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Water Works / Workday May 11 2019
« on: May 06, 2019, 05:04:38 PM »
9-1, we need help getting ready for the new baskets, and putting in the old tee signs from Swope.  Bring shovels, and a can do attitude.

Blue Valley / New Baskets--Inner Course soon to be approved
« on: March 21, 2019, 03:50:45 PM »
We are working on replacing the baskets that are missing and also putting in all the baskets (Blue) that will allow the "modified 18" or the Inner Course to be played at all times.  Our hope is to have it all in place within the next couple of weeks.

Essentially this means as follows
3-plays to short basket straight up left side--walk to Alt/short pad for #4
4-Play short pad to basket
9-play to short basket across the ravine--walk to short pad to the north in the trees
10-play to #9 pin original
11-short pad on #10 to #10 basket
12--play to Short basket--walk to the SW to the "short pad"
13-play through the trees to #11 original basket
14-play to alternate basket, directly across the fairway on #13 (NE directional)--goto short pad behind trees to the SE from the pin
15-play to #13 pin
16-play original 14
17-play original 15
18-play original 16

Cliff Drive / Workday Saturday Nov 3 2019
« on: October 30, 2018, 10:16:36 AM »
Pick up trash
Move pins
remove things
pick up more trash
look at new holes and clear out areas.

All help would be welcomed

Water Works / Prepare for raod troubles this fall
« on: May 24, 2018, 09:24:20 AM »
Hi Jack, just got told North Oak will be having some major construction to begin this Fall sometime, but it will affect the entrance to Water Works Park.  They are supposed to put up signs to say how to get to park along the backside through that neighborhood, but just wanted to let you know.  Didn’t know if you had any planned disc golf events up there??  I know nothing other than Fall, no official date. 

General Banter / Water Works Baskets for SALE
« on: May 11, 2018, 01:37:27 PM »
More rule clarification notated at the bottom.  Please read.

We need your help.  And you want to help, and we know you want to take a piece of this history home with you.

We have been given permission to get new baskets for the Water Works Disc Golf course.  We have also been given the permission to sell the existing baskets in order to defray the cost to the city.  We are in the process of ordering 18 new Mach X’s for the course and we hope to have them in very soon.  With that in mind we are proud to offer a silent auction for each of the 1-18 baskets.  The minimum bid will be $250/ea to start.  That will get you the basket out of the ground….  Keep in mind that these baskets are the older model that is connected at the base(ground) not like those at many of our courses that have the “Cashen Sleeve”.  We are working on having modifications done to the baskets as well as giving you a metal “base” for easier use at home, but that will change the pricing to $315 to start.  Once someone indicates that they are wanting the “home Mod” done, the price will jump automatically to $315 and the bid goes on.

Bids will be required in $5 increments.   

Bids will be capped at $1000/ea.  If you reach that mark, it is yours.  All proceeds that go above the amount needed will be reinvested within the disc golf community and the KCFDC.

1-$315--Scott Reek--$350 Fred Smith
2-$250--Bowen Seiter--$350 Fred Smith
3-$315--Mark Stiles--$350 Fred Smith
4-$250--Matt Dixon--$260 Francisco Garcia--$315(modify) Jeff Ozorkiewicz
5-$250--Matt Dixon--$320 Jack Lowe
6-$250--Matt Dixon--$275 Mike Thomas
7-$315--Kevin Corbett
8-$315--Some Flocking Bird
9-$260--Francisco Garcia --$275 Mike Thomas--$280 Francisco Garcia
10-$250--Matt Dixon--$275 Mike Thomas
11-$250--Matt Dixon--$275 Mike Thomas
12-$250--Matt Dixon--$320--Walker
13-$315--The Mighty Michael Krueger
14-$315--Jack--$320 Peter Engleman
15-$250--Matt Dixon
16-$250--Matt Dixon--Rob Martin $320
17-$250--Matt Dixon--$325--Sally Rowden
18-$250--John Theiss--$300 Joe Douglass--John Theiss $305

We will be continuing the bid process until the baskets are ordered from the city to replace.  This should be done this week.  Once the order has been placed and we are notified, there will be a 48 hour window put out for the "close" of the auction.  At that time all last minute bids will then go into a 24 hour window.  In other words, if you try to bid at the 11:55 PM mark because the bid ends at midnight, the clock "restarts" until 11:55 the next night.  This is to prevent someone from coming in and trying to snipe the basket.  I hope you can understand, but we all have to be fair with those that want the baskets, as well as ensuring that everyone has a fair shake.  These are the rules.  Once a date is determined I will post in all the appropriate places, FB and KCFDC forum.

