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General Banter / old rockhill golf course
« on: March 21, 2014, 08:08:28 pm »
Theres an old ball golf course off of blue ridge and maywood ( south of 23rd street and maywood ) in independence mo.   Looks to be a great place to put a disc golf course at least in my opinion. Has anyone checked into this?  They shut down the golf course about two years ago. I dont know if they sold it to someone or if theres plans for the area. But i would like to see a new course there. Anybody know anything about this piece of land? 

Found and Lost / found 2 discs at wyco
« on: December 11, 2013, 04:43:03 pm »
I found 2 discs on fairway 16 at Wyco yesterday with no name or phone number.  If you lost them give me a text or call at 913 244 9189.  You tell me the names of the discs and there color i will make sure you get them back.  I want to make sure they go to the real owner. And now for the grand prize bonus question if you can tell me what type of beer you were drinking? Well really there's not a bonus prize. Sorry

Baldwin City Lake / New baldwin disc golf course
« on: November 13, 2013, 08:17:44 pm »
There's a new course in baldwin kansas. 18 hole course located at spring lake. Baskets are installed now. Tees to be put in next year sometime. Check it out!

Just heard a new course is going to be put in a spring lake south of baldwin kansas.  Theres to be 18 holes with 3 or 4 holes with water hazards. Possibly a basket inside one of the shelters that are at the lake already. Course will be on the east side of the lake on the grassy hill.  Looks to have holes with the distance of 300 feet for most of the holes.  Talked to the baldwin  city recs department and they want to make it a community project. There looking for volunteers to help to put in the pipes and baskets and clean up of the course such as tree trimming and brush removal. Dont know off hand what there number is but you could look it up and give them a call. Maybe they will move faster on the project if people start calling them up and asking about it.  Concrete tees to go in next year possibly.  They have a festival down here called the mapleleaf festival in october every year. Maybe we could start a mapleleaf disc golf tournament in a few years to coinside with the festival. Well that's just a thought.

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