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Cliff Drive / Re: Gunfire
« on: January 30, 2015, 01:17:47 pm »
"You can do as you see fit, but for me the knowledge that mountain bikers took the initiative to do what is right says more to me than the fact that gunfire happened again in the city......"

Agreed. My exact thoughts. Someone took the initiative.

And I get that one may think, well someone already called it in, is ok.  I am overly sensitive and I know this.  :-D  I am also very happy no one was hurt, the biggest issue in my mind.

Cliff Drive / Re: Gunfire
« on: January 30, 2015, 12:54:10 pm »
I do take it personally, but I get what you are saying.  It puts a bad perspective out there.  To me we all have expiration dates.  I made it through the incidents at OP (Held at gunpoint at the Bank in the mall Parking lot).....I still go to the mall, the girl at DG was killed by her psycho ex.  I know that some people's comfort zone won't allow them to get there, and I am ok with that.  I also don't really like it when people point out that they can be "counted on to not come back" based on an action that they heard.  But I do completely understand why they may feel that way, but was also trying to point out that this happens in every corner of america and the area now.

I guess what kinda irritates me is the notion that the "mountain bikers" called the cops.  So all the fuss about them "taking over our work" that happened, and then they are the ones now making the calls that we should be making.  So to me maybe we should just give them the land if they are going to be the ones doing the work as they have been over the last few years.

"the police are busy, but would try to get by", that is yet another reason to have a call made.  The more calls they get the more likely they are to respond.

You know I carry with me still an awful of guilt with Nick's death, wondering if I did make enough calls, could I have done more....this is the same situation to me.  You know something is wrong, act.

I get that I shouldn't take it personally (probably many things that I shouldn't) but I am also a guy that wears his emotions on his sleeves often.  That is my passion coming out.

I get that some people think its "sketchy" to play there.  I also though know first hand that over the past 15 years that I have been working out there, I have heard gun shots and never felt threatened.  I have been confronted by crazy folks, and never felt scared, I have engaged in hostile conversations and never been injured.....I have been silly stupid and dumb as a "white cracker ass" and still done things that enabled me to write this today.  Typically I am calling the cops.  Do I like to, no, but I do because it is the right thing to do. 

Too many years of people ignoring the issues that go on within the park have enabled this mentality to be viewed as acceptable and unfortunately I hope that us as a collective group can help foster, nurture and develop that change.  So that is probably why I get up in arms over the conversation.

Soon enough though every city in the metro will have a disc golf course.  Those smaller cities with only a handful of parks to worry about will be in better shape and maintained by them so that there is no "ownership" of the lands.  The great vast areas of our work effort and love will be replaced by the business and parks departments that want it all to be the same will lead us into the vein of conformist disc golf.

We as a collective body should be proud of what we do to make changes within the parks, and be the spearhead to change.  We lose some of that clout when I hear others are doing it.  Now don't get me wrong, I understand that, hey they were called dude, relax is WAY in order.  And it truly is, but I wanted to kinda voice my own concerns and beliefs to share how I personally would see things done.

This place that we call home was a dump.  It may look "trashy" but it is a far cry from what we started with.  We have the luxury of being able to build, design and partner with the best and largest P&R in the area to help us keep our sport growing.  Our courses and the work that has been done the previous decades from many that aren't doing it is exactly why we can.  We do that with a sense of pride and ownership that comes with dedication to the land and the knowledge that we help. 

That help though comes at a price, some get, some don't.  I'd like to think that I get it.  Others don't get it, or me, and I am ok with that.

Cliff Drive / Re: Gunfire
« on: January 30, 2015, 11:04:15 am »
Well....someone shoots a gun and you don't visit the area anymore.....your decision.  As for the trash been busy but probably gonna get out there to clean it up some because as an investor in the land I do that.  I invest my time for others to enjoy and will spend an hour cleaning up others waste to enjoy it when it is clean.  Others just point and say why isn't this clean?

Cops come to get folks, did you call the police or just ignore it because "someone else did it already"?  The more attention that we show the police we are in the park, the more attention they will give as well to protect and serve in the areas that they are made aware of.  So I say when you hear something like that, call them as well.....

I have been held at gunpoint in OP, I think that I should count that as a place that I should never visit again as well......I had a co-worker shot and killed next to Wy-CO, I guess I should call that another place to never go.

