DGC    Dexter, OR       
Horning’s Hideout – Highland Course    North Plains, OR       
Horning’s Hideout – Meadow Ridge    North Plains, OR       
Milo McIver State Park (Riverbend DGC)    Estacada, OR       
Pier Park    Portland, OR    

Deer Lakes Park    Tarentum, PA       
Knob Hill Park    Warrendale, PA       
Moraine State Park    Portersville, PA       
Sedgley Woods    Philadelphia, PA       
Tyler State Park    Newtown, PA       


Rhode Island
Willow Valley   Richmond, RI       


South Carolina
Hippodrome Complex – Headrick Hills    North Augusta, SC       
Hippodrome Complex – Hogback    North Augusta, SC       
Hippodrome Complex – Moody Woods    North Augusta, SC       
Hippodrome Complex – Old Glory    North Augusta, SC       
Trophy Lakes    Charleston (John’s Island), SC       
Winthrop University Lakefront    Rock Hill, SC       


South Dakota
Jackson Park    Rapid City, SD       
Tuthill Park    Sioux Falls, SD       


Morningside Park    Knoxville, TN       
Seven Oaks Park    Nashville, TN       
Shelby Farms    Memphis, TN       


Lake Lewisville Park    Lewisville, TX       
Leonard L. Woods Park    Lewisville, TX       


Creekside Park    Salt Lake City, UT       
Riverpark DGC    Riverdale, UT       


White River DGC    Randolph, VT       


The Blockhouse – Darkside    Spotsylvania, VA       
The Blockhouse – Sunnyside    Spotsylvania, VA       


Downriver DGC    Spokane, WA       
Fort Steilacoom Park    Lakewood, WA       
High Bridge Park DGC    Spokane, WA       
Lake Fenwick    Kent, WA       
Lakewood King County Park    Seattle, WA       
Seatac DGC    Seatac, WA       
Terrace Creek    Mountlake Terrace, WA       
Two Rivers Park DGC    Kennewick/Finley, WA       
White River    Auburn, WA       


West Virginia
The Black Course    Moundsville, WV     

Brown Deer DGC    Milwaukee, WI       
Dretzka Park    Milwaukee, WI       
Highbridge Hills – Blueberry Hill    Highbridge, WI       
Highbridge Hills – Granite Ridge    Highbridge, WI       
Pettibone Park    La Crosse, WI       
Sandy Point Resort DG Ranch    Lac Du Flambeau, WI       
Standing Rocks    Stevens Point, WI       
Vallarta-Ast DGC    Deforest, WI       


Deer Field @ Washington Park    Rawlins, WY       
Energy Rotary Club DGC    Gillette, WY       
Rock Springs DGC    Rock Springs, WY       


Happyland Park DGC    Winnipeg, MB       
Toronto Island    Toronto, ON       
Diefenbaker Park DGC    Saskatoon, SK       


And one course in Finland I don’t the name of.

– Loomis


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