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Yeah, well you were always fun to golf with Joe!  I'm sure KC misses you too :P  How's it going in Florida eh?

As to the cost, it's $5.00 + $1.00 to be included in the ace fund.. LED Lights cost seperately.

we were done in FLA last turkeydayish...  
spent the winter in montanny- spam pic in winter league thread...
now we're in Lansing michigan, wife in residency, me mr mom
visited KC for graduation midmay, played WW & Cliff drive w/ doug & Ken crew
long hrs for the wife means I miss leagues here but playin lots of 1 day weekend tourneys in the state to make up for it
still hunting birdies, say hey to the swope doods.......

The glow lights mentioned are Nite Brite brand.  Some Wal Marts seem to be eternally out of them.  Galyan's has them, too.

So does Disc Golf World.


I hope that we can do it again, maybe after summer league ends we can have a glow league at rosey on Monday or Tuesdays? Just a thought.

that would be great... sounds like a blast


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