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First BVD League- (Need Volunteer)


Hey all -
Just wanted to let everyone know that I will NOT be in town this sunday to start the first BVD league. I will be attending a funeral in North Dakota and will be gone from Thursday (3/15/07) to Monday (3/19/07).  So, as it stands, the BVD league will start on Sunday (3/25/07) at noon. My apologies to anyone who has looked forward to playing this league.

In addition, after closely examining my tournament schedule for the year, I've noticed that I will be out of town during several league days. So, I am also looking for an individual to volunteer their time to help me run this league, when I can not be in town to run it. Having someone to "back me up" would ensure that the league continues to run smoothly from week to week. This would allow players to just show up, rather than having to check the board first to see if I will be there.

Thanks guys -

I would like to be involved in this league, however I work at 3:00 pm and must be off course by 1:30. I would be cool with a 10:00 am sharp tee, you think it runs less than 3.5 hours? Also I will be at tournaments aswell and can only commit 6 days in advance at most.

Even thought the DUI is tomorrow, I hope we still have some players show up at the first BVD tomorrow... I'll be there shortly before noon to start taking money....

See ya there guys.


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