Cliff Drive / To Do list for the Wide Open
« on: May 07, 2018, 09:16:55 AM »
Here will be the layout and the needed work that I see at Cliff.

1-Original--Mow the "green" Mow the hill before the rocks, ensure trash is gone, Clear Honeysuckle off the hill some more, clear out in front of the pad

2-Long--Mow, weed eat, spray, honeysuckle, look at "stairs" better egress from the pad.

3-Original, clear off hillside, clean up "cliff areas" all over the place, new stairs, rocks needed to get up to the "green", all behind basket needs whacked, and then sprayed as well.

4-LONG--Mow, remove logs (cut on north fairway part)

5-Long--Clean hillside, remove downed tree, clean out green area remove some honeysuckle

6-Tunnel-Mow, remove downed trees, get the trail fixed from P&R, on the "tunnel" area clear out some of the honeysuckle, but not much.

7-Long--Clean Green area more, Spray, remove some honeysuckle

Path to #8-Clean all the way to the rocks, and the extend this cleaning/clearing all the way up to #8 hangar basket

8-Long, clear out more behind the pin here, create a "true" 25'-35' green on the hole, may need to carve in prior to the basket, and also on the east side of the fairway, MOW and get that growth that has started DOWN.

9-only--just remain tidy go long or not....Clear out the Long pin and explore, will need a spotter all rounds on this hole if long.....--Went to the Middle placement....

11--Long Clear out the fence line on the reservoir

12--Uncertain at this time--Not in Play for the Wide Open

13-Long, need new LONG pad installed--Being done by PnR this week.

14--Will play to #15 LONG

16--Long by fountain

17-Island, need to clean up the road and paint ob on the Island

18--To long practice basket--Blue

Will be working out there as frequently as I can.  If you can help, I only ask you let me know.



New holes....#1 and #2 need trash removal and clean up.  Can use as much help as you can give.  Need to get rid of the "vines" on #2, and then do some tree trimming on branches on #1.  Need to pull some of the railroad ties for a bridge on the #1, probably need 6 Railroad ties if you can help please let me know.

Summer Leagues / NE League Move to TUESDAY's in 2018
« on: April 02, 2018, 09:54:29 AM »
We will start (hopefully) on April 10th.  With the snow and weather right now, I am not starting league like this.  The plan is to play Blue Valley once a month during league rotation.

This league will be PDGA sanctioned through parts and subject to change on other weeks. During the PDGA portion (Beginning in May) to participate in the league you do not need to be a PDGA member.

$4.00 Buy-In ($5 Non-KCFDC member)
$1.00 KCFDC fee
$1.00 PDGA fee
$1.00 Ace Fund (optional)

During April Signups and rolling starts begin at approx 5:15, after May 1 signups begin ~5:30 with teeing off at 6:00 PM
Ace pot starts at $798.

Will examine other options, such as doubles, triples, alternate shot doubles (random), worst shot doubles, etc.... during NON-PDGA portion of the league.  The first league will be standard singles divisional based, Pro's play for Cash, Am's play for KCKash.

Questions?  HMU.

Cliff Drive / NE LEAGUE 2018
« on: April 02, 2018, 09:08:00 AM »
Due to Snow and weather not befitting a league, I am NOT starting league on the 3rd of April this year as intended.  I will be looking to start it on the 10th of April though and the Ace Fund will be over $800 to start.

Cliff Drive / NE League moves to Tuesday's--2018
« on: March 13, 2018, 09:10:27 AM »
With the loss of Swope, I have moved the Cliff Drive League to Tuesday's.  I will be starting the league on April 3rd, and we will play Blue Valley once a month as well, probably going to move that to the "Last Tuesday" of the month this year.

It will be a PDGA league in most instances which means that the pay will be as follows:
League=$5 (Required)
Ace Fund=$1
PDGA Fees=$1 (Required)

KCFDC Club Member receives $1/discount

We will be looking to be out on the course by 5:30 in April and then move to the 6:00 in May.

