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2 days away and the course is ready!

2 weeks away! Hope you can make it!

Just under a month away, let me know if your interested or have any questions!

The money from the fundraiser will be handed to the Dawn to Dusk Club treasurer, and the money will be spent towards the Crestview course in Topeka. In the works are new concrete teepads, repaired benches, as well as making Crestview Gold permanent, so there will be 27 baskets rather then 18, so you have the option to play the course short or long. Over $1700.00 was raised in last year's fundraiser held at Crestview, hope you can make it Cooper!

Get some friends together and make it happen, let me know!

Des Moines is in May, this tournament is in June.

Fundraiser tournament on Saturday, June 22nd at Longview Park at Perry! This is a great new course if you haven't played it. Long, very technical, major elevation change on almost every hole.

Thanks for the support from the Topeka disc golf community, hope you can join us, let me know if your in!

- Gwaltney

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