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General Banter / Disc Dog competition April 17
« on: April 07, 2010, 04:25:25 PM »
Hey guys,

Some of you may have noticed my absence from any disc golf lately - of course most of you probably haven't  :D - However, that is due to a rotator cuff injury.... bummer -  So I am not allowed to bomb those mighty 240 foot drives like I used to  ;D

But, am still doing lots of stuff with my dog and our club - the Kansas City Disc Dogs. We are putting on a Skyhoundz tournament on Sat April 17 at Happy Rock Park in Gladstone. Registration is at 9am and competition starts at 10. There will be a Skyhoundz Distance and accuracy competition with both novice and pro divisions (you have a minute to throw to your dog, get more points for longer throws etc) - then there will be a long distance competition after that - mens and womens division.

So, just in case any of you golfers are interested in throwing to your dog - come on out.

And if I would stop throwing to the dog long enough for this P. therapy to work maybe I can get back out to a DG event soon!!


General Banter / Jeff Scheetz band Christmas Concert Videos
« on: January 08, 2010, 07:35:52 PM »
Hey Guys,

If you didn't make it to the Christmas Concert here are a couple of videos from the show to share.

First one is with Danielle doing a killer job on vocals

Second one is with Janet from Shooting Star on violin.

Merry Christmas  :D


General Banter / Jeff Scheetz band Christmas Concert
« on: December 02, 2009, 01:42:51 PM »
Hey all - thought I would let my DG buddies know about our Christmas show coming up - you can go to this link for all the info, but all the money we raise goes to local animal shelters, and it is usually a pretty fun show - this year it's at the Uptown. Dennis Laffoon from Shooting Star plays the show with us and we will have some other cool guests. Hope to see some of you there -  Thanks!

General Banter / Windy?
« on: November 05, 2009, 02:46:50 PM »
So here is a question that will be completely subjective I suppose - but..... If I am taking a new player out to play and it is extremely windy, what course would you go to? Besides DU since this person hasn't thrown before. Any course more protected than the others?

They all seem windy when I am there  ::) 

Thanks for the advice -


General Banter / Disc dog state championships
« on: October 27, 2009, 09:13:18 AM »
Hey Guys,

Well, I haven't gotten to do as much DG lately due to doing DD (Disc Doggin) events. Have gotten to do demos at the Royals game, and missed the Olathe Open due to a dog event. But this past weekend was the Show Me State Disc Dog Championships held at Purina farms near St Louis. There were 61 teams there from 7 states! LOTS of competition. There were 4 seperate events and then the overall. Towser did good in the overall in the Pro division, but really good in his best event which is Toss and Catch. (also called distance and accuracy - it is a timed event where you have to throw downfield into points zones and the dog catches it and comes back - it's pretty fast paced). Anyway he won the Toss and Catch and brought the T&C Mo State championship title to KC!

One of the other Disc doggers from here plays some golf as well, so in the future we may have to do an event with the KCFDC and the Kansas City Disc Dogs - make it a plastic flying, slobbering (the dogs, not the golfers.....well OK, maybe some) fun day..... anyway, just wanted to update you from the DD world.


General Banter / Disc Doggin
« on: September 10, 2009, 11:16:10 AM »
For anyone who is interested in frisbee dog stuff - we are having a competition this Sat - details below

To: Everyone
From: Kansas City Disc Dogs
Subject: 4th Annual Grain Valley Disc Dog Catch
Date: Saturday, September 12, 2009
Location: Armstrong Park,
              713 S Main St
              Grain Valley, MO 64029(Next to fair grounds)
Time: 10:00 Registration
         10:30 First Toss

