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Classic Judges Wanted

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I pulled a Classic First-Run soft one out of my bag today and it's already warped.  Think I'll stay with my SS Warlock.

Where do you store your discs? I quit keeping them in the  car trunk or on the  car floorboard. I keep mine indoors now.


--- Quote from: Cooper on May 10, 2013, 07:34:36 AM ---Yeah, interested. You only looking for cash or maybe some plastic?

--- End quote ---

Only trade I'm really looking for is maybe a GL Fury.  Bag is set, just want to try the latest from Lat.

Otherwise, yeah, just cash. 

Ok. I have enough now that I don't really need to spend real money on them. Was/am hoping to find some buyers/traders for my unused discs. And I have a Fury, but it is Opto and, though I haven't decided yet, it is riding in my bag for now trying to prove its worth.

Cool cool.  Let me know if you somehow lose a bunch of firm putters :)


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