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Title: Lion's Den over the years....
Post by: jack on August 14, 2012, 10:41:37 AM
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Title: Re: Lion's Den over the years....
Post by: jack on August 14, 2012, 10:43:40 AM
I am going go try to find out information from 2004, 2003, and I believe 2002.....but I just am not sure about Topica forums and if I can get it out of there ok.......

The basic premise seems to be that the course get's its most work before either this event or the former Lance Stanton Doubles event that was last played in 2006.....I may revisit that event this fall......
Title: Re: Lion's Den over the years....
Post by: Mike Hyzer on August 14, 2012, 11:38:29 AM
Worlds '09 prompted a lot of work as well. This is great stuff, can't believe all the changes!
Title: Re: Lion's Den over the years....
Post by: jack on August 14, 2012, 11:50:51 AM
In advance of the Cliff Drive III event taking place on August 31, a Cystic
Fibrosis Lance Stanton who helped with this course passed from last August(A
hereditary disease of the exocrine glands, usually developing during early
childhood and affecting mainly the pancreas, respiratory system, and sweat
glands. It is characterized by the production of abnormally viscous mucus by
the affected glands, usually resulting in chronic respiratory infections and
impaired pancreatic function. Also called mucoviscidosis.)and the Cliff Drive
Corridor Management Committee fund raising event, I am planning on having
workdays at the Park from ~9-~2. We will be getting rid of the honeysuckle,
and other growth to clean the fairways. The bulk of the work has been done
in the past by countless hours of volunteer efforts from the likes of most of
you. I will continue this tradition. I am going to try to get baskets out
there each week, to play at least 9 holes. Probably do it on the front 9
nine this weekend, then the back nine, then maybe a practice event for my
Birthday on 8-22, or the 23rd. Heading into the following weekend of the

Weed eaters, gloves, rakes, shovels, pickup trucks, and trash bags are going
to be the biggest items needed. Lawn mowers in some of the areas might not
be a bad idea as well. The area has not really been touched much this summer
because of the am worlds. I have not been out there since early July. Trash
on the old roads were present again, but not as prevalent as in years past.
Maybe, just maybe, we can turn the corner here finally.

Baskets are in the hands of the Parks Dept at this point. I am not sure if
they ahve been ordered, but I know that we are very close to getting them
here, and having at least baskets and tee signs installed. This course will
go through some changes, but should play similar to years past.

If you can help out, please let me know. We will take care of food and some
beverages after we are done, but most importantly, as we prepare new chapters
in the disc golf scene here in town, you will be one of the few to take some
ownership in the newest course in KC.

You do want to help, and I need it! Please let me know if you can come, I
will spring for some donuts for that early morning energy. The busiest part
is of course the cleanup of years of neglect, so please bring gloves, and
trash bags. We can abuse my turck to load the trash. We pulled out over 50
bags in January this year, I plan on getting out at least double that over
the next few weeks, plus working on a few new hole ideas that Jamie Barry
discovered and we started on.

This is where the fun starts folks!


Title: Re: Lion's Den over the years....
Post by: jack on August 14, 2012, 11:51:30 AM
Cliff Drive II--Can you cllimb it?     jlow-@att.net
 Aug 26, 2002 08:11 PDT
Coming up this Sunday, following the Oz Tour stop at
Rosedale that is a Cali Tournament on Saturday, show up
there you can shoot your best scoring round ever at
Rosedale, is Cliff Drive II.

I have some favors to ask of people this week, and I
really need it. I need to have people announce at the
leagues about this event, if someone could hand out
flyers as well, that would be great. My wife's
grandfather passed away yesterday, and I will be heading
to Oklahoma more than likely on Wednesday-Saturday.

This tournament is going to be a good one, not like they
are not all, but here is some of the prizes that will be
included throughout the day:
Chiefs Tickets for 2-CTP second Round at the Lance Shot
(Thanks Pete Cashen for tickets!)
Wizards Tickets for 4-CTP during the first round Lance
Shot (Thanks to Mark Morales for the tickets)
Dinner for 2 at Outback Steakhouse-TBD (thanks Mark
Sheffield Proprietor Outback Steakhouse Chouteau and I-
2-Sprint Bags
Rocks again this year for 1-2-3
I am working to see if River Market will donate
something as well.

I could use more items to give away, as the premise of
this event is to promote the course. If you have
something to donate, please let me know. I want to make
sure you are recognized for helping this event.

