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Caleb,I have been doing this for 20 years and never meet someone who Helped so much .I dont know how any of us ever put anything on without your help.Thanks again.And by the way If this does happen ,I can promise you ,you wont be playing in it.

I think at this point ,Not having insurance for this event at Legacy.It is to late to ask Blue Springs to help us .I offered to run this event after Two others either completley dropped the ball ,or Had a business to run among other things and could not do it.

I offered to help try and keep the date that someone else set at at Legacy.After the response I have gotten from Certain Self made experts who really dont know S*&T ABOUT ANYTHING DISC GOLF RELATED.

I think I will postpone this event for a later date .

Thanks to all the people who stood behind me and tried to help with this. 
you can ACT like you did something all you want... I personally offered to help YOU run this event because I wanted to get my feet wet so to speak & be involved with RUNNING a tournament & I thought we could have put on a KICK ASS EVENT...

I sent you several personal messages asking for INFORMATION & a FLYER MONTHS AGO... I got nothing from YOU until i called you out on this board so let me ask you this how was I suppose to go talk to ANYONE about donating food, prizes, money ex cetera without anything to show them

 THATS CRAZY if I was the person in charge of donating things for my COMPANY I would have LAUGHED at the person the WHOLE WAY to the DOOR & been like what are you thinking your asking me to DONATE whatever & you cant show me ANY INFORMATION on your EVENT what kind of IDIOT are you

So say what you want TEXAS TOAST YOU DROPPED THE BALL NO ONE ELSE... an event can only go so far when its SUPPORTING CAST is trying to push the guy running it & he only responds after being CALLED OUT

EVENT IS CANCELED REALLY GO FIGURE ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) ::) :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? ??? :-X :-X :-X :-X :-X :-X :-X

Legacy Park - Lee's Summit / 7/23 CASUAL DUBS Dan C. no show
« on: July 24, 2010, 12:34:17 am »
11 players out for a casual round of DUBS tonight & it was nothing spectacular  ::) ::) ::)

1. Slim B./Ray Kinnet 52
2. Bob/Shane 54
3. Caleb C/ Chris K. 55
4. Paul/ Roland 56
5. Will Love/ what cali 57
6. Bj Font/ Jay Cram 59

I am a FULL TIME single parent
GET OUT from behind ur KEYBOARD & be a man COME SAY THAT SHIOT TO MY FACE & see where it gets u PUSSY

One of the selling points for parks departments to do business with the KCFDC is that we maintain our own liability insurance for events we hold. That is good for the players and for the parks departments and eliminates the need to have people sign those waivers that are rarely worth more than the paper they are printed upon.

As for the comments that Rusco runs the best tournaments... well, that is almost totally subjective and difficult if not impossible to prove. It is merely the opinion of one person (certainly others hold this opinion but only one is shouting it from the rooftops at the moment and the reasons for this are likely not totally altruistic). And the comment about playing several tourneys with only one PDGA event pretty much tells the tail tale.
1. I didnt think this was a CLUB run event.... so why do we need the clubs INSURANCE a release form will serve its PURPOSE just fine

2.this is the most Disc Golf I've ever got to play in 10 years... I am a FULL TIME single parent & the ONLY help I get with my daughter is from my FAMILY her mom is not in the picture so I rarely can play in a 2 day tournament due to my fatherly duties so I dont get to play in many tournaments

3.@ Jack that would be like me saying I taught Avery Jenkins how to PLAY DISC GOLF... sure u can say u guys showed him the ropes but to TAKE CREDIT for HOW he has HONED HIS SKILLS is ABSURD & RIDICULOUS... get off ur SOAPBOX Jack

@ Jack that was just my 1st PDGA event... I have played in several tournaments & I was just stating how that was the BEST RUN event I have ever played in PERIOD...

YES all of you who run events should be required to go to a Rusco run event & LEARN how its DONE RIGHT from the BEST... I bet if it was someone with Ruscos reputation trying to run this event it would have been met with NO RESISTANCE

as far as the Insurance goes why aren't we just SIGNING a release form releasing the City of Lees Summit from ANY & ALL LIABILITY like I have done at a few tournaments... I did this at MELVERN MAYHEM & didnt see anything wrong with it...

Caleb, please do us a favor and tone it down a LITTLE. Have you ever run a tourney? Have you run into the obstacle Billy is seeing? I didn't think so. Please.
What the bottom of a BOTTLE... ::) :o

That'll be 27.50$ please ;D

LOOK someone is taking over for PALMER I mean BAGGER ;D.... Steeler Doug's new name is D.BAGGER ;D... I can think of several things the D could stand for NONE of which are appropriate for here ;D ;D ;D

sorry Doug just couldnt resist  ;D

I know Greenwood said that the LSDiscs thread was the best on the forum, but this is downright hilarious. 

Yes it is going to happen,I am working on a list .Seems like it will be a good turnout.We are waiting to see if the club insurance will cover us at Legacy,If not Blue Springs it is .We have some nice Donations for Ctps and maybe a raffle.Nice trophies with a cool spin to them!!Dont wait to signup Send me a text with both names and a team name and I will get you on the list.This is gonna be fun times!!!!!
if you pull this outta Legacy n go to Blue Springs I KNOW you will lose what SUPPORT you had at P. Hill & at that point GOOD LUCK

Y is that were team DICKBEARD BELONGS???

I will play you on your home course anyday Caleb and mop the floor with you :o  That would be Team Dickbeard :1  Team sh1t-Tooth: 0
Any day DUMBASS... I wasnt even talking about the real DICKBEARD which is YOU... it was a CRACK on Erics team ALIAS so bring it PUSSY

Texas Toast your kidding right... Legacy's in wait Legacy's out wait Legacy's in Legacy's out ::) ::) ::)..... lets make this REAL SIMPLE... YOUR FIRED

Hell at least when the CLUB runs an EVENT all that might happen is it gets CANCELED this is the biggest CROCK O SHIOT. ::) ::) ::).. get your shiot together or DONT PUT on an EVENT PERIOD!!!

Then 666 should be done on a Sunday at P. Hill WHERE we will actually be PLAYING that FORMAT because its not being played at Legacy during the Mo state dubs just best shot n total score are being done at Legacy  ::)

sounds like DU could be a SLIP N SLIDE with HAZARDS

For you guys that dont like DU you can always come out to P. Hill Saturday night for BYOP GLOW DUBS its 30$ for a team someone mentioned bringing FREE BEER... only 1 DU style hole on the WHOLE COURSE...

COME ON OUT & have a chance at LEAVING with money in your POCKET

I know another shameless plug but hey I LOVE GLOW

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