The bottom line folks, we live in an environment of crazy people with access to many weapons that clearly aren't being used solely for protection or hunting.  It isn't just one area that has it, it is EVERY area, you have to be safe and conscientious where ever you are at, what ever city you are in. 

Choosing to "boycott" a park in my mind means that the people that shouldn't be doing things "win" and we lose.  Soon enough you won't be able to leave your house for fear of being shot is what you are saying?  This course is now over 10 years in the ground.  NO BODY has been shot on the disc golf course at Cliff Drive.  Dead bodies dumped there, yes, broken windows, vandals, yes, but that same can be said at most of the courses that are over 10 years old as well.

I don't encourage you to confront the gun men, but I also don't want to see an abdication of the park from those that shouldn't be there to use it properly.  We are all working hard to have POSITIVE activity in the park, the notion that the "mountain bikers" called the cops shows that by having a multi-use park we are making strides.

I am a firm advocate for either part of the problem or part of the solution, ignoring itmes to me has always been a part of the problem. 

You can do as you see fit, but for me the knowledge that mountain bikers took the initiative to do what is right says more to me than the fact that gunfire happened again in the city......

Blue Valley / Re: Big Blue Pin Placements
« on: January 30, 2015, 10:41:26 am »

Tournaments / Re: 2015 Ice Bowl
« on: January 28, 2015, 11:39:04 am »
Who knew there was a MAX characters

Shocked you never ran into this before, Mr. Longwind!   ;)

Me too....

Tournaments / Re: 2015 Ice Bowl
« on: January 27, 2015, 11:01:27 am »
If we failed to make it back up the hill in time to collect that disc for winning the card is there still a chance to get it?  There was a nice bonfire and whiskey  ;D

Thanks to everyone who pitched in to make this years Ice bowl the best I've attended so far, I really felt a family reunion kind of vibe and loved it!

Dan if you can get there this week it should be all good.

Tournaments / Re: 2015 Ice Bowl
« on: January 27, 2015, 11:00:23 am »