We will be starting an award this year as well, the
Lounging Lance Award. The person who wins the event is
going to have their name on a plague that will be a
chair in Lance's honor. Last year he spent the entire
day spotting for us in his lounger drinking and helping
out. We will miss that terribly, but do have some
spotters to still look after #7. We could use maybe one
or two more people if interested.

I plan on getting out there and setting up ~7:30 on
Sunday. I need to get about 4 baskets, and could use
some help. If you are an early riser and have the time,
I will bring donuts to set up our area. Players meeting
will be at 9:45 ish.

If you need more information, please do not hesitate to
call. Leave a message on my cell, as while I’m in OK, I
am not sure where I will be or how the service is. If
you do plan on donating items, please let me know so
that I may include my gratitude in the Program for the

This is a fund raising event, so any money that is over
the cost of the event is going to be put into a fund to
show the community we mean business, and we want to help
with the park.

Mark Morales, Kurt Miller and myself worked very hard
this weekend to clean up some of the trouble spots. I
don't want to say it to loud, but I think that someone
else has been out there, it looked like there was less
trash on hole #10 than when I looked there a couple of
weeks ago. Thanks for helping out. The only spots left
really are some trash left on #10, the old road area,
and up around #16, where it will take a while to clean
up all the trash. We did manage to pull out about 15
bags of trash this weekend collectively, a small dent,
but it is a start, once the course is in, or the ok to
do it, we will be able to really focus more on the
trouble spots and return this fine piece of land to its
original state.

I could use a chainsaw for about 3 trees from the Ice
Storm if anyone has one, they are dead, and need to be
removed, but we could not pull them out so…... Thanks
Pete for your weedeater, with that baby humming, we
cleared out a lot of the area. I did clean out more on
#7 to the left, it is still tricky, but the fairway is
larger this year, just getting down the hill still is

I look forward to seeing you all there. It takes 3
teams to create a division. Masters groups, all members
of your team need to 40 this year or the David Tull
Rule, if everyone is ok with the partner not being 40,
but awful close, then we let you run with it.

I know it is long winded, but hey, I am full of hot air,
and gosh darnit you guys forced me into the position!!

Looking forward to seeing you out there, the course will
be great, and I would appreciate all of you working on
getting this announcement out to the leagues this week.
There will probably be people that show up without
partners, we will match you up when you get there.
Please come and play the course, even if you do not
compete in the event, come on out and check out the
land, play behind some groups, help spot while waiting,
just come and help us show the community that we can
make this part of the park clean and fun to use.


Title: Re: Lion's Den over the years....
Post by: jack on August 14, 2012, 11:53:37 AM
Please Help Clean the Park!     jlow-@att.net
 Aug 13, 2003 12:03 PDT


I am out here crying for help, and not crying WOLF, this needs to be done.
We will again have a work day on the Cliff Drive course this Saturday from 9-
2. We are having the Cliff Drive Doubles (III) a benefit for Cystic Fibrosis
(Lance Stanton Doubles-LSDII) on Sunday August 31. This course has funding
available, and it is only a matter of time before the baskets are to be
installed. I need your help to clean up the areas that we want to use, and
to make the course initially playable.
Over the last week, House, Mike Penney and myself have put in close to 50
hours of work. We have been out there on Wed, Fri, Sat, Mon, and will be out
there again this Saturday. I need your help. I need a few chainsaws, 1 is
fine, in all honesty, just one that will get some of the bigger branches that
need pruning, as Pete's pole saw is good on some smaller ones, but man we
have some big branches out there.
We knocked back holes #5-6 last week, removed about 3-homeless folks living
room in the brush, and made it hard for them to find another place on the
plateau to use. We hope to continue to find these areas and eliminate
their "homes". Our goals this week are simple, continue to take out the
Honeysuckle that has over grown the entire area, and give us back the land to
make beautiful holes. We will be hitting the Cliff Shot, #7, the trees at
#14 & #15, should be brushed back in slightly, and then the big push on hole
#10, and #11. They are the old roadway area that we want to take the
overgrowth all the way back to the cliffs and remove all the brush to the
West for now, and eventually move it out on the East. This is primarily for
hole #10 initially, where on #11, we want to head to the South tree line to
get the area there cleaner for us to use.
What we need are more bodies, a few weedeaters, rakes, trash cans, and hands
to help move things. We need more help is really what we need. The homeless
person that actually talked to us, could not believe what kind of mark we
made with all the hand tools last weekend, and I expect it to be no different
this weekend.
I do not plan on being out there too late, as I want to head to IA to see a
buddy that has testicular Cancer, just found out last night. I am heading to
Columbus OH tomorrow AM, and will be back on Friday night late. If you could
please announce this at WW, and WyCo League, I would appreciate it.
This is an exciting time for disc golf. This is an awesome time to help get
something new moving. I might bring a few baskets out to play after we
complete the workday as well, so you can enjoy some of your hard work.

