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We finally had  our first work day yesterday at the new lake perry course to get things going.  We had a dozen or so people out there and got a ton of stuff done.  It was a bit overwhelming driving up to the 3rd hole (first one into the forest) and not being able to see 20' into the woods! Let's just say it made a lot more sense when we walked through the course the first several times before everything had grown in.  But, after the first hour of work, things started clicking and we got were making a ton of headway.  Holes 1 and 2 just need to be cut with a brush mower and then maintained with a normal mower to be ready, which will be done by the core and volunteers in the park.  Hole 3 was cleared first with a 30' wide tunnel up the hill to a landing area about 320-350 from tee then doglegs right with a tunnel about 20' wide about 150' to the basket located in a cluster of huge boulders.  A three on this hole will be very good.  Hole 4 has about a 30' wide tunnel through the trees and is a dog leg right.  You will need to throw your drive about 325 on a tight rhbh anny line to the landing area to have a good shot to lay up to the hole which is about another 125' getting narrower as you get closer to the basket.  Hole 5 may be the signature hole of the course and is about 750-800' with huge elevation down the hill and through the tunnel... at the bottom of the hill, the forest stops and you have another 200+ft to the basket.  Some long arms, with a perfect drive, may even be able to get within striking distance of this hole, but anything less that a perfect drive will leave you with a terribly difficult up shot and likely a score of 4 or more.  Hole six shoots from the field shoots straight up the hill and up into a tunner into the forest... a good shot can put you in position for a 2.  Hole seven shoots a tunnel over a ravine that drops probably 50' and then straight back up to the basket which is located in another cluster of boulders.  A tremendous shot here can get you a 2.  This is as far as we got yesterday and I will let everyone know when we schedule a work day.  If you would like to see the course and/or help out at all, I would encourage you to contact Perry Core Ranger Kyle Broockerd @ 7852154216.  I will try and posts some pics soon.
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The tee pads for this course have been poured.  There will still be several work days needed (at least) to get this course completely cleared and ready for play.  Baskets will be in in later november (powder coated mach 3s).  As soon as everything is ready for play, we will schedule a tournament/course showing at a later date and that will be when the baskets will be set in place for the first time allowing people to play it.  The corps has spent an ungodly amount of money and time putting this course together and it should be a killer place to camp and golf for a weekend in the future.  There was a 20k difference between high and low bids for the concrete if that gives you an indication as to the type of money they are putting into this.  I think the park ranger is going to post some pictures here soon so people can see it for themselves.  I am getting excited!  I will announce the next work day as soon as it is planned and hope to see a lot of people out there to help. 
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Anybody heard anything about this lately? I tried looking at the KDGA boards but couldn't find anything. I wonder if they are still working on it or what is happening.