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Title: Swope "Gold" Holes
Post by: Timko on May 05, 2010, 09:55:24 AM
Rick is thinking of using some form of Swope Gold for the Wide Open this year, and I wanted to get some thoughts from people who've played it.  I was looking online at the '07 Swope Gold course, and it looks like #1 was played from tee 3 to hole 1, then #2 was played from tee 4 to hole 5.  After that, there were 3 temporary holes, then went back to tee 6 to follow the course as normally played.

I'm looking to remove holes #5 (play from tee 4 to hole 5) as well as holes 7 and 8.  I was considering 2 temporary holes after hole #4, and a temporary after #15 on the piece of land in the southeast corner.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.
Title: Re: Swope "Gold" Holes
Post by: jack on May 05, 2010, 10:24:30 AM
Swope Gold was this:

Hole #1 & 2 were not in play, they were not used at all, baskets or pads.

You started with:
1-#3, across the road, then from (in '07, in '03, it was to the pin closest to the road but not across, and then there was rope about 60' across for a fairway and 30'behind pin -Think keyhole-)
2-#4 pad to #5 pin on the left then across the street (the park road) to the sign (flowers)
3-from the flower bed across the lot with the lot OB painted all the way across to the pin on the corner to the zoo
4-across the lot to the pin tucked in behind some trees, now this shot was a solid 300' across and really gave no place to fade out for a safe shot (my biggest complaint, weenie arms (see me) couldn't easily get across) up the hill behind trees, with trees protecting it...
5-played along the park grass towards #6 pad, with road OB left, and power poles in the way (roller shot was best, or low shot) with the pin sitting out in front of the door to the P&R building and about 20' from the road, then go to 6 pad
6-18 played the original course.

The initial design of "Swope Gold" came with a ton of rope ala USDGC.  The rocks were all OB, the elephant hole (13)was all OB on the left, with some rope on the right as well to tighten that fairway, so the term "gold" was from the rope being gold in color.

What are you really wanting to know?  I think now that we know what we want to do we can not or do not have to "rope" the course, but rather we could "string" the course with survey flags and string and accomplish the same thing, and not worry about the rope.  Getting the rope out on courses is never an issue, its always getting it off the course that takes freaking forever.  With survey flags and string you could get that visual, and throw out the kite string after your done, and picking up flags is relatively simple.  You could honestly do that at league, ask everyone to pick up the flags at their first hole, then put the flags on the pad of the next box, them pick them up.

By doing what you are thinking you would essentially play the following configuration:
1,2,3,Alt4, temp 1,2,3 ( you will need to define OB's and its a lot of work) 6, 9-18...I can see that working, but I would say if you go that way you may want to re-evaluate the temp holes. 

I was looking at it last night after meeting with the P&R and wondering if there is a way to zig-zag < i think I do but it would be to shorten the first temp hole and put it short of the OB, make the OB OB still, but it would only be if you over throw.....Then find a spot along the OB area (think directly east of OB lot) to have an anhyzer shot at that 2nd alternate pin then play the rest.....

You would also wanna to tighten up things all over the course, define the rocks, keyhole a few holes to add grit to a course that could use it, it just needs to be determined how much do you want to shore it up?

Good minds may prevail......
Title: Re: Swope "Gold" Holes
Post by: The Can tankerous A.N.G on May 05, 2010, 10:40:22 AM
I remember that config; it was really hard as I had only played for less than a year. But I really liked it, and it has some really cool out-of-bounds. I think it helps with the 1-2-3-4 throwing over fairways a lot. Good luck figuring out all the ins and outs of the Wide Open. I am sure it will be great whatever is done!
Title: Re: Swope "Gold" Holes
Post by: hyzerponix on May 05, 2010, 04:11:02 PM
I'd be interested to see the Gold layout but hope it isn't in that configuration for too long afterward. I go to Swope when I don't feel like playing a bunch of really long holes and am usually disappointed, Timko, when you give it "teeth" as you like so say. ;D