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Alcohol, Drugs and Loud and Obscene Language- NO NIGHT GOLF

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john theiss:
signs are being made and will be posted.  i am going to try to meet with the president of the homeowners association.  Police will also now be coming through the area becuase they did not know that if was a park.  they will be in plain clothes.  they frequent all of the parks in Indep in plain clothes.  Wer are taking this seriously and doing what we can do keep it from escalating. 

Pulling the baskets over the summer is an excellent idea.  i do not want it to get to that point.  i have seen many folks using the park and to me that means mission accomplished.  the grant received was for combatting obesity and people are out exercising.   

Tim we are all not Idiots here .Welcome to Disc Golf And Thank you for what you do everyday.


Just played around in the rain. Love this course.  I feel like do whatever you want in appropriate situations. Honestly if your consuming substances stay home. Probably shouldn't be driving let alone playing golf. I will call the police as well. But most of the violators aren't on this forum. It's going to have an incident to rectifie.

Rick Rothstein:
We'll discuss this at the upcoming EC meeting. We're solidly behind John doing what he needs to do to keep this course in the ground and to keep the goofballs, who are the minority of users (and as pointed out, probably not reading this thread) away. I'd hate to see the course pulled because besides offering a children a well-designed track, there have also been many adults who have first discovered disc golf at WYE and continue to play there. These people include both adults with kids and older couples. Because of its unique design (challenging shots for newbees and excellent short-game practice for more experienced players) WYE is a huge asset to our community. The KCFDC wlll cooperate fully with school officials, neighbors, and the police to enforce the rules and keep this gem of a course in the ground.



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