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Olathe Summer League
« on: February 22, 2017, 11:17:22 AM »
The groundsquirrel saw his shadow, so it's two more weeks of GLOW. And then...

Olathe Summer League will begin on April 3rd.

Rolling starts to begin, until the days get longer. Starting around 5:30, or whenever I get there.

Current Ace Funds:
   Prairie Center: $237
   Lakeside: $667

We will rotate courses throughout the season:

April: Prairie Center
May - July: Lakeside Hills (Birdland)
Aug - Sept: Prairie Center

May 1 - July 3 at Lakeside Hills will be a PDGA league. 

To participate in this league you do not need to be a PDGA member. The cost will increase during this time to $5 for KCFDC members and $6 for non-members, plus an additional $1 if you want in the Ace fund.

$1 to the club
$3 to payouts
$.50 to the PDGA
$.50 to donation

The PDGA requires an extra dollar league fee with half going to the PDGA.

You must declare either Pro or Advanced for PDGA reporting. Let me know which you are when you sign up at league. You will earn PDGA points based on the division you choose. Am players can win cash in PDGA leagues and maintain their Am status. What division you are listed in for PDGA purposes is irrelevant for league purposes. For example; Advanced players can play Open at league, this will not hurt your Am status.

For KCFDC purposes, there will be:

•   Open - Available to anyone, cash payout.
•   Masters - Available to those 40 and older, cash payout.
•   Advanced - For those learning and improving. KC Voucher payout.
•   Women - Available to women. KC Voucher or Cash depending on division formed.

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