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Title: Collector of lost discs
Post by: Mad Dog on May 09, 2005, 09:27:54 AM
I, Christian Mann, have taken on the job of being the reservoir of discs lost. I will make every effort to contact and/or post notices for discs lost and found that come into my possession. Those unclaimed, depending on there condition, will either be turned over to first flight or if they are really in bad condition they will become part of an art piece titled Obeldisk, that will be displayed at one of our courses in the future.

  If you have found a/some discs, please pass them on to their owners or get them to me. -Christian
Post by: Mad Dog on June 04, 2005, 05:10:34 PM
I now comand a large pile of lost discs (43). So I will now list them by supposed owners and the color of the disc. If it is yours please email me here on this site and tell me the make of plastic it is, should you wish to get it back. Some of these discs have probably been missing for a year or more and most likely to have been lost at Rosedale but not necessarily.

Danny Souders------------Red --------------returned        
Brad #22044---------------Yellow
T Whitey--------------------Red          
Bradon Marvel-------------Fly Dye
Billy Lloyd------------------Blue/White
Mark Westfall--------------Yellow
Charles Peterson-----------White
Kevin Simpson--------------White      
J E S-------------------------White
Kyle Belvill------------------Yellow      
Beckett Carduff-------------White--------------returned
Jerry Gehring----------------White
Jeff--------------------------- Orange    
Miles McKee------------------Grey        
Tyson-------------------------Fly Dye
Rob----------------------------Fly Dye    
Ginny Capps------------------Orange
Mark Aldrich-------------------White        
Paul Mann----------------------White
D B-----------------------------Yellow      
R Kunza #6874----------------White    
Dickson #13239--------------White      
Barron ?----------------------White
Matt Ruzich-------------------White      
Jose Martinez-----------------White      
Troy Lowry ?-----------------White
Jon Kerns #7973--------------Grey

Some names are less than leagible, and they are my best guess. The #'s are PDGA IDs. Any discs left uncollected we be turned over to the First Flight program or they will be turned into art that will grace one of our courses in the near future.  CHRISTIAN MANN
Title: More Discs
Post by: Mad Dog on June 06, 2005, 10:53:36 AM
And the list gets longer.....

Tim James------------------Blue
Tim James------------------Pink
Thad Stephans-------------Blue
M Murphy-------------------Yellow
Nick Townsend-------------Yellow
Mark Barnes---------------White
Nick Hays------------------Yellow
Jean is Dead---------------White
Mike L----------------------Orange/Peach
Mike Prillwitz-#18858-----Fly Dye
Mark Bennett--------------Blue
Joeseph Martin------------Yellow
Chris Lueth----------------Orange
Peter Kelly-----------------Blue
D Rock---------------------Green/Grey
Shane Walter--------------Red
K Star----------------------Purple
Dan Welsh-----------------Red
C H-------------------------Orange
Robert Ross---------------Yellow
Carl Sel ?------------------Fly Dye

And this is my favorite...one I know Mark would like to get back. The disc that Mark Aldrich got his first ACE with.-------------------Fly Dye

Zip me a note and tell me the make and/or model of the lost disc and I will make arrangements to get it back.  Christian
Title: Collector of lost discs
Post by: Mike Penney on June 06, 2005, 10:48:25 PM
I'm sure if you have a disc that says Gavin, it's most likely a teebird! I'm also sure he would like it back. I'll get it from ya the next time I see ya.
Title: Oh right, A-Lefty
Post by: Mad Dog on June 07, 2005, 10:58:36 AM
For one A-Lefty, no Gavin didn't lose a T-bird. Secondly, I know Gavin, and I know you sure are no Gavin. But keep on trying!   -Mad Dog
Title: Collector of lost discs
Post by: Mike Penney on June 07, 2005, 01:26:26 PM
Then it's a Roc, or an Orc..........and you're right I'm not Gavin nor am I trying to be.....I just know what he carries in his bag!
Title: Not right again A-Lefty
Post by: Mad Dog on June 08, 2005, 09:21:27 AM
actually it is a surpise to me too, Gavin was throwing a Pegasus when he lost it. -C
Title: Collector of lost discs
Post by: Mad Dog on June 11, 2005, 10:37:39 AM
Additions to the list as of June 11th.

Chris Darrow--------------------White
K Beabout------------------------Blue
Corey Lee------------------------Orange
Kevin Simpson-------------------Yellow
Adam Silvers---------------------White
Andre Carter---------------------Light Blue

You can call me if one of your discs is listed, 816-472-6266, or sent me a note e-mail to make arrangements for pick-up.  maD doG
Title: Collector of lost discs
Post by: firerec on July 15, 2005, 04:05:39 PM
I lost a 150 shark at Wyco if anyone turns it in
Title: Collector of lost discs
Post by: Mad Dog on July 17, 2005, 07:39:40 AM
Yo, firerec, I will let K-mont know and hopefully he and/or I will be able to get it back in your hands. K-mont has talked about putting a drop disc box out there.
Title: Being Gavin...
Post by: tjringer on July 17, 2005, 12:16:53 PM
While we only have one Gavin around here, it's possible it doesn't belong to that Gavin at all. There is a Gavin that comes up from SW Kansas and plays here.  I've found that Gavin's discs before.
Title: Collector of lost discs
Post by: Mad Dog on July 18, 2005, 07:40:20 PM
As it is that one White dics with Gavin's name was in deed Gavin's. It was returned three weeks ago. Suprisingly, he missed it and was happy to be reunited with his lost Peagesus. I just love happy endings.  -maD doG
Title: Collector of lost discs
Post by: firerec on July 20, 2005, 04:07:49 PM
If it helps I lost it on hole #4 in the woods left of the opening that goes across that creek. I started to look for it but lightning started hitting all around the area.
Title: Collector of lost discs
Post by: Kevin Montgomery on July 20, 2005, 04:14:06 PM
I'll keep an eye out for it. I usually just put lost and found discs in my trunk and have them with me at leagues. If it is someone I have never heard of and there's a number I'll call. Otherwise I eventually drop them in the Rosedale box.
Title: Lost CE Eagle
Post by: CD on December 29, 2005, 03:45:34 PM
This lost "baby" is a 158 powder blue, left it laying  :oops:  on hole 11 at WW back at the '04 club champs.

I haven't missed it much, because I haven't been playing much.  :cry:
Title: Collector of lost discs
Post by: the kelleys on June 06, 2006, 04:34:05 PM
On the second one form the top is the name of the orange disc is it an orange valk or a cyclone.

I have lost both of these discs.

My name is Jeff Kelley (913) 406 4385
Title: Lost Disc
Post by: the kelleys on June 06, 2006, 04:38:32 PM
Is the name of the orange disc a 172 Valkyrie or possibly a orange cyclone?

I've lost both of these discs.

I'm Jeff Kelley you can reach me at (913)-406-4385