I am still looking for sponsors on the Cliff Drive Event, so please direct
people with items to donate as prizes to me. Once again this is a charity
event, and we want to give a ton of prizes away.

The Cliff Drive course is located just north of Independence Ave and Prospect
in Kessler Park (Cliff Drive). We will be in the park, but if we are at hole
#10, it will be hard to see us from the road. If you do not see us out
there, please call my PCS #.

I need your help to make this course on par with the rest of KC's fine disc
golf courses, please come help me and the few other brave soles try to change
the land from litter-prone homeless land, to great disc throwing country like
the rest of KC!!


Title: Re: Lion's Den over the years....
Post by: jack on August 14, 2012, 11:55:13 AM
Here it is.....
8/18/03 shortly after Chappy posted @ some other dudes' B-day from '68 and '48.... ::)
Re: Happy Birthdays     jlow-@att.net
 Aug 18, 2003 07:46 PDT

1970 for Jack
8-22-75 for the Dickster (Dick Parker)
Possible having a BBQ Singles event on Saturday at Cliff Drive for Dick and
Myself. It will be a fun deal for the most part, Dick is working on some
prizes for the event, the $5, will probably just cover beer and food. Bag
Tag challenges would be sincerely warranted. More to follow!

===o {>[]----
Title: Re: Lion's Den over the years....
Post by: jack on August 14, 2012, 11:55:53 AM
Cliff Drive Event 2 wks in arow?!?     jlow-@att.net
 Aug 18, 2003 12:54 PDT


That is the story that I am sticking to. Dick and I have decided to have a
birthday party at Cliff Drive on Saturday. We really could use your
baskets! The plan is if we only have 9, to play 9, cook up lunch, then play
another 9. If we have 18, the plan will be play 18, then head on over to my
house for some drinking. We may have beer at the park as well, have not yet

This is for $5/man, of which $1 to the club, the remaining will pay for the
food and sodas and the work that Dick and I will have to do on our birthday.
We will be having Burgers, and Brats. We plan on starting by 11:00, so be
there then. If we are having a blast, we may play 2 rounds, but Dick might
have to work, so.....we may do it as a second round, since this is more of a
fun time, it will not be a real tightly ran event. I have no plans on prizes
or anything like that, just more of a fun day at a new park.

I was stranded in Chicago last weekend, and unfortunately missed the help of
the workday, which really stinks, because it sounds like we a tremendous
turnout of people. Some reports were even in that Mark Morales and Dirk
Hacker were spotted on the course doing, get this, WORK!

It sounded like a good group of guys out there: From my memory, and realize
it is bad, so please step up and be recognized for your efforts:
Kurt Miller
Mike Penney
Mark Morales
Steve Hoog
Ward Blankenship
Terry Adams
Dick Parker
Dirk Hacker
TJ Ring!

Were the names that I heard initially. I also heard that there were like 10
people, so I am sure to be missing those people. I want to thank you so
much, because this is my backyard essentially. This will become my place to
call home. I will be out there this week on Monday, Wednesday and Friday
doing work as well. Friday is my birthday, and in years past, I would have
been drinking up on the moment, now I want to complete the vision of another
great disc golf course to add to KC. Your guys help means so much to me!

So with that in mind, please plan on making a trip to the course on
Saturday. If you can make it early, great, if you have a basket, and can
leave it for the day, I will keep it in my garage and then break it back out
on the following Sunday for the doubles event. That would be awesome, having
the baskets all ready to go prior to the event, you just show up and play!!

Looking forward to it folks!