Tournaments / Re: 2015 Ice Bowl
« on: January 26, 2015, 11:21:51 pm »
Those that played 1 round, or paid and no score was given to me at the bottom.
PlaceNameCourseRound 1Final 9Total
One Round Totals
196Kevin ManningLiberty4040
197Jake RileyLib 43/PH 44/BS 534343
198Henry PohocsucutRosedale4545
199Jamie "Danger" BerryLiberty4545
200Jerry PattersonRosedale4545
201Joe HammontreeRosedale4545
202Andrew PresnellP-Hill4646
203Bill ShinoskiRosedale4646
204CJ HuckeLiberty4646
205Matt DixonPH 46/RD 504646
206Ryan PatePH 46/BS 524646
207Vince ComoP-Hill4646
208Drue AllisonRosedale4747
209Jeff SheetzLiberty4848
210Joe TeaterSMP 48/SMP 554848
211Matt FoxP-Hill4848
212Tracy WalkerPC4848
213Bruce McQuuenRosedale4949
214Duane "CD" SteinerLiberty4949
215Marc LienemannSMP4949
216Anthonty MorellaSMP5050
217Doug FoustRosedale5050
218Duane WaldronSMP5050
219Joe BristowRosedale5050
220Joe HestingSMP5050
221Mark MillsLiberty5050
222Mark WisbyPC5050
223Shaun AndersonLiberty5050
224Warren EverertSMP5050
225Anthony BirchfieldSMP5151
226Kenneth OshelRosedale5151
227Travis TroberP-Hill5151
228Bill NevilleSMP5252
229Chris TimkoSMP5252
230Dan ZinkP-H 52/PC 615252
231Jake TasoulasP-Hill5252
232John TheissLiberty5252
233Paul EhrhardtLiberty5252
234Scott ReekPC5252
235Andy LewisPC5353
236Anthony PuryearPC5353
237Dustin HudsenP-Hill5353
238Jake BowenBS 53/PH 535353
239Jason DockeyRosedale5353
240Jordan HippensteelP-Hill5353
241Tony BurnettLiberty5353
242Zach FirlRosedale5353
243Tyler StevensSMP5454
244Bob WalkerRosedale5454
245Brian PahlsSMP 54/BS 635454
246Kurt MillerRosedale5454
247Kevin StrykerP-Hill5454
248Matt ThrasherRosedale5454
249Mike FabulaeRosedale5454
250Mike LockwoodLiberty5454
251Nick WinkelbauerRosedale5454
252Stephen MorrillRosedale5454
253Thomas BristowRosedale5454
254Tom ButlerPC5454
255Andrew StompsRosedale5555
256Ben LutsSMP5555
257Jeff WebbRosedale5555
258Jeremiah FleischerRosedale5555
259Jonothan FrecksRosedale5555
260Pete CashenPC5555
261Jordan RenezlmanLiberty5555
262Carl WardRosedale5656
263Chaz BowlesBlue Springs5656
264David EatonRosedale5656
265Ed HumbelRosedale5656
266Jed PoughmanLiberty5656
267Mark AndersonP-Hill5656
268Matt CrutcherSMP 65/BS 625656
269Michael BristowRosedale5656
270Scott VurvelLiberty5656
271Jay EichmanSun-Rosey5656
272Austin AndersonP-Hill5757
273Chris GowinRosedale5757
274David WalkerRosedale5757
275Dean UhlmanPC5757
276Rick GurgkiSMP5757
277Chad MurrayRosedale5858
278Colton WesthoffRosedale5858
279Dustin Van HortonRosedale5858
280Fred NethertonRosedale5858
281Joe BoedingRosedale5858
282Steve HostetlerRosedale5858
283Travis RothRosedale5858
284Ben WhiteselP-Hill5959
285Bob McDanielRosedale5959
286Danny SoudersRosedale5959
287Doug ChrittonSMP5959
288Kevin HandRosedale5959
289Luke HannanSMP5959
290Travis RitchieLiberty6060
291Caleb BerciunasPC6060
292Chris BrownRosedale6060
293Dan WeinertRosedale6060
294Danny O'ConnorRosedale6060
295Doug OswaldLiberty6060
296James CalicottRosedale6060
297Joe ThiesRosedale6060
298Kevin SanfordRosedale6060
299Mike DresserRosedale6060
300Ed GonzalezSMP6161
301Barry JorgsmaRosedale6161
302Chris LeonRosedale6161
303Eric HallstromSMP6161
304Eric TichenorRosedale6161
305Sam GrahamRosedale6161
306Ted KeithLiberty6161
307Colin FordSMP6262
308Gary Birge-Thank YOU!Rosedale6262
309Jeremy AptRosedale6262
310John CullensRosedale6262
311Jon CauseySMP6262
312Elizabeth Borg-BowmanRosedale6363
313Scott BaldwinSMP6363
314Bob FiteSMP6363
315Coby BasingerRosedale6464
316Darion FranklinRosedale6666
317John KuiperRosedale6666
318Justin BarrettRosedale6666
319Randy FlesicherRosedale6666
320Aaron LemleyRosedale6767
321John RothRosedale6767
322Joshua LemonteRosedale6767
323Robert MaggardSMP6767
324Sean VolentineLiberty6767
325Adam AbernathyRosedale6868
326Toby GingerRosedale6868
327Alex WalterRosedale6868
328JP IIIRosedale6969
329Todd HendersonRosedale6969
330Dane BorgenRosedale7070
331Stephen KrauseSMP7070
332Tiffany VerstraateSMP7171
333Suzie ZellPC7171
334Michael RichardsRosedale7272
335Scott KaumughRosedale7272
336Michael CakeRosedale7676
337Ryan VinegeLiberty7676
338Scott QuadeSMP7676
339Jimi IsbellRosedale7676
340Carl HarrisRosedale7878
Not Wimps Not Whining!
341Angie Biondo0
342Ashlyn RoseanSun-Rosey0
343Becky Stebbins0
344Benjamin Gardner0
345Brad BerveSMP0
346Brad D'amico0
347Brad LenheimJesse James0
348Doug Sears0
349Ellis Ruffen0
350Erick LukowskiAM-Rosey0
351Evan Cleveland0
352Hal KurzAM-Rosey0
353Happy CallicottPM-Rosey0
354Jack Lowe0
355Jerry Brown Jr.0
356Josh Ferguson0
357Ken Hostetler0
358Mark Abel0
359Matthew Abel0
360Mike Alfaro0
361Shean Stanton0
362Stanley Copple0
363Thomas Lehman0
364Thommy LukowskiAM-Rosey0
365Tom Gottschalk0