Please bring exact CASH, I mean quarters are cash, but help a brother out!

Ace fund starts at $798

Leagues / Cliff Drive Moves to TUESDAY's--2018
« on: March 13, 2018, 09:09:37 AM »
With the loss of Swope, I have moved the Cliff Drive League to Tuesday's.  I will be starting the league on April 3rd, and we will play Blue Valley once a month as well, probably going to move that to the "Last Tuesday" of the month this year.

It will be a PDGA league in most instances which means that the pay will be as follows:
League=$5 (Required)
Ace Fund=$1
PDGA Fees=$1 (Required)

KCFDC Club Member receives $1/discount

We will be looking to be out on the course by 5:30 in April and then move to the 6:00 in May.

Please bring exact CASH, I mean quarters are cash, but help a brother out!

Ace fund starts at $798

Swope / Missing Tee Sign
« on: February 12, 2018, 01:45:14 PM »
A police report has been made, however if you have the tee sign and return it nothing will transpire.

If it is found through other measure we will prosecute as hard as we can.

Water Works / Dogs must be on a leash....
« on: December 04, 2017, 12:42:13 PM »

Specifically, Kansas City Ordinance section 14-33, also known as the leash law, prohibits dogs from roaming free in public areas. Dogs can, of course, roam free on its owner's property, but only if confined by a leash, fence, or electronic collar of some sort.

WE need to get in front of this.  There have been a few complaints about disc golfers and their dogs.  If you bring your dog to the course, you need it on a leash. (PERIOD)

I know we all have our great dogs that follow commands, and are well behaved, but we are at risk of losing courses by dogs...(and yes I completely get the notice with Swope as well).

So please keep your dog leashed at the courses, none of the courses are off leash areas.

Those dogs that are well behaved keep the leash on it, and close to your side so your dog doesn't go into any stray areas, as that is the problem, getting into people's yard.  We don't need this.

Please share.

I wanted to get out that we will be hosting the 2018 Wide Open on June 8-10.

As of right now the plan will be to use the following courses, but will be subject to change--Blue Valley(uncertain if it will be normal, or modified), Cliff Drive--Will probably use a newer configuration than what is there now, based on conversations with the PnR about changes and additions I want to see.  WaterWorks--depends on proposed path changes....and there will be a special course TBD.  At this point I am uncertain if it will be a "replacement" Swope, if it will be something that I need work with PnR with another piece of their land, or if it is just going to be so special that we will have to have a local event to map out what gets used.  Basically will be a 4 round event

The A/Tier will be Pro/AM, there will not be a performance flight this year at the Wide Open.  The Players Pack will be determined over the next couple of months as to whether I am going to do a trophy only or not will depend on what comes up to value and make that determination.  Pricepoint will probably be in the $75/range for Am's and $125 for Pro, possible $150 for Open.  I am hopeful to have a B/C Tieron Sat/Sun for Int/Rec divisions, and it will be Trophy only, probably $50 entry (ADD pdga FEES if not current), and more than likely will be 3 rounds for that.  If things progress to where I want them to go, there may be an additional $20/person fee that will accompany the event, but that will be dependent upon course replacement.

What I am hopeful for is the following-
36 to 54--Tee sign sponsors--$100 each ($250 for player sponsored free entry)
Players--I want us to be back over 350 in 2018
Support staff--Ideally we have 4 people per course as our "leadership" squad, and then have at least 4-7 support staff/spotters etc....
Support leading up to the event on the courses--workdays will be announced in advance, and notify me of scenarios on courses that need to take place and be rectified
A good time for all of us to enjoy some great disc golf, rather playing, spectating, or supporting.

There are so many things I am leaving off, but I wanted to start to get the nuts and bolts about the event out as quickly as I could once the date was announced

Cliff Drive / Workday in November or December
« on: October 04, 2017, 03:45:56 PM »
Please vote, and let us know.  They will be bringing out their equipment and this time of year is great to remove items (primarily honeysuckle) and get us moving into the next phase of the course.  This will enable a much larger portion in the woods, and will make the course either a reconfigured 18 hole design, or possibly move to a 24 hole design until we have more programming in the park.

If you have any questions, please let me know.



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