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Mike Penney:
What happened to league at BV? Did it ever get off the ground, or have I just failed to hear anything more about it?

The Bird Father:
Lack of interest kind of killed it I think.

Mike Penney:
That's too bad, it sounded like there were some fun ideas going into it. when Cliff Drive first started hosting a league, there was only 4 or 5 of us showing up on a regular basis. I don't think that winnings were accepted more then a few times, as to build up an Ace Fund. Fall is upon us, anybody wanna play on saterday's say 10 or 12. I prefer later vs. early, but would like to play that course more often. Too big of a piece of land to only see poeple on it 2 or 3 times a year IMHO.

With a course that size, would it be more feasible to put everyone in one division and play some sort of handicapped league on the weekends?  Maybe spend a few weeks just playing without payout, then put the handicaps in effect? 

Anyways, if people would play out there, I think I'd join them more often.

Mike Penney:
I personally don't care about format, just wana play. Maybe it could be a doubles thing. Handicaps could be good, though I have no clue how they work. But it sounds like there's two of us. Where's Jami Danger, or Mark Morles, Jack? Anyone else wanna get something started out there?


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