Title: Re: Lion's Den over the years....
Post by: jack on August 14, 2012, 11:57:40 AM
Birthday Bash-Saturday Cliff Drive     jlow-@att.net
 Aug 20, 2003 08:54 PDT

We will be playing 1-9 fwd, then Bkwd, break for lunch, BBQ Burgers, Brats,
Beer, then while I either cook in the heat, or move the baskets while someone
else cooks, we will be playing the back 9 fwd, then bkwd.
$5- to cover costs, I guess I will have to add an ace fund $1 in there
somehow, if no ace, we will give it to the CF or Cliff Drive folks the
following week.

Please tell people about this event. I am not sure if I will make it out to
any more leagues this week, I want to work on the course to get it ready. I
went yesterday to the Historical Archives of the P&R, and found a few
interesting trails along Cliff where hole #16 crosses the road. There used
to be a good flat walking area up there called Prospect Point. I am
confident that we can put a good hole in there. There was also a trail that
used to go down the area that we were working on last year to develop a new
#15, so that could be in the making as well.

This will be a fun day of disc to get prepared for the Cliff Drive Doubles.
Help you and your partner learn the course!

We will be trying to start at 11. I plan on being out at the course the next
few nights working on it. This is a great way to say Happy Birthday to me as
well! (Cheap gift as well, only $5 maybe $6 to say Yeah I was at Jack's B-


Re: Birthday Bash-Saturday Cliff Drive     jlow-@att.net
 Aug 20, 2003 09:05 PDT

Let me make this a little clearer, it is only $5, if you plan on eating and
playing. the $5 is basically to cover food and beer costs, if you just want
to show up later on and play, feel free to do so. the $5 is for the food and
beer of Fat Tire or Loft that I bring out to enjoy!

===o {>[]----
Title: Re: Lion's Den over the years....
Post by: jack on August 14, 2012, 12:01:48 PM
Cliff Drive Baskets in the ground-Your help needed to complete the course!     jlow-@att.net
 Aug 19, 2004 05:37 PDT

Over the last few days, many people have been hard at work to get the course in the ground. We now have baskets in 14 settings, holes 1-6, 12-18 and the round nine are in the ground, the holes 7-11 are still under construction, though some people have adopted the holes, Jamie Barry has made hole #7 a much better place to play disc golf right now, and we need more support of people like Jamie to get the rest of the area done. I will try to get out there either later tonight, or tomorrow to spot up the teeing areas, it will be either white or orange fence posts in the ground for the moment. We are planning on having workdays on Friday and Saturday, to do more weed wacking around the areas of the basket and fairways of 7-11 and dead limb and brush removal.

It has taken a long time to get to this point, and now that baskets are there for good, the real work starts. We need to take this park and make it a cleaner, more fun place to incorporate our game and have a blast doing it. The tract of land tha tthe city has generously allowed us to put our game on is great, and I encourage each of you disc golfers to come out and visit the newest park for disc golf. Holes 7-11 are under construction, and should be taken very cautiously initially, I would say that it is currently under construction, and not open, as we do not have the baskets installed yet, but with a little help, and some elbow grease from many it should come together fast.

I am heading out hte door for work today, I am hopeful that some of you will be able to help. I konw that MOrales wanted to do a glow event out there tonight after WW league, but I am not sure if that will happen. I will try to be out at WW as well, and then Cliff Drive is less than 8 minutes from WW, so if we get anxious to see the nes course, then hey maybe we will.

SOme people that deserve extra KUDOS for the help:
Mike Penney
Tracy Abeln
Ruthanne Harper
Mike Herron
April McCrary
Jamie Barry
Jeff Campbell
Dirk Hacker
John Forsyth
Ben and Susan Taylor
Lance Stanton
Dan Truax
Mike Spady
Mark MOrales
Bob Siedler
Barry Martin
Kevin Corbett
Bob Hartness
Christian Ogle
Ted Lega
Chris Mann
Dan and Pete Cashen
TMS and their hard working staff
Bobbie Baker Hughes and the Pendleton Heights Neighborhood Association
Cliff Drive Corridor Management Committee
Northeast Area Chamber of Commerce
KC MO P&R and the hard working staff

There are more and more people to thank that I am sure that I am missing I am sure. But for those of you that have helped in the past, please come on out and play a round. We hope to play a round Saturday afternoon at 3:00 as a practice round for the Birthday round on Sunday for Dick and Myself (Yes Jeff Campbell it is MY B-DAY!) So the birthday bash is on for Sunday August 22 for those of you that need to mark my B-day! (Selfish plug, but hey what can I say!) :) Be there no later than 9 for registration, as we plan to get started ~ 9:30.


