Course Work & Play Days

Course Maintenance and Work Days

A general assumption is that the city takes care of the course– if it looks good, the city made it look good, if it looks bad, it’s because the city needs to come out there and do this or that –well, that simply isn’t the case most of the time. Generally speaking, all the city does once a course is installed is mow the grass, and they usually don’t even do that often enough, nor are they able to get to all of the areas that need mowing. Most everything else is done by local volunteers from the disc golf community. This would include trimming trees and removal of fallen limbs, cutting out honeysuckle bushes and other fast-growing brush, removal of dumped trash and ground litter, emptying of trash cans, and detailed mowing and weed-eating around greens, tee pads, and on the trails of wooded holes. On occasion, course maintenance can also include modifying holes by installing alternate tee pads and alternate basket settings.

If you are interested in joining the effort to keep your favorite course maintained, take the initiative to correct small problems on your own, such as picking up litter, or dragging fallen limbs off to the side of the fairway.  If you see a workday posted, make plans to be there and try to convince a buddy to join you! Lunch and water is almost always provided by the KCFDC, and when the day is done, it’s a tremendous feeling to stand back and look at all you’ve helped accomplish. Whether it’s that trail that was trimmed and widened, or that muddy incline that now has stairs, or that fallen log that you helped cut up and clear from the fairway, it all makes a huge, noticeable difference to those who frequent the course. Not only that, but when out-of-towners visit the course, it leaves a positive impression for them to share with the disc golfers back in their home town.

Best of all, you’ll have the distinct feeling of pride that comes from being part of the solution and part of a good cause. So, next time you’re out on the course and you notice something that needs attention, take the initiative! If it’s a small item, try to tackle it yourself or with the help of the folks you’re playing with. If it’s a larger item that might take some time and manpower to accomplish, make a mental note and then post about it on your club’s message board. That way, it can be added to the list of items to be tended to at the next organized workday. Disc golf course maintenance starts and ends with you, the local disc golfer.

Upcoming Work Days

June 13, 2015
Pete Cashen

June 13th, 2015
Blue Valley
8 – 12pm
Doug Keehler

June 13th, 2015
Swope Park
9 – 12 pm
Patrick Smith

June 14, 2015
Water Works
10am – 1pm
Eric Kolkmeier

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