Author Topic: Holiday Disc Golf Outing @ Tower Tavern on Saturday night (December 8th) 4pm-???  (Read 1462 times)

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I just dropped off the Tic-Tac-THROW baskets to Hal Baby to take on Saturday night for the disc golf seasonal get together, starting after Down Under League at 4, who is going, and what can we gamble on while we are there?  Sounds like we can continue with the K-Mont B-Day and Grandpa Swede (turned 101 today, good for him!) celebration day.....What say you, and how you will handle the WarmUP for a variety of Saturday evening activities?
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Count me in!  Tic-Tac-Throwathon (in a bar) sounds awesome!!!!

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Congrats Swede for becoming a big bird!

G$ rode the bench for the FRIZ this year but still had plenty of fun with the birds throughout the year at, pdg-whatever that is, tourneys.   Happy G-day $!

K-mont, miss seeing you at WyCo in the summers, but always good to see you when it does happen! Enjoy a flask shot and enjoy your day too!

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See ya all there.
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