Title: Re: Lion's Den over the years....
Post by: jack on August 14, 2012, 12:04:51 PM
Working at Cliff Drive, upcoming Events     jlow-@att.net
 Aug 16, 2005 08:44 PDT

I will be working on the course the next few days. Heading out there today from 12-4, and tomorrow from 10-3, possibly Friday afternoon as well.
I will be working on #13, #14, and possibly #6.
We willbe having the Lion's Den Event (Birthday Bash for Dick and Jack, and all other Leo's on Saturday, sponsored by New Belgium Brewery. $10 for the food, beer, and soda's, and casual round, then an additional $10 for custrom discs Roc/Aviar, or $12 for a Pro-line Starfire sponsored by Koi Discs.
Round starts at 10ish for morning, then we typically play a doubles round in the afternoon.
If you can come out to help let me know.
We will also be hosting the Lance Stanton Doubles Event on Sunday September 4(Sunday of Labor Day Weekend-No work Monday for many!), A PDGA XC Tier, bring your own Partner.
Entry Fees-
$10/Person-All other Divisions
$5/person non-PDGA member
$3/person Ace Fund
$2/person non-KCFDC Member
Round 1-Best Shot-Tee Off-10:30
Round 2-666 format
Holes 1-6    Best Shot
Holes 7-12 Alternate Shot
Holes 13-18 Best Score
If no Aces hit CTP at end of second round for 1/2. This has historically been a fund raiser for Cystic Fibrosis, but I have dropped the ball in getting additional sponsors, so it will probably be limited in prizes this year, I will see if I can get Chief Tickets as we have always had, but have little time to get things together at this point. If interested in helping out with the event, pleae let me know.
Title: Re: Lion's Den over the years....
Post by: jack on August 14, 2012, 12:07:36 PM
By 2006 it appears as though everything was moving forward on the web, though Topica remained in effect until 2008 really with information.  This is about all I can find in a quick glance.  I did put some other Cliff Drive information, and the Lance Stanton Doubles event, which unfortunately the LDO has really taking more energy and grown in that vain.  But I know that Lance would like it.  The one thing that I did read that I may work on is that there was a plan to have a chair in honor of Lance with the names of the winners of his event since he spotted from his chair and drank all day while watching us play.  That could be the throne of the Lion, and is something that we may see soon enough out there!

Thanks for reading.

Title: Re: Lion's Den over the years....
Post by: discglover on August 14, 2012, 01:19:29 PM
What about the history of the park?
Title: Re: Lion's Den over the years....
Post by: jack on August 14, 2012, 02:00:53 PM
What history would you like Glover?  I have given countless notifications over the years of the park.  In fact in most of the programs there was more information about the park than there was about disc golf.  I did so much historical research that the P&R have actually used my programs in the archival process to find information about the park......

Initially used as a dumping ground for the dead prior to 1865 from the plague
City bought it in late 1890's then George Kessler started to work on the park, it became a pride of his, and the city....
People used to walk down the paths to the working area (east bottoms now) and stop and get water from the natural springs.....

What more do you want to know?  Afterall I thought that since this was the Disc Golf Forum that information about the disc golf course was more important than a history about the park...but maybe I should retitle the thread, "Lion's Den Over the years, except for Glover, who missed what the history of the park was in history class!"

 :P ::) ;D
Title: Re: Lion's Den over the years....
Post by: Kevin Montgomery on August 14, 2012, 02:08:24 PM
Here's a decent resource for those interested in the history of the park rather than the history of the Lion's Den Open....

http://cliffdrive.org/kessler_park (http://cliffdrive.org/kessler_park)

Title: Re: Lion's Den over the years....
Post by: Mike Hyzer on August 14, 2012, 02:14:48 PM
My neighbor, a WWII vet and GM retiree, told me he and his wife used to go to Kessler Park in the 1940s and "park". It was like a Lovers' Lane back in the day.
Title: Re: Lion's Den over the years....
Post by: jack on August 14, 2012, 03:03:46 PM
Yes it was, and hole #7 was the turn around point.  Basically hole #8's fairway up to #9 basket was the road, the road by #7 currently didn't exist until the 70's.

Also hole #14 was a place that the police shot and killed a bank robber  in the early 70's