Everyone is invited to the 4th Annual Grain Valley Disc Dog Catch.  This is the Kansas City Disc Dog's biggest event of the year and if you have not been, it is a fun day of Disc Dog action! 
We will be competing in the outfield of field #1 at Armstrong Park in Grain Valley, it's right next to the fair, Grain Valley Fair Dayze.  Attached is the flier promoting the event, feel free to print it and share it.  This year for the three events (Toss n Fetch, Time Trial and Hula Hoop) there will be 2 divisions (Advanced and Novice.)  We have medals for 1st-3rd in each division for each event as well as trophies for the overall advanced winners.  If you are not sure which division to enter someone will help you during registration. 
Kids Toss will be first, it's free to enter and all of the entries will recieve a participation ribbon.  1st round of Toss-n-Fetch will be next, followed by 1st round of Time Trial.  We will have freestyle demos, and then the 2nd rounds of Toss-n-Fetch and Time Trial.  Throughout the day we will have the Hula Hoop event going, no running order, just go compete when you have time. 
Our registration begins at 10:00, but I reccomend getting there a bit early as the parade may be in the area then so you might have trouble with traffic and pedestrians.  The KCDD core group will be there setting up as early as 8:00.  Last year we were handing out awards and leaving by 3:30, only if you stayed to the end. 
Bring your chairs, blankets, crates for the dogs, whatever you need for a day of Disc Dogging fun. 

General Banter / My first year of DG
« on: August 09, 2009, 12:10:21 PM »
Random observations and thoughts on my first year of Disc Golf.

First off: What an amazing game, can't believe I wasn't more aware of it sooner. Took me to middle age to pick up my first golf disc.

Number one lie in DG? "It's cheap, just get an $8 disc and you are good to go". Well.... while that may technically be true......  If you are bitten by the bug and delve into it, throw in a nice bag (with Phenix quads of course because otherwise you just aren't cool) - maybe a special golf stool, and 40 or 50 discs (even though your bag only holds 18, you never know when you might decide to grab some of those off the shelf), a practice basket, and of course countless hours and gas. Man, that 8 bucks went by fast!! Still it is one of the cheapest things that I do while having the most fun!

I also learned that 90% of people have never heard of disc golf - and out of the few that have, many of them have a negative view on it. I can't tell you how many people's first comment have a reference to drugs when I tell them I took up disc golf. It really seems to be the first thing many people think of when DG gets brought up. Now, even though I don't do drugs or even drink for that matter, I am a musician by trade, so I am fairly used to being around people doing all kinds of things, so it really doesn't jump out at me as much as it apparently does some. For some people it does seem to be a factor in whether they want to play or not - which is really too bad because it is such a great game! I don't know if there is a way to change the public perception or not. Many posts I read about this have golfers saying "Screw 'em - if they don't like it they can do something else". This would appear to me to not really be the best way to make inroads to community and business that can help the DG stand in the world of sports. So perhaps as DG gains a wider appeal then it will be more accepted for it's game, and not judged solely on it's dubious reputation. I have met so many disc golfers who work hard to take care of the courses and the parks they are in, and pick up trash and are SOOOO good for the parks in general, that it is too bad that some of the nay-Sayers can't see this and take a look at all the good DG can do for a place.

I have learned that it is HAAAARD work trying to start DG as an old guy! These young guys just whip their arms and the disc flies 400 feet. However, I figured the best way to get decent fairly quickly, at least enough to play and not be completely embarrassed, was to study technique first and then worry about the rest. Just like I tell guitar students. Get the fundamentals down and THEN practice it all. Not that my technique is great by any stretch, but just the basics of the throw and learning about different disc flight paths - that stuff is all available on the net, and yet it amazes me how many players don't really have a handle on that stuff. You can pretty much learn to do anything in the world these days with Google and YouTube! For people starting out, I would say try to learn the right way instead of just going out and chucking the disc - it will open things up for you later if you develop good technique and knowledge in the beginning. I also started right off playing with good players - my buddy Matt who got me into this would beat me like an old rug every time we played, but I still learned so much from watching him and other good players play it made it easier than trying to figure it all out on my own.

