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Monthly Meetings:

All KCFDC club members are welcome to attend. We value your ideas and feedback. Members do not have voting rights but are allowed to participate in conversation. Our agenda is always posted on the discussion forum prior to the meeting, if there is a subject you are interested in or have an agenda item to add we would encourage you to join us. Check out our calendar for details on upcoming meetings.




2014 KCFDC Board of Directors

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Eric Kolkmeier




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Ben Crosby


Ben has been playing since 1999. During a short visit back home a family member took him out to Chippewa Banks in Midland, Michigan and his life was never the same. Upon returning to Kansas City he started to find the local course and with his girlfriend, and later wife, Rhonda and they started to meet some of the great people in the Kansas City disc golf community. During the next years life would move Ben and his family around and a close golf course was always at the top of the list for places to live. Eventually Ben moved back to Kansas City and decided to take on a bigger role in the club starting with running the new players league from 2011-2012. Ben is always looking for ways to expand the footprint of the KCFDC in Missouri and will always be working on something that will make the current Missouri courses more enjoyable for everyone.

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Mike Petrin


Mike has been playing disc golf for a little over a year. Although new to the sport, he brings some great experience in volunteering and working with youth. Mike was co-founder for a youth club soccer team in TX while serving in the Army and is looking forward to the challenge of getting area youth involved in disc golf.

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Eric Kolkmeier


Eric has been active in KC disc golf since 2005, though he joined the club back in 1998 before moving abroad. He has played disc sports such as ultimate, golf, and freestyle since 1997. Upon returning to Kansas City, he immediately got involved with disc golf again and has run a few local events and always focuses on the player experience and giving back to the community. He came to the Board to help define the club’s goals and mission for the future. He works full-time as an ESL instructor at a local college, and you can find him at Swope on Tuesday evenings all year round and at Water Works league in the summer.

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Ed Gonzales


More about Ed posted soon.

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Hal Baby Kurz

Sergeant at Arms

Hal went to ASU on a gymnastic scholarship and met a guy who turned him onto freestylye- he was hooked instantly to disc sports!! He moved back to KC and met ‘Crazy’ and started playing together which later became the Bud-Light Team. He traveled the country doing shows and national tournaments. Came back to KC and played ultimate for 12 years while also doing national tournaments for all the events. In 93 went to playing disc golf on a more full time basis, more playing, more tournaments. As one of the first members of the club he has seen the KC disc community grow to what it is today. Its his love of the sport, the fellowship and the spirit of the game that makes him want to be on the board and help in any way he can to give back what has been so awesome in his life. #1685

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Rhonda Crosby

Chief Technology Officer

Rhonda has been playing disc golf since 1999 when she was introduced to it here in KC at Swope. She and her husband Ben have been club members for the past 10 years. Rhonda was part of the ‘original’ Girls Night Out back in the day (2000 – 2005), a womens disc golf league at Rosedale disc golf Course. She continues to be an active supporter of womens disc golf. In April of 2011, Rhonda started the next generation of Girls Night Out at Rosedale. Now in its 2 nd year, word is starting to get out and the group of ladies is growing again. Rhonda has been involved in web development and internet marketing for the past 12 years and is excited to be giving back and supporting the club by managing the KCFDC website.

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Greg Utz


More about Utz to be posted soon.

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Chris Timko

Chris began playing disc golf in 2003 while in college at the University of Arkansas. Since a course was 2 blocks from his house, he figured it was a good hobby to pick up. He didn’t get serious about the game until 2005 when he moved to Iowa City for graduate school. It was in Iowa where he saw a real energy present in the competitive disc golf scene, as well as the stewardship of courses. Disc golf factored into his decision to move to Kansas City in 2007 to become a software engineer at Cerner. Chris has been a member of the executive board for the KCFDC, acting as secretary and the course coordinator for Swope Park. While a Missourian, he considers Rosdale Park just over the border his home course. Just listen for the short young man with the booming voice.
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