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Title: Dynamic Discs
Post by: Kelly Markum on November 29, 2012, 03:30:27 PM
Ok, so what is the real deal??? Is Lat 64 really making discs for DD?
Title: Re: Dynamic Discs
Post by: Peter Bures on November 29, 2012, 09:59:14 PM
DD is releasing their own Driver fairly soon, conjecture is that Latitude 64 is doing the molding.


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Title: Re: Dynamic Discs
Post by: Rick Rothstein on November 30, 2012, 09:06:13 AM

I can confirm that Latitude 64° will be making discs, branded with DD. This should be forthcoming within two weeks. The discs will be distributed primarily by Latitude 64, who will add them to their order form along with their discs and Westside Discs. Part of the branding will be the DD logo imprinted on the underside of the disc. I've heard that the discs will be similar to a Buzzz, Wizard, Destroyer and Teebird, but this is not confirmed.

DD is releasing their own Driver fairly soon, conjecture is that Latitude 64 is doing the molding.


More discussion here - http://www.dgcoursereview.com/forums/showthread.php?t=76873 (http://www.dgcoursereview.com/forums/showthread.php?t=76873)
Title: Dynamic Discs press release
Post by: Ken Franks on November 30, 2012, 07:47:32 PM
Dynamic Discs Expands Into New Market:
There is no surprise that there is a lot going on in the disc golf world today. New disc golf companies start up at a daily rate, new courses are getting put in the ground at a record pace, and new players are introduced to the game. Dynamic Discs has been a disc golf retailer in this industry since our beginning in 2005. Since then, we have emerged from a wide group of established retailers into one of the most recognized names in the game due to a lot of hard work from the staff at DD and support from the disc golf community.
As most retailers, Dynamic Discs has not only pushed and promoted ourselves, but also the manufacturers that we sell. We have increased our volumes and relationships with each and every company that we deal with and have to say that the journey has been nothing short of very fast paced. Friendships have been formed, sponsorships received, and business deals established that most other companies could not have ever imagined.
The road to success for Dynamic has not been an easy one and not one that many in this industry have been able to imitate. We work long hours and often dream of the day when things will ‘get easier’ and when the work will come with 'less effort'. Through this journey we have started to realize that, while we produce an apparel and custom disc line, there seems to be more opportunities associated with being a manufacturer. Our brand has been established and our reputation is nearly flawless.
For the upcoming season, you will start to see Dynamic Discs as not only a retailer of your favorite manufacturer, but also a retailer and supplier of our own manufactured products. After many discussions and a visit to Latitude 64, Dynamic Discs will soon be launching our own disc line manufactured by Latitude 64.
This decision came after months of discussions weighing the pros and cons of moving forward with a manufactured disc line. We honestly do not know what lies ahead for us but we believe that this advancement is an opportunity that we could not pass up.
Our new relationship with Latitude 64 will bring to you a Dynamic Discs branded line of discs that you can know and trust. These discs will be manufactured by Latitude 64 in Skellefteå, Sweden and distributed through the Latitude 64 distribution in the European market as well as the United States market. Discussions for this project began at the 2012 World Championships this past July. We just recently reached final approval to proceed forward with the project in November after a recent visit to see and assist in the prototype production of the first ever discs from Dynamic Discs.
Most new companies enter into the disc golf market with only one disc at a time to gauge the market and assess further production. We believe that the market is ready and awaiting the release of more than one disc with our initial launch. In the near future, you will see Dynamic Discs releasing four different molds to enter into the market as a disc golf manufacturer. We have two drivers, one mid-range, and one putter that we believe can improve your game.
The designs were handled by Tomas Ekström at Latitude 64 after getting the specifics on
what we wanted to see produced. Prototype samples were approved in November as
production was overseen by Jeremy Rusco during a recent visit to the facility in which he
was very impressed.
 The Trespass is a wide rim, high speed, overstable driver with precision control and
maximum distance. A very accurate driver, a must for the arsenal.
 The Escape is a fairway driver designed to keep you in the fairway by keeping a true
and consistent flight path from beginning to end of flight. Predictable flight
characteristics power the Escape past all other fairway drivers. Perfect for all skill
 The Fugitive is the straightest flying midrange driver that holds any line you put it
on. Pin-point accuracy and easy grip help for consistent release and accurate flights.
 The Judge is your go to putter in all conditions. Very versatile disc that will hold any
line and finishes straight on approach shots as well.
We believe that with the release of these four models that players will have an opportunity
to fill up their bag with a nice mix of quality produced discs that can improve their game
and give them more confidence while on the course.
We plan to launch four more discs in the 2013 season. While we believe that the first
release is suited for all players, we understand that there are different skill levels and are
aiming to produce discs for the highest level professional play as well as someone who is
new to the sport.
Dynamic Discs
Title: Re: Dynamic Discs
Post by: Kelly Markum on November 30, 2012, 10:38:00 PM
Well my interest is peaked. I guess the next question is when can I get them in my hands.