Speaking of throwing far. I have learned that the sport is ran/influenced by and or directed towards the big arms. I mean, how many times can you remember new pin placements being put in that are SHORTER and easier to hit?? Not many. It is usually "Let's move number 5 out there over the highway, past the Johnson's barn over the hill through the hayfield down by the creek"... "Yeah, that's a good placement". A lot of times I hear players say "We need to bring new people into the sport". Now maybe they have other statistics then I do. Admittedly mine are "unofficial" but I started asking casual players, new players, and guys who had not been playing for real long their opinions. And almost to a person - they all said the same thing. "I hate it when the holes are so long". As a matter of fact I have had several people tell me that that is why they don't play much - just too long. So I think as the sport develops and new courses are put in, hopefully the "big guns" would remember the little guys and keep some courses and holes a bit shorter. I think one of the problems with DG sometimes is the tendency to try to make every course the same with the same types of holes. I hope to see more thinking outside the box when it comes to course design in the future. Unlike stick golf, DG really has an opportunity to design courses where accuracy and clever controlled shots can be just as important as the big bomb thinking. Just food for thought from a new guy's perspective. Of course if more people start playing then the courses will be more crowded...... We used to always try to "get more people involved" in fly-fishing -  now you have to practically stand in someone else's waders to get a spot on a Missouri stream. So maybe we should just keep this all to ourselves.  ;)

When I first started I had really expected it to be more crazy accurate technical courses. Like back on the farm as a youth playing obstacle golf - you know "First you hit that tree, then you have to skip it under the old pickup, then throw it through the tire swing and into the hay mow door etc etc". Not that you have to set it all up like a miniature golf course - but I was expecting there to be a lot more obstacles and more technical pinpoint shots. The first time I played Down under I really dug it, and I am surprised that there are not more courses like that, or really courses with man made objects to go around and over and through.

Which leads right into - we all KNOW that putting is the deal. We've all been told "Drive for show, putt for dough".  But man, when I have an hour to go throw.... I can't resist going out and trying to drive as far as I can!! hehehehehe - see, the big gun thinking gets it's hooks into us all and we become captured by it. Even if my "biggest gun" drives are a meager 300 feet - it doesn't discourage me from continuing to at least TRY to throw it like a man! Like guitar players want to play the fastest, b-ballers all want to dunk, disc golfers all want to send that disc down the field!

I've noticed disc golfers kind of fall into one of two categories. The lone wolf, or the social butterfly. Most can have elements of both from time to time, but the lone wolf can be seen out on the course playing by himself, or maybe occasionally with one buddy. Lone wolfers best days to play are slightly overcast, mid January, 41 degrees. For these guys my best advice is don't try to play at Water Works on the first 70 degree Saturday of the spring. Because that is when and where the social golfers come out in droves. The social golfer is usually easy to spot as he travels in a group, usually with a disc in one hand and an adult beverage in the other. The group is usually toting at LEAST two coolers with them and appear to be not keeping very accurate scores. That is the cool element of DG - there is something there for everyone!

Another observation. Kansas City is a GREAT DG town! Lots of cool courses and of course it is a real benefit to have a store like Disc Golf World right here. I mean, if you lived somewhere where there wasn't a store you would have to order everything online and could never get discs in your hands before you had to fork over the cash. It is so nice to walk in and not only find the exact brand, model, weight and color of the disc you want to buy, but to have 4 of them to choose from! Because like guitar players having a guitar that "feels" right - as goofy as it sounds to people who don't play - sometimes a disc just "feels" right. Whether that is real or imagined it doesn't matter - because it IS real to you! Being able to just pick up a bunch of different discs is sooooo helpful, and all the guys there are really good about helping you find what your game needs. Also, the community of disc golfers here is really strong. Lots of people helping out and being involved keeps the whole thing moving. Everyone is so willing to help other players out and play a round with you even if you are not at their level - a real nice camaraderie.

I played my first tournament after I had only been playing a month. I have played several since, and learned all about the fun of competition and the fine art of the sandbagger. Of course when I won the rec division in the capital city classic I was called a sandbagger! How much sandbagging can you really do in only 9 months of playing??? hehehehehehe - But.... the only way to not be accused of baggin is to play open - can't accuse those guys because they have no where to move up to! I would say that if you are playing in a division that you could move up from, but you choose not to, and you look back and have won or been in the top 2 or 3 for the last 10 events.... you are a sandbagger. Don't take offense, it's just who you are. You probably can't help it. You were most likely the same guy who beat up the first graders when you were in 5th grade. It hasn't bothered you since then, and you've learned to live with yourself, so don't fret about it now. Bag on.  :D

Injuries are a bummer and a fact of life for playing disc golf. I pulled a muscle and had to not throw for three months - man, I don't know what was more painful, the throwing or the NOT being able to throw for that long!! It really is addictive.

