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What reason did the city give for asking you to stop putting in benches?
Its encouraging that did not stop you from doing other projects to the course.

They don't want them to be movable, they're afraid the mowers will hit them, they don't want to do maintenance and are afraid they'll fall into disrepair and get covered with graffiti, etc, etc.

I contacted them through an anonymous gmail account and told them to just pitch em if they got broken or whatever.  They only cost me like $40 each to make, they're pretty cheap, and treated lumber lasts about forever.

Yeah, saw your flyer last night at Centennial.  Been awhile since I've played there.  Somebody has been doing a lot of work on the course.

Yeah, that's me actually :)  I was putting in benches until the city told me to stop, but I have some other improvements I'd like to do.  I'm going to be putting in marking stones at the tees and each placement over the next couple of weeks, since the course has gotten a bit difficult to navigate for new players as it's changed over the years.

In the interest of promoting disc golf in Lawrence, I'm putting on a casual doubles tournament this Sept 7, and I was told to post here.

The details!

A best shot doubles disc golf tournament at Centennial Park

Best Shot Doubles - 2 rounds
Sat, Sept 7
Registration Starts at 9, Shotgun start @ 10

100% cash payout.  By which I mean that a) 100% of the registration fees are getting paid back out, and b) I'm actually paying cash prizes in all three divisions instead of plastic for the Ams, because I can't really afford to buy a bunch of plastic when I'm unsure on turnout.

Beginner - $20 per team
Advanced - $30 per team
Pro - $40 per team

1$ ace fund

I'm just one guy who though it'd be fun to run a disc golf tournament again like in the old days - if you played in the Lawrence area back in the late 90s I did a few then as well.

Contact with questions

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