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Legacy Park - Lee's Summit / Legacy Saturday League
« on: September 18, 2013, 12:21:26 PM »
Starting this Saturday (11/21) we will have random draw doubles league starting at 2:15. It will be a Casual $5 League until the end of September (when Kelly's league ends).  After September could be a KCFDC League with the Ace fund depending on the turnout. There will be also be BYOP Mixed Doubles when 2 or more teams show... this format requires that you use 6 drives of each player. When there's not enough teams for Mixed Doubles the BYOP Mixed Teams can play as a team (or split up) in the random draw doubles.  Random draw doubles rules:
Playing Best Disc.
Women get 2 strokes.
Cali cannot buy in to play as a doubles team.
If you're late and cards have been drawn, we will do a redraw if possible, otherwise you won't be able to play League.
Any questions about League, give me a call at 816-210-1063.


This week we're doing random draw doubles...this is your chance to take a big bite out of the Youngle without getting bit back! 

Standard KCCFDC $5 buy-in, women get 2 strokes, and Cali cannot buy in twice.

Sign-up by 5:45 and draw cards at 5:45.  If you're running late give me a call at 816-210-1063 (before 5:45).

Gonna be a lot of fun!

Dan (filling in for Pate)

Legacy Park - Lee's Summit / Winter Saturday League
« on: September 25, 2012, 03:46:06 PM »
Saturday League at 1pm starting 9/29...

Two divisions are availabe, both playing best disc doubles.
  • BYOP Mixed division (entry fee $5 ($1 to KCFDC, $1 to Ace Fund, with $3 payout).  Minimum of 2 teams to open division.  Must use a minimum of 6 drives by each player.
  • Random draw division (entry fee $6 ($1 to KCFDC with $5 payout), Ace Fund is additional $1).  Women get -2 strokes.

If you have any questions about League give me a call at 816-210-1063...

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