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Title: Work neede prior to the Wide Open
Post by: jack on May 24, 2006, 11:49:16 AM
I have the following list of items that need to get done at Cliff Drive.  If you have time to help, please call!!!!

We will need spotters at the following holes at Cliff Drive-
#12(possibly 2)

Work that I think that needs to be done:
Change baskets to # the right holes
OB painted on roads
Bigger natural pads for the following holes:
They should be dug deeper and leveled as much as possible, if we need to use mulch to them then so be it.
Signage to get out of the woods (up to #7)
Fix tee pad blocks and truly dig deep to bury the stone line of the pads on all tees
Clear out #1 to the north of the pad remove all honeysuckle new growth (city should be by soon to remove downed brush there currently.
Clear out the holes #2-6 so greens are clear, and fairways are lined up nicely
Clear out in front of #8 pad, then along the hill side towards the basket, a mower or big weed whacker should take care of this.
Flags?  DO we want to go that direction?  Or do we want to buy some from DGA for $270 and have tournament use only?
Hammer rebar into the stairs on #3
Better define #5 tee pad
New distances for the following holes:
#4-Short right
#7-up on hll
#13-to old practice basket
#18-new long closer to road not on top of hill

This would be the course configuration for the Wide Open.