Tournaments / Re: 2015 Ice Bowl
« on: January 26, 2015, 11:20:23 pm »
PlaceNameCourseRound 1Final 9Total
1Steve Dresser*Rosedale372461
2Ken FranksRosedale372663
3Bowen SeiterSMP 37/BS 47372865
4Mike ThomasRosedale412566
5George RousisRD 39/PC 62392766
6Bob Ward*Rosedale432568
7Kelly BabbitRosedale422769
8Matt Jenkins? 43/PC 50432972
9Eric EastwoodP-Hill423072
10Brendan EggandRosedale403272
11Dan QuinnRosedale452873
12Lee KillianRosedale452873
13Rob AdamsRosedale452873
14Ryan KeckRosedale433073
15Justin Lowe*SMP482674
16Bob Zimmer*Rosedale472774
17Jeff CampbellSMP512475
18Aaron ShanahanP-Hill492675
19Steeler Doug KrollRosedale472875
20Jordan HinkPH/46 BS 52462975
21Josh HarveyRosedale522476
22Dan Howard*RD 52/PC 58522476
23Andy PortwoodP-Hill512576
24Demian Vela*Liberty492776
25Russ BefortRosedale492776
26Steve Keithley*SMP 53/SMP 54/RD 49492776
27David ValdivezRosedale482876
28Harold BerciunasSMP 47/PC 57472976
29John DavisRosedale393776
30Matt CroweP-Hill522577
31Andy RussellRosedale492877
32Jeremy LoweryRosedale492877
33Matt HaysRosedale482977
34William MersmanRosedale473077
35Nick Baumgarten*Rosedale532578
36Rob HoeslyLiberty532578
37The "ZEKE" HenryRosedale522678
38Tom VerstraateSMP502878
39Jeff WaldronSMP492978
40Joshua OothoudtRosedale492978
41Daniel StrackeSMP483078
42Marty Lammers*Rosedale532679
43Phil EllisRosedale512879
44Ryan NiebertRosedale512879
45Bryan ThomasSMP502979
46Brian PalmerLiberty 49/BS 51493079
47James HefnerRosedale493079
48Chris GraczykRosedale483179
49Michael Krueger*RD 48/ SMP 59483179
50Steve TimmeschSMP423779
51Tom Lukowski*Rosedale532780
52Mike PetrinRosedale522880
53Shaun JacobsenRosedale512980
54Terry SeekLiberty503080
55Jason McEwenRD 49/ PH 53493180
56Thomas Davis*Rosedale562581
57Steve Glover*Rosedale542781
58Lanny Quigley? 61/RD 54542781
59Chase CooperRosedale532881
60Chris Mangiaracina**Rosedale522981
61Dylan IsbellRosedale493281
62Eric Lukowski*Rosedale552782
63Tyler Johnson542882
64Eric KolkmeierRosedale523082
65Derek BrookardP-Hill513182
66Steve ChannelRosedale503282
67Johnny Harrison493382
69Stephen BlowersLiberty493382
70Wayne CalicottRosedale493382
71JD Wiliams**Rosedale572683
72Kevin Pike*SMP562783
73Brad Hilton**Rosedale562783
74James GrahovacRosedale552883
75Russel BillingsLiberty552883
76Chris Portwood**P-Hill542983
77David SteebyRosedale542983
78Matt Aufricht*Rosedale542983
79Patrick SmithRosedale533083
80Mike O'Rourke503383
81Jeremy SextonRosedale562884
82Bert BotcherRosedale552984
83Dennis StanleyRosedale543084
84Levi MallottkiRosedale533184
85Tedd GuevaraRosedale533184
86Christian EmbreyRosedale513384
87Joshua KoemerSMP513384
88Chris McKeeRosedale483684
89Brandon ForbesSMP572885
90Dan MorphewRosedale572885
91Robert Scott Thompson**RD 57/Lib 58572885
92Roy NestlerodeRosedale553085
93Danny RodriguezLiberty543185
94Nate ZierPH 54/PC 60543185
95Zech JohnsonSMP543185
96Jim Ramey*PC602686
97Kristian HarmonRosedale582886
