About the KCFDC and it’s History

The Kansas City Flying Disc Club is a non-profit, member supported organization with the following mission:

To provide an exceptional disc golf experience in Kansas City while focusing on competition, conservation, education, partnerships, and philanthropy. We strive to make disc golf attractive to all local players, help our parks, and entice others to visit!

The KCFDC does this via:

  • Volunteers
  • Partnerships with Our Neighborhood Associations
  • Sponsoring Disc Golf Events
  • Course Maintenance
  • Relationships with City and County governments
  • Charity donations

History of the KCFDC

How the Wide Open Was Born- As told by Ace Mason, KCFDC #1, PDGA #1735

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We have a long and exciting history and we want to document it with more photos, videos, facts and info. Have something to share? Share it with us here!

The Kansas City Flying Disc Club was established in 1988  to help promote the sport of Disc Golf as well as other flying disc sports. The KCFDC, now nearly 400 members strong, works in cooperation with the areas Parks and Recreation Departments in maintaining and improving the many public courses in the metro region. Most club activities involve taking care of courses, running leagues and smaller local and regional events, and working with communities to get new courses installed. The KCFDC helps local parks departments because besides being a great sport, disc golf is an excellent low-cost, healthful, and fun recreation for people of all ages.

Members of the KCFDC have been involved, in varying capacities, with the installation of all of the free-to-play courses in the metro area. In 1998, the Club won nine new baskets for having the most paid players (508) at the World’s Biggest Disc Golf Weekend. Working with the Olathe Parks and Recreation Department, the Club redesigned and replaced all 18 holes to bring this course up to par with the area’s other courses.

The Club continues to work with the various Parks Departments to enhance all the courses, including planting trees and shrubs at Swope, Rosedale, and Cliff Drive, building stairs and fighting erosion at Water Works and Cliff Drive, and funding other improvements. Besides taking care of courses and running weeklies, the KCFDC runs or promotes special events, such at the Kansas City Wide Open.

Since 1999, the KCFDC has hosted three PDGA World Championships event, including the large competitive disc golf event of all time in the summer of 2009 when 921 players attended the PDGA Pro-Am World Championship. We encourage you to join the Kansas City Flying Disc Club (or to continue your membership) and become part of the growth of disc golf in Kansas City. The game, while relatively new, needs a strong club to connect effectively with the various governments on which our courses are located. We are one of the strongest clubs in the country, and we get things done.