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Leagues / League Director Spreadsheet
« on: April 16, 2014, 01:57:33 PM »
Attention to all league directors. Send your email address to my inbox @
Once you've done this I will share the spreadsheet with you all so it will be available for you to update and check on.

Cliff Drive / Cliff Drive League Night April 14
« on: April 13, 2014, 01:00:49 PM »
League will kick off tomorrow at 530. I'm pretty sure Scott has it set fairly long for the City of Fountains the 19th, so we will need ample time to finish our round with daylight. I'm hoping to build off our solid turnout we had at Blue Valley last Monday night. I'll be there by 5 tomorrow. If any one will be cutting it close shoot me a text or give me a call so i can get you signed up and on a card. 913-526-2974 Thanks for reading.

Rosedale / 2014 Rosedale League
« on: April 01, 2014, 11:53:26 AM »
Rosedale League starts tomorrow April 2, 2014. Scott would like to have everyone signed up by 5 if possible. The round should commence about 5:15. This time is temporary due to limited daylight, it will get pushed back as the year goes on. Thanks for reading, hope to see y'all out there!

Summer Leagues / 2014 Rosedale League
« on: April 01, 2014, 11:52:54 AM »
Rosedale League starts tomorrow April 2, 2014. Scott would like to have everyone signed up by 5 if possible. The round should commence about 5:15. This time is temporary due to limited daylight, it will get pushed back as the year goes on. Thanks for reading, hope to see y'all out there!

Cliff Drive / 2014 Cliff Drive League Scores
« on: April 01, 2014, 11:13:15 AM »
Monday, March 31, 2014

1. Kevin Corbitt - 61 - $8
1. Caleb Walker - 61 - $7
3. Jamie "Danger Bird" Berry - 63
4. Bill Shinoski - 64
5. "Steeler" Doug Kroll - 66

5 total players
$5 towards ace fund
$5 towards kcfdc
Paid 2 players a $15 split for first

Summer Leagues / 2014 Leagues
« on: March 31, 2014, 03:45:23 PM »
Leagues will begin this week. Tonight March 31st @ Cliff Drive (If I can get Jon to close the shop for me I'll be there by 5:15ish, if not I'd appreciate someone to take the money and I'll be there by 7) You can call my cell 913-526-2974 with any questions. Tuesday April 1st @ Swope. League directors may want to begin early the first couple of weeks (this is at their discretion). Cliff Drive league will be at Blue Valley on April 7th @ 5:45. I will work on league comment cards (they should be available mid-way through April). These cards will allow you as club members to voice opinions which i will take to the board meetings. If anyone has any questions feel free to inbox me. Thanks for reading and may the discs fly in your favor.

Matt "Swade" Eklund
2014 KCFDC League Director

Winter Leagues / Friday Glow League Rosedale
« on: April 02, 2013, 11:08:05 AM »
The weather is getting warmer, and glow at Rosedale will be in full effect this year. We won't grill out for another two weeks or so, but we will be kicking off the day glow at 7:15 this friday 4-5-13. After a few weeks once we start grilling out the start will be pushed back to 8 o'clock for those fly o'l rosie regular glow parties that i know i came to love last year. Our first official was totaled at 43 people last summer. We are starting earlier this year hoping to generate more buzz for a bigger payout. So if you enjoy the zen golf or just having a good time with friends then consider making it down to the dale of roses sometime.

All for now i'll keep ya updated.


Tournaments / Down Under 1 Rounder
« on: November 23, 2012, 09:44:59 PM »
Don't Miss an opportunity to come out this Sunday November 25 and play Down Under's 1 Rounder event. It should be fairly nice so don't miss this last glimpse at nice weather with good peeps before it gets to cold. 8am-3pm flex start, as many rounds as you can do at $10 bucks a piece. Keep your best score. Play with your friends and create your own card. $2 Dollar ace fund per round, If no one aces, it rolls over to next months ace pool.

Thanks for reading,

Tournaments / Fall Back Fling
« on: October 31, 2012, 03:54:41 PM »
Come out November 3 10am-5pm and check out English Landing at Parkville. We are going to set up 9 temp baskets along with the already permanent 9. It's not sanctioned and not a tournament. This is a public picnic and a fun time for all. We will have mexican food catered out around 12 for everyone to enjoy. We are just asking a $5 dollar donation from each person to go towards baskets for this beautiful park, and or other park needs such as down under work. This is a community thing being done by people who want to see Parkville grow and become part of an already great disc golf community her in KC. Bring your friends and family and play a casual round or two, or just eat and enjoy the scenic view of the Mighty Mo.