98Steve Cornagle*Liberty582886
99Doug KeehlerP-Hill572986
100Kyle Staats*Rosedale572986
101Andrew WarrenRosedale533386
102Mike Mannering*Rosedale592887
103Cody WhiteRosedale582987
104Frank Mangiaracina**Rosedale582987
105Kevin MontgomeryRosedale582987
106Blind RobLiberty573087
107Earl JohannsenLiberty573087
108Grant RiuttaRosedale553287
109Joe MangiaracinaBlue Springs553287
110Lee RyherdSMP553287
111Tony ToddSMP553287
112Ryan WatersRosedale553287
113Chris MilsapRosedale533487
114Rob MartinRosedale533487
115Ian KloberRosedale513687
116Phillip Brice*SMP592988
117Bobby DietzelRosedale573188
118Benjamin MillerRosedale563288
119Bryle DorterSMP563288
120Bud StumpRosedale533588
121Nathan TicknorRosedale533588
122Chris LeeRosedale573289
123Sam LeverosonRosedale573289
124Derek TrostleRosedale563389
125Greg Moerschel*Rosedale612990
126Nathan DownesRosedale603090
127Mike QuirogaRosedale583290
128Dale EckertLiberty573390
129Alex PerrisRosedale513990
130Jason TalleyPC652691
131Rhonda Crosby*Liberty632891
132Ben CrosbyLiberty622991
133Kent KellySMP603191
134Mike AlfaroSMP583391
135Brad BerveSMP642892
136Marcus HeiligRosedale623092
137Robert CrookRosedale613192
138Graham FoxRosedale623193
139Aaron Stevens*Liberty613293
140Trenton CrookRosedale613293
141Ed HolbrookPC 60/DU 60603393
142Jason RykenRosedale603393
143Rebecca LeachSMP603393
144Amy CroweP-Hill-63/SMP 66633194
145Dennis Smith**Rosedale623294
146Martin MoranvilleRosedale613394
147Nathan HawkinsRosedale613394
148Drew Kesterson**Rosedale583694
149Andrew Humphrey**Rosedale563894
150Mike FillaRosedale653095
151Brian SkallaSMP623395
152Andrew KinleyRosedale593695
153Tim Kienzle IIIRosedale613596
154Jeff LangdonRD 63/SMP 66633497
155Kevin LichtenauerRosedale593897
156Liz Borg-BowmanSMP 73/RD 64643498
157Pat StollbaumerSMP633598
158Aaron MillerSMP613798
159Dylan HolmesRosedale683199
160Gary McKinney*Liberty673299
161Leslie PalmerLiberty653499
162Tony TroxelRosedale613899
163Crispian PaulRD 58/SMP 69584199
164Jordan Ramey*PC6931100
165Adam KichterSMP6634100
166Carl AufnerP-Hill5446100
167Caleb PowellRosedale6636102
168Jeff KelleyLiberty6537102
169Adam WiseSMP7133104
170Doug HostetlerRosedale6440104
171Chris Hudson**Rosedale6440104
172Chris B? * (Uncertain)Rosedale7431105
173Robert RiosRosedale7035105
174Ricky MilesRosedale6936105
175Matt Albright*Liberty7432106
176Justin OsborneRosedale7234106
177Randy RenzelmenLiberty6937106
178Connie WinchelRosedale7335108
179Eric TaylorPC6939108
180Eric SwartzRosedale7435109
181Rick LealRosedale6843111
182Brandon WeisnerSMP7339112
183Carl HarrisSun-Rosey7835113
184Chris RalstonRosedale7736113
185Ben DresserRosedale7440114
186Jimmy GreenleePC5955114
187Justin CarnesRosedale7837115
188Dennis VanHornRosedale7640116
189Ken SchwacherRosedale7842120
190Matt EkerLiberty8338121
191Mike LambertLiberty8042122
192Ryan DupreeRosedale8842130
193Michelle "The Wife" McKeeRosedale8749136
194Jerome YoungRosedale10634140

