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For the Pros - I'd inquire if the $1,000 is for the whole event together, or if Monday will have their own $1K.  As it's a separate PDGA event, I would interpret it as $1K for MPO on their day, and $1K for Monday, but I wouldn't go there presuming this if it mattered to you.  If you look at dgscene or FB you can find his contact information.

BTW - I signed up.  There was enough good vibes on FB about it that sold me.


Thinking about going to this one.  All Pro and Am Master divisions are on Labor Day Monday.  Other divisions on Saturday and Sunday are full and have been for over a month.

$1,000 added cash - can't believer there are not more Masters looking at this (Nova, Loomis, Pete, Eastwood, Jamie)

Part of the player packs for all players (Pro and Am) are these scorecard clipboards. If you register no later than Monday, July 31st, yours will be customized with your name and PDGA number (if you have one).

Thanks to Dgnomad for the great customer service in getting these done.

Special thanks to Grip Equipment for the sponsorship to making this happen!



Saturday, August 19 at the new course in Bloomington Park East at Clinton Lake.  This is part of the Corps of Engineers property on the west side of Clinton Lake.  You go through Clinton, KS to get to it, but technically it has a Lawrence address.

This course was installed by the same park range responsible for installing Longview at Perry Lake.

Registration is open:

It's now redirecting to the PDGA page, but doesn't show any results as if they need to be entered into a TD report.

I just send an email to see if i can get an answer

What's the word?


This coming Saturday.  There are 8 spots left.


More information:

Any idea when round ratings will be available for the performance flight on the PDGA website?

I was wondering as well but afraid to ask.  I think it may be a situation where the PDGA needs to fix the redirect link?

Wish I could be there but will be gone on vacation.

This little town loves us. 

Total of 61 players came out.  Soggy conditions but no rain.  Results are here:

There will be a $5 lunch available to buy - pulled pork sandwich, chips, potato salad and bottle water.

Less than 2 weeks to Carolyn's Dirty Water Open.  This is one of my most reasonably priced events of the year.  Great way to get some tournament action.

Besides the normal trophy plaques I give away, Carolyn's Natural Soap also provided these two trophies for the top Man and Women finishers, regardless of division.  They are about 12" tall.

There will be lunch available for purchase in between rounds so you don't have to go to far to get it.

74 played in this years event including 5 juniors ages 7-13 in the junior event and 5 Senior Grandmasters (60+).

We had two aces by Greg Curtin in Recreational and Jerry Schwilling in Senior Grandmasters!

We also had a new course record set (for tournament action) by Garret Glass.  He had a 45 even with everything (but one) set long (long tee pad on 5, long normal teepad on 8, 10 was short, 12 long, 17 long.

There was also a family picnic celebrating a girl who's cancer was cured.  The park was rocking for awhile. 

We had six juniors total played in this tournament, five of which played in the side event. Ages ranged from 7 to 13. 

I really appreciate the parents supporting the tournament that is trying to make something specific for the kids.  At the $12 entry fee to get two discs, along with other expenses, hopefully it was apparent I was doing this to get kids to play and not make a profit.

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