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Registration is open:

Edit 1/15/18 - registration is half full.

Is Dirty Water supposed to be on the 17th, not the 27th? The 27th is a Tuesday...

Barter Town / Re: Star Mako
« on: December 27, 2017, 08:24:24 AM »
Sorry, I don't.  Just have the one Star that I use, then a handful of new Champ and Champ MF.

They don't even have them at the Innova Pro Shop or DGU.

Wow, the selection on eBay is even thin.  I didn't realize they were that hard to get.

Barter Town / Re: Star Mako
« on: December 26, 2017, 08:29:38 AM »
I bag a Star Mako.  They're sweet.


I won't be making a ton of postings about this.  This is the major posting.  All other detail postings will be done on my own Facebook page.

The Raymore Rumble is one stop of the KC Mini Series.

For details to the series as a whole, you can read about it here:

or here if you avoid FB.

Swope / Re: SWOPE Changes DISCussion
« on: November 11, 2017, 07:21:05 PM »

3 Pro Men spots open.

I've done a limited expansion to help increase the Pro payouts and because they *generally* play faster.  At least don't lose discs as quickly.   ;)

Pars and OB Rules

When I was saying 13,000' I was estimating. It's actually only 9,951' I was way off, sorry. I'm actually surprised it is that short.

These rules will not be repeated, because they apply at all times.
In all situations, on or over road is OB. Road is defined as concrete or asphalt. Gravel is safe.
In all situations, in Bales Lake is OB.

1- 803', Par 5. Original #1 long. On or beyond sidewalk right is OB.
2- 420', Par 3. Executive #2 tee to Exec #3 basket
3- 279', Par 3. Executive #4 (Downhill towards Bales Lake shot)
4- 334', Par 3. Executive tee #5 to Executive pin #6
5- 207', Par 3. Executive #7
6- 275', Par 3. Executive #8
7- 467', Par 3. Executive #9
8- 235', Par 3. Executive #1
9- 370', Par 3. From Fishing dock on Bales Lake to short #3 pin. 122' to cross the water. 'Safe' is defined as on or over sidewalk. Sidewalk is safe. Must be touching sidewalk or breaking vertical plane. If in plants along shore and not breaking the vertical plane as defined by sidewalk, you are out. If OB on tee shot, go to drop zone.
10- 437', Par 4. From "inner" pad on #4 to "new" long 4 down into the woods.
11- 222', Par 3. #5 to shortest pin
12- 534', Par 4, #6 pad to long pin
13- 701', Par 4, #7 pad to new medium pin past culvert next to road.
14- 517', Par 4, #8 pad to medium pin
15- 365', Par 3. #9 pad to "inner short" pin
16- 271', Par 3. From "inner pad #10" to medium #9 pin
17- 219', Par 3. From "inner pad #13" to long #11 pin
18- 416', Par 3. From "inner pad" #14 to Inner pin #14
19- 436', Par 3, From "inner pad" #15 to Inner pin #15
20- 388', Par 3, From #14 pad to long right next to tree line.
21- 404'. Par 3, From #15 pad to long #15 pin
22- 442', Par 3, From #16 pad to long #16 pin. Inside fence is OB.
23- 520', Par 4, From #17 pad to medium 17
24- 689', Par 4, From #18 pad to left pin in trees.

Par 80, 9951'

Thank you to Doug Keehler for moving pins for me, clearing downed branches and collecting garbage. Ladies and gents, this man rocks it.

Thank you to Nova 大・平 Politte #74995 for cleaning up my map.

Thanks to Jack Lowe for the help in describing the holes.

It's a really nice map though

Using the tournament map:

#4 - it may be leaning somewhat but from my visit 11/3 it didn't seem to be bad enough that I noticed.  I think they all lean to various degrees.
#10 is the newish long, down into the woods, 60-75' longer then the normal pin.
#11 is actually the short pin.  It's fine.
#12 is actually set long, it's fine.  We can leave it there.
#13 - I don't know what was used in '09.  It's near the road, just pass the culvert.
#16 - Not the super long pin, the medium long pin.  Where it is now there is a path directly to the next tee box.
#20 - New pin that is about as long as the one by the road, but it is actually closer to the trees.  Not the short one by the trees.
#22 - It is past the tree, up the hill.
#23 - I intended this to be the really long one, but it's not.  It's fine.
#24 - is the pin that is in the trees on top of the hill to the left.  Never played this pin before.

As of now, there are 19 spots left.

General Banter / Re: Chainless
« on: November 01, 2017, 02:53:27 PM »
I don't care for Mach X's myself.  Too many chains.  It pushes soft putts out.

I do think the Innova DISCatcher is a nice middle ground.

Thanks Cade

This is a club sanctioned event.  Please put in rotation on front page.  Thank you.

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