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Young Park - Blue Springs / Re: 7/31
« on: August 01, 2013, 10:32:07 AM »
Well to answer to jordan I am now registered on the board and thought id get all the scores posted in from wednsday nights league.

9 people out tonight. Wasn't. A big turn out but hopefully we will get a better turnout next week...very nice night out beside the humidity but other than that 75degrees out and not any wind really at all

Jordan hinck- 51 $9
Brandon elkins- 60
Kelly markum- 61

Dan coffman- 55 $9
Paul beard- 57
Charles bryan- 60

Kyle nix- 62 $7 kc kash
Levi ?- 63 $4 kc kash
Parker niemeyer- 70

Good shotting guys hopefully see you guys next week and maybe even more.. but let's try to get more people out

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