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Friday Traveling League 4/26/2013 We're back

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Weak reasons to call a course weak. As for your score, was just a stab in the dark that this "weak course" barely allowed you to shoot under par, if that. It's no gimme course.

john theiss:
honestly, my feelings aren't hurt.  i hope that i am more thick skinned than that.    i appreciate that you do not drink beer out there.  thank you for being responsible and i hope other players that enjoy beer and liquor as much as i do, follow the same rules.  The course has many limitations and can only improve.  the baskets do need inner chains as well.  we are working on those things.  not super important for  a rec course, but Bill wants the course to be something that golfers can be proud of. 

i tend to play courses for fun and worry less about score now as well after some cartilage wearing issues. 

Fox Hill is a wonderful challenging little course. See my full review on DGCR. WATERWORKS TOMORROW!!!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

Only 3 out for a cool but dry Friday morning. (Where the h*ll were the rest of you who wanted to play water works?)

Probably good not to have big groups out anyway, many sloppy muddy spots could use some rest.

Ace Fund now $176

Johny D. 60    n/t     DD37
Harold B. 61  #102
Jeff O.     66  #         DD61?

NEXT WEEK - OLATHE LAKESIDE (Birdland) - two rounder 9am morning tee. Afternoon tee at 1pm.

(Friday 5/17/13 Two rounder Smithville. For those who want to play two, then dubs, then party/camp for Paradise Diamond)


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