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club tournaments
« on: January 28, 2013, 10:52:06 AM »
I have a meeting planed with our local Parks and Rec concerning our club tournaments.  It looks like they want to charge us a fee and have us carry insurance for our club tournaments.  I'm sorry but we are not large enough to handle both these issues as we don't see large turnouts for our smaller club tournaments.  So my questions are:

Are any clubs required to pay a fee to the local Parks and Rec when running a tournament?

Are any clubs required to provide insurance to the local Parks and Rec when running a tournament?

My problem with the fee is going to be if they want a set amount to run a tournament because if they expect $100 per tournament and I only have 8-10 players show up (not uncommon as we don't seem to get the support) then the payout is going to be poor as I have to deduct that from the entry.  If we can agree on a small percentage of the entry fees then we will be fine.  As far as the insurance issue goes, our club can't afford to carry and insurance policy just to put on a few tournaments each year.  I know we can purchase one through the PDGA (which we will do for the PITT Open one time a year) but for our other smaller club tournaments we don't want to sanction them just to get an insurance policy as that my drop attendance even more.

Let me know your thoughts on this so I can have some ammunition when I go into my meeting.  Thanks



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Re: club tournaments
« Reply #1 on: January 28, 2013, 11:12:29 AM »
The KCFDC does carry insurance per our agreement with the municipalities that we have that partnership with.  We also pay a fee to the parks based off our revenue at our events and leagues.  10% of gross revenue at the park that the money is taken.

We also charge based on per player for events not ran by the club.  The thing to do to help you is this:

Sanction the event with the PDGA-$50 for the insurance and you are covered for the event.  Get the P&R to agree to a "per user fee" nominal $1-$2, then add that in to the entry form.

So you would want to have this information listed on the flyer.

Pro Divisions-
All other Pro divisions-$50

Amateur Divisions-
All other Amateur Divisions-$30

Junior Divisions (based on age during year)-

Please add the following:
Park usage fee-$2
Ace Fund-$3
Non PDGA members must pay $10/daily fee

As for the continuing insurance issue, you may call our agent Ken Pallante at nine one three-four eight five-5143  tell him that you are friend of mine, and he should be able to walk you through it for yearly expenses.  You may need to deduct from the pools or your weekly leagues accordingly, but I believe what most P&R want is going to run you about $1.50/day or somewhere near $500/year.

Most P&R require this and do charge, they may want a flat fee for the park "rental" but I would encourage you to work with them on a per user agreement.  If you have 60 people they get more than the $100, if you have less, you are taking up less of the park.  Now as for shelter rentals, that some places wave the fees, others charge it.  I prefer to have them charge for it so that we get in the conversation of not only are we encouraging you to have the park used in this manner, but we are also helping the coffers out with regards to this....but free is fine by me as well!

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Re: club tournaments
« Reply #2 on: January 28, 2013, 11:33:39 AM »
Thanks Jack, this helps are Da Man!

We have a good relationship with our Parks and Rec so I think we can come to some type of agreement that won't kill us from having any tournaments throughout the year.  Worst case scenario is we can sanction a tournament is all.  They are always generous when it comes to giving us the shelters and everything free of charge for our Ice Bowl and PITT Open.  This year they are blocking off all of Lincoln Park to allow us to put an 18 hole temp course up for our PITT Open as an additional course to use.  So they do a lot of things for us.  On our smaller tournaments I don't ask to have a shelter or to close the park down because I run everything out of my camper that I take up there.  So it allows them to still rent out the shelters for revenue.  Should work out but I wanted to know what other area clubs are doing to help me negotiate a deal with them. 

Thanks again!!