Directions: 635 N to 9 N Parkville Exit
Take 9 N to South Main st in downtown PVille, turn left across train tracks to parking lots for park

No Trash Cans on Holes at this time so lets just try to keep her clean guys and gals. Shelters are also available there to hang out along with play grounds for children.

Thanks for reading and look forward to seeing you,
Matt (Swade).


1-Frank Weaver - 45 - $15
2-Matt Eklund - 48 - $5
3-Seth Wolzen - 49
3-Greg Lewis - 49
3-Brandon Deerr - 49


1-Mike Fenton - 45 - $18
2-Mitch Rand - 47 - $11
2-Andre Labruyere - 47 - $11
3-JD - 48 - $6
4-Ed Holbrook - 49 - $2
4-Jason Pennington - 49 - $2
4-Richard Latimer - 49 - $2
5-Pat McCavana -  52
5-Parker Gross - 52
5-Jack Golden - 52
5-Corey Sawyer - 52
6-Bud Deerr - 53
6-David Steeby - 53

I will not be in town this upcoming Friday August 10th, however Scott is going to take the reins this week so the show can go on. I appreciate all for coming out and supporting this regular event and spreading the word. Looks like we are a regular 18-30 depending on the weather so once we cool down we should see some more heads out. Thanks again and may the discs fly true.


Tournaments / DDKC's 2nd 1 Rounder! Water Works Park, August 5th.
« on: July 30, 2012, 10:46:14 AM »
Heads up. This coming Sunday August 5th, DDKC will host our 2nd 1 Rounder at Water Works Park. Due to Heat and the demand to play earlier the time this go round will be 9am-6pm. You have this window to throw your round(s). Singles by payout in Rec., Int., Adv., Masters., Open. Doubles Payout, Am, Mixed, or Open. This time we will start a rolling ace fund at $2 dollars a head. If nobody hits the jackpot then it will roll on over to next months 1 Round show down. We have added a little madness this time as well. Bring your poker chips and get back in after shooting that unsatisfying distasteful 4 down. Go for 9! That's right, you can buy back in, keeping only your best score. Number of rounds? As many as you can handle! Come enjoy this day with all your fellow disc junkies and spread some love to the most beautiful park in town.

PS, I promise to be more organized this week.
Sincerely, Matt E (Swade)

General Banter / Friday Night Glow League Rosedale!
« on: July 13, 2012, 02:12:30 PM »
Come out and Beat the Heat on Friday nights at Rosie. Random draw doubles, payout by division. Format is 5 bucks a person 1 dollar extra for the ace fund since its not a club league. 4 dollars towards payout and 1 dollar towards course improvement. Handicaps are given for pairs of 2 pros, 2 ams, or 2 women. Pros are stroked and ams and women recieve strokes. Pro Am pairs play straight up. Pros compete against each others scores as do Ams. Pro payout is cash and Am payout is DDKC Cash. Come hang out and have a good time with people you know and love. New comers encouraged and regulars always appreciated. Hoping to have a great impact on the local disc golf scene with this league and encourage glow city wide. This week 7-13 we will be teeing off by 8:55-9. Starting next week we will be teeing off by 8:30 since we have a time limit due to park closure. If you have any questions feel free to contact me. I'm best reached by phone either at DDKC or on my personal cell. Lights will be available for purchase prior to league start courtesy of DDKC.
DDKC 913-738-6908
Cell 913-526-2974

Thanks, Swade.

Tournaments / Rosedale One Rounder. July 21st Flex Start
« on: July 13, 2012, 12:52:08 PM »
 8) DDKC will be hosting a one rounder flex start tourney from 10-6 on Saturday July 21st. $10 a person sign up by division at the benches near hole 1. There's an optional doubles one rounder taking place as well, so bring a partner and play together before or after you play each other. Contact Scott or myself for more information or any questions you might have. Dynamic Discs KC 913-738-6908 mon-sat 10-6, sun 12-4

Thanks, Swade

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