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Title: Course Needs
Post by: gleauzinier on March 08, 2005, 01:00:33 PM
anybody out there have any opinions about what we need to do to get Swope ready for the season?
before we get rocking on any more new pin placements why don't we fill in some holes, remove all the old concrete/collar combos that have been sheared off, and stop some erosion? maybe even pick up some trash?
we need all the help we can get out there, if you want to freelance a project let's all get in the same book with the hope of ending up on the same page.
and if you just can't help putting in another placement at least make it plumb.
Title: Course Needs
Post by: Mike Penney on March 08, 2005, 03:20:25 PM
I played the course both saturday and sunday. There was quite a bit of action out there on saturday. A lot of "out of towners", I counted at least thirty people out there. I didn't notice much trash, but I'm sure that will change as spring arrives and progresses into summer. Other then the huge pile a leaves (that will steal your disc) on hole five, the course was great. Other then the holes with the extra baskets being ALL LONG, I can't really think of anything that was in dire need of attintion. How about using the land on the other side of the parks building for more holes, maybe another "juniors" course :?: That's about all I have to offer at this point.
I do plan on being at the course on the weekends this season with the shack opened, hopefully with merchendise to sell ( disc's, shirts, soda, water...) So I will help with any projects that come up.
Title: Course Needs
Post by: Mike Penney on April 02, 2005, 03:40:09 AM
you got yo be kidding me, not one single person has a suggestion for improvement for swope, besides wind control?......hmmm slackers
Title: Course Needs
Post by: tjringer on April 08, 2005, 05:16:30 PM
How about Strippers on golf carts with free liquor!
Title: Course Needs
Post by: Mike Penney on April 21, 2005, 09:29:59 AM
Yeah that could happen but then it would havve to be pay to play again.
Title: Course Needs
Post by: DJayhawk on April 21, 2005, 09:40:13 AM
Quote from: "A-Lefty"
you got yo be kidding me, not one single person has a suggestion for improvement for swope, besides wind control?......hmmm slackers

Are hole signs they type of improvements you're talking about?  Or even bag hangers like WW has (those are nice).  I've only played Swope once so I dont have much imput, but thats all I can think of.  But strippers and free liquor isn't a totally bad idea :D
Title: Course Needs
Post by: superq on April 21, 2005, 09:44:22 AM
what about re-designing the course so there are more than two types of holes?

Do not get me wrong I love swope but it is 5 straight shots then down hill then uphill then across the gulch a few times then back down then up then more straight shots then back up...

It just seems like with those rolling hills there is the potential for some really cool side hill shots where you are forced to control the angle of the disc a little more on the landing...
Title: Course Needs
Post by: Mike Penney on April 21, 2005, 09:49:23 AM
The course has had a number of configurations of the years, I don't think a re-design is even close to an option. If you think it needs a re-design might I suggest you go play it in 30 mph winds then say it needs a redesign.
Title: Course Needs
Post by: superq on April 21, 2005, 11:29:43 AM
I have played Swope in all manors of wind conditions I am proposing the idea that disc golf is in need of a revolution.  

Disc tech is advancing to the point where just lengthening a course is not a viable option to defend par.  Swope is a two dimensional course at best.  I love the course I just think that some re-allocation of holes would make great sense. For example I played this Saturday and the first 4 holes I threw the same shot with the same result (within 20 feet of the pin for a very easy deuce)

If the course was changed so that some holes played along the two large ravines instead of all of the holes playing back and forth across it it would be an improvement.  The topic of the thread is course needs.  I am expressing my opinion that on any given day the oldest and arguably most noble course in Kansas City is so boring I would almost rather be ice fishing.

Look at water works.  On the back you have hole 13 plays across the large ravine type area that is a great hole.  Then you have hole 17 that plays along the slope so you have a hole that the terrain slopes from left to right.  If these two holes were at Swope you would throw back across the ravine instead of playing across it.

I know this post is going to sit uneasy with a lot of old time disc golfers It is not without mixed emotions that I suggest it, I played Swope for the first time in the mid 90’s and I was impressed.  As I have traveled and seen more courses I just think that Swope could be tweaked and once again be considered a top notch course.

Make no mistake the course is a landmark and I think that every disc golfer should play it, the course is an institution after all.   But if things were never improved we would all be driving model A fords…..
Title: Course Needs
Post by: Flip on April 21, 2005, 11:49:43 AM
I think the current layout is dictated more by space considerations than anything else.  Swope barely fits in its space as it is, and if you start throwing along the ravines there would only be room for 9 holes.  Unless holes were added to areas of the park with no elevation (less challenging).  

 I think you are going to have to be content with 10 or 11 easy deuces.     Maybe if you make -18 your goal the course can once again become a challenge.  :wink:

Title: Course Needs
Post by: Mike Penney on April 21, 2005, 12:01:19 PM
Well because i'm lazy, i'm going to say that if you want to redesign the course lay it out on paper and give it mark stiles or dan chashen and see what they have to say. i just know that dan has spent many years and tons of his own money making that course what it is today. i personally think there isn't a single thing wrong with the course. if it's length that bothers you, that course can get extremly longer. just ask any pro who has played there in the wide open. the ravine that you speak about hmmm i just don't know. i honestly think it's great. i love the fact that i can stand in one place and see almost every hole on the course being played. thats just from a spectators perspective. dont get me wrong i do understand what you are saying i just don't feel like at this point in time a course redesign is in everyones best interests. if you are looking for more of a challenge try playing Cliff Drive. It has all the varity anyone could ask for. i do think that Swope could use some tee signs, bag holders, more benches, a trash can on every hole and a better location to get water. maybe more ob's so that a long arm would have to really pick where his/her disc is going to land. things along the line don't sound bad. has anybody ever shot 18 down there?
Title: Course Needs
Post by: gleauzinier on April 21, 2005, 12:07:44 PM
the basic design of swope is over 20 years old. sean is right if we had more usuable space we could probably have a better, more difficult course.
the nickname gully golf course came from that very litimitation of throwing back and forth across a gully.
one of the issues I keep seeing is too many people with keys to the holes.
if we could keep some of the long placements for more than a round or two it might be more of a challenge for those taking a break from ice fishing.
as the course coordinator, I would love to see more people contributing more than words. I got involved because I heard a lot of pissing and moaning about how something realtively inconsequential wasn't right or there was dirt on the tees.
bear in mind that a lot of these courses have been too short for well over 15 years. nobody says you have to play from the designated tee to the designated hole. if it ain't enough for you then play a 700 foot hole. if that still doesn't cut it play tedz dread and then give us your feedback.

m richard
Title: Course Needs
Post by: Mike Penney on April 21, 2005, 12:49:12 PM
I knew it wouldn't take long for The Geauzinier (R) the ring in, and glad he did. Maurce name the day, and I'm there. First on the list of things to DO is what?

I haven't moved a single basket there since the final nine for the wide open last year.