It can be hard finding enough time to get out and play. When I am in the studio with a project, it tends to not let me get out and throw as much as I want. Plus, since I started playing a year ago I have also gotten an amazing disc dog so my life pretty much revolves around discs all of a sudden. But I am now spending more time disc doggin' than golfin'. However, he has already won more medals and plaques in a few months then I may EVER win in DG, so I gotta help the boy out!  ;D But I will still be out there when I can, hitting as many tourneys as possible, trying to develop my monster bombs... ahem.....  so I won't have to suffer from BGE (big gun envy) on the course.

Anyway, those are just some views from the newbie, jumping into the sport. Thanks to all who have been so helpful with advice and putting up with me on your card and just letting me tag along for the adventure!! I hope to meet many more of you. This forum is always good for info and help with stuff and events. Looking forward to year number 2!


General Banter / Jeff Scheetz band - Jimi Hendrix
« on: June 16, 2009, 09:48:06 PM »
Hey guys, I know you have the doubles tourney this Sat - we are playing that night so I'll be setting up - and I know you have an after party so don't want to interfere with that, but everyone always asks me when we are playing so.... We are doing kind of a different show this Sat night - at the Eclipse bar in Raytown - We are doing all of our original tunes the first set as usual, but then we are doing a second set of all Jimi Hendrix. We've never done this before - we usually just do all of our tunes, but thought for the fun of it.... we dig Jimi so thought we would do a whole set of his stuff - anyway - come out if you dig our stuff (or Jimi's) We will start around 10 and the Hendrix set will probably take place about 11:30 or so.

There is a poster of it at


General Banter / Disc Dog
« on: May 06, 2009, 01:57:25 PM »
Although my discin gives me nothing to brag about, fortunately my boy is much better! Towser is a little over a year old and has been chasing discs most of his life. He just won First place in the Skyhoundz local championships beating out a bunch of really good dogs, and it was his first real competition! Two weeks ago he got asked to do a demonstration at a vets grand opening - next weekend he is competing in CO, then the week after that he is the halftime entertainment at the K.C. Wizards game!! He's got more shows booked than I do!!!  :D So now that I have pulled something in my arm working with him so much (which will make me just about useless to my partner at this weekends FLHW tourney - sorry Matt) at least while I am just an old guy trying to learn how to play - he is a young prodigy with potential! hehehehehehe

Anyway, just thought I would see if there are any other disc doggers on here?

Here is a pic of him launching at the last competition - about to put the hurt on the disc!!


Pleasant Hill / Out of bounds?
« on: October 30, 2008, 11:06:23 PM »
Last time I played there with someone they said going across the road was OB - I think it was on 14 - but since the basket itself is now across the road.....?? How is out of bounds determined at PH? Is it now just "disc in the road" like some other courses or is there still an "across the road" OB?

Thanks -


General Banter / Diamond X in Montana
« on: October 05, 2008, 12:02:49 PM »
Hey Guys,
Just spent a couple of weeks in MT - mostly fly fishing, but did manage to go to the Diamond X course near Billings one morning. Don't know if any of you have been there but it was a fun time! All cliffs and mountain goat trails to get around on this course - lots of rocks and sage brush to gobble up discs as well. There were a couple of guys palying there that said rattlesnakes were "kind of a problem"!!! So you need to be careful when you stick your hand in that tall grass to get your disc back. The first 9 is on the bottom of the cliffs and then it splits into two different "back 9s"  - going in different directions on top. No disc or cooler carts on this one.  :D - Getting to some of the baskets almost called for a harness! But if you ever get up there you should check it out - just thought I'd share it -

Here is looking up from the 18th hole - you tee off from the top of that cliff - I think it's about 750 feet to the basket - but takes a long time to walk down the trails from the top to get there! Some of the other baskets are right on the edge up top and if you miss a putt your disc drops 300 feet.


Found and Lost / Lost pink Shark Olathe
« on: August 26, 2008, 08:51:17 PM »
Shark with wings flew to the top of some trees between 7 and 8 - couldn't get to it and couldn't wait for the wind to pick up and help ;D

Shout if you find it - name and number is on it -



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