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Title: First outing ever!
Post by: TeamTJ on April 18, 2009, 11:23:02 AM
My wife and I went to William Yates last night to try our hand at our first ever round of Disc Golf.

It's incredibly obvious that neither of us have done this before based on our extremely short throws (despite our belief that we were throwing for great distance) and WILDLY off-base accuracy (curving to the left with a right-hand throw).

Hopefully with time both will improve.  ;D

We had a blast, even though the dark overtook us and we only got 8 holes in.  We are definitely looking forward to trying again and, hopefully, getting our kids involved as well.

What a fun sport!
Title: Re: First outing ever!
Post by: jack on April 18, 2009, 11:46:45 AM
welcome to a lifetime of fun......
Title: Re: First outing ever!
Post by: exminnesotaboy on April 18, 2009, 01:24:29 PM
ha, ha - that is exactly the same as my first experience at disc golf 5 months ago at the same course.  And, yes, it does get better.  Welcome to the addiction. 
Title: Re: First outing ever!
Post by: Keizer on April 18, 2009, 08:08:14 PM
Glad you had fun! My first disc golf adventure was at Yates as well, as that is where my kids go to school.

Just so you know, the disc is always going to hook at the end when it loses speed. As a beginner, your entire throw will probably look that way until you start to develop a proper throwing technique.  The key is to work at keeping the disc coming out flat and straight like a line drive-- if you throw the disc too high, it will tend to stall out very quickly as it loses the battle against gravity. (I'm sure you noticed this.) Grip the disc with all four fingers, so that the pads of your fingertips are touching the inside of the rim. Your thumb should be on top somewhere around the area where you can feel the rim meet the plate. Be sure to grip it tight enough so that you feel your hand and forearm muscles firmly flexed, but not so tight that it's painful or uncomfortable. When you throw, stand 90 degrees from the target (throwing shoulder towards target) keep your body relaxed, reach back, and bring your hand across your chest like you're snapping a towel or starting a lawnmower. Use your legs and hips. You want the entire motion to be fluid and relaxed, building up to a quick snap at the end. The disc should feel like it's "ripping" out of your hand and snapping off of your fingertips rather than being let go of, if that makes sense. At first, you might want to practice your throw standing still and keeping your eye locked on the target instead of taking a run-up throw. When you start making straight throws that way, then move on to the run-up or "X-step". Taking a few practice strokes and seeing the flight path in your mind's eye before throwing seems to help as well.

Anyway, I hope these rambles help you out. Never forget that in disc golf, most fun wins!
Title: Re: First outing ever!
Post by: CD on April 20, 2009, 10:33:49 AM
Welcome to a (healthy) lifelong addiction!!