Tournaments / Re: 2015 Ice Bowl
« on: January 26, 2015, 11:19:37 pm » this isn't a final list, as I haven't ran this with Rick yet.  But attempting to take control over the 4 boards in where many people went other directions I have attempted to do my best at aligning the end results with the people that turned in cards.

What I have done is those of you that should have won the "card" =* at the end of your name.  Those of you that chose to not follow the directions (or got confused which in all honesty is very easy to do, which may have eliminated you from got **)

The rest is pretty self explanatory.

Feel free to critique, but next year I am hoping we have an app that you will automatically upload your score, enter if you will attend or not (we thought that we had 325 people playing all rounds, turns out we only had about 195 which would have made it WAY easier to get the final 9 off on better beware next year we will be much TOUGHER on the final 9 day.  You will be needing to check in no later than 12:30 is my guess if you want to play the final 9.  Once confirmed then we will add you.  :-p.  I have seriously just spent the last 7 hours deciphering the scorecards, putting it back together, and that will not happen next year.  Instead may just say, X won, Y won Chili, think we had 400 people pay.....way easier.  Way taxing, and yes I am tired, so please forgive me as I probably am just rambling for the sake of rambling.  :-D

But alas, I did do this, I am sure there are mistakes.  I am sure I missed people, and SERIOUSLY, you want your name spelled correctly, be SURE to PRINT lgeerojpsgjsipohpabley (that is legibly) and how some of your names look!  :-)

For your review this is what I have now though!

Who knew there was a MAX characters, and to make it look pretty, I will try to break it all up.....

Tournaments / Re: 2015 Ice Bowl
« on: January 26, 2015, 11:00:50 pm »
There were some Chili's that arrived after the judging (I saw George coming down afterwards), so I apologize for the fact that I missed some of you that helped to feed us.  There was a tie, and it was determined by the Cinderblock servers that the winner was Matty Hays.

Here are the placing for all the rest of us.....

Matt HaysDeer-Acha
GloverBBQ Chili
Nate ZierChipotle Chili
Lee K #1Steak
Rhonda CrosbyChicken
Chase CooperBacon and Pulled Pork
Doug KheelerChili DOG
Lee K #2Haberno
Kelly BabbitPlains Chili
Bruce McQueenBuffalo
CrispianAd Astra Lentil
Mike SpadyNew Orleans
Susan BrodentMeat
Bobby DietzelMeat and Bean

B-Tier no you don't A-Tier or anything above you do need to be a current PDGA member, but the B/C/X-Tiers you don't need to be.

Tournaments / Re: East Vs. West 2015
« on: January 26, 2015, 09:57:19 am »
After discussion with Steve Dresser yesterday......I have removed my objection for him to run as the team captain....:sigh:

Let's roll with it baby!

Tournaments / Re: 2015 Ice Bowl
« on: January 26, 2015, 09:56:10 am »

So instead of doing the due diligence of getting scores in, and uploading all the registrations from the weekend.....I got home, unloaded my truck, ate some food, started to watch the Simpsons and next thing I knew I was asleep.  SO I will be working on all of this tonight and should have something posted for the record as far as attendance, paid, played, rounds played, where played, and things like that.  The actual total of donations may be a little later on in the week.

I wanted to take this time to thank many people that helped to make this work this year.  They are really in no particular order, but very important and should see or visit these folks, or locations, please, and I really mean it, PLEASE THANK THEM VERY MUCH!

Sorry about the wording and the typos, I left all the notes at forgive me please for not spelling names correctly....I am sorry.
I am sure to have missed someone as well, it always happens, and it isn't intentional.
Rick Rothstein
Dick Parker
Van Spratford
Crispian Paul
Gary Burge (sp)-
Patrick Smith
Ben Crosby
Rob Martin
Scott Burnett
Kujo-X2 Chili Judge and Ran Course
Chris Timko
Dave "Dog" Underwood
Andy Lewis
Tom Butler
Harold Berciunas (sp)-
Bard Berve
Jeff Campbell
Jose Ossa
Aaron Shanahan
Ted Keith
Mike Lockwood
Steve Dresser
Mike Kruger
Rebecca Leach
Phonda Crosby
Eric Kolkmeier
The 17-19 Chili folks (I know that some arrived later than the judging, George's, and another I saw, I believe that we had 15 people judged with 16 chilis for the contest.  I too have that list at home, and will update)--The Winner Matt Hays won on a tie-breaker (Glover) from the servers of Cinderblock.
Which leads into Cinderblock
Workday Monsters at Rosey the weekend Before, headed up by Pete Cashen!
The KCFDC Board of Directors
Dan Howard
George Rousis
Crispian Paul
Leslie Palmer
Jack Lowe
Disc Golf World
Missouri Mavericks
DD-Thanks for the boards!
Wyandotte Unified Government-Parks Department
Kansas City Missouri Parks and Recreation
Johnson County Parks and Recreation-Shawnee Mission Park
Olathe Parks and Recreation
Pleasant Hill Parks and Recreation
Blue Springs Parks and Recreation
Liberty Parks and Recreation
Kearney Parks and Recreation

And last in my mind, but certainly not least.....Danny Rodriguez.  He donated money, played in the event, brought the "uber generator" to fuel the crockpots