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Title: NE League at Blue Valley-5.2.16 Wide Open Week
Post by: jack on May 03, 2016, 12:42:00 PM
Though we plan for as much as we possibly can, things do slip through the cracks.

As such the league play at Blue Valley on Monday encountered such a crack.  While playing the round it was discovered that hole #9 wasn't in the setting for the Wide Open.  As groups played through it would be an easy fix after the rounds were completed.  There was one problem, one group hadn't started on hole #1 and instead had yet to play #9 before it was moved.  So they were the only card to play the hole in the correct placement for the Wide Open, but not the configuration the remainders played for league.  As such the only fair thing to do was to remove hole #9 from every competitors card for the league scores to ensure a consistent approach to keeping ratings secured and valid on the same holes in the same configuration.

What that means is that hole #9 was removed, and the course was a 17 hole layout.  The other component that came into the equation was the lone AM player, CJ Hucke, who with his rating qualifies for the Intermediate division for the league, so he was moved into the remainder of the AM field, and that also moved some scoring around.

The course will be mowed this week, but overall still played beautifully on a overcast night with little wind and a mere 57 degrees.  This changed par to a Par-60 layout for the 17 holes and here are the final results from the night:

Eagle McMahon--53 Won $37 (owed)
Eric Oakley-54 Won $23 (owed)
Jamie Loveall-59 Won $18
Zeke Henry-61
Nicody Tucker-63
George Rousis-69

Beckett Carduff-57 Won $24
Jack Lowe-60 Won $15
Lee Killian-64

CJ Hucke-57 won $25 voucher (owed)
Jared Finley-61 won $14 voucher (owed)
Nate Zier-65 won $6 voucher
Brett Dalton-65 won $6 voucher
Brendan Egan-69
Matt Bauer-70

Adv Masters
John Thompson-61 won $15 voucher (owed)
Danny Rodriguez-70 won $9
Ted Keith-71

There were 2 scorecards with scoring errors on them, please remember to double check and add correctly.  It impacted their scores and cost them.  Don't let it happen to you.  Reminder that PDGA league night at Swope on Tuesday and then at Water Works on Wednesday.  Payouts from League play will be available on Thursday for players.

http://www.pdga.com/tour/event/26686 (http://www.pdga.com/tour/event/26686)

Title: Re: NE League at Blue Valley-5.2.16 Wide Open Week
Post by: jack on May 03, 2016, 01:30:22 PM
Here are the numbers though....
9-5.33 (removed 3 that didn't play middle placement)
62.72222 average (minus 9)
68.05556 average including those that played 9 middle