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Mike Penney:
As not to create conflict with the other saterday leagues (and my boss) this would be on sundays.

Mike Penney:
Doesn't anybody have any input on this? I mean it's fine and dandy if you just want me to pick a time a say be there, but I'd rather have some input from those who want to play. I'm all open for suggestions here. Hello, anybody?

In light of Sunday being a day on which families do a lot together, I believe that 10:00 a.m. is a good start time. By starting at 10, many people will still be able to do things in the afternoon with their family or whatever.

How many people actually play the course?  In the 4-5 rounds I played there over 2007 I only saw other disc golfers there 1 time.  I'm just curious as to what kind of foot traffic the course is getting.

about 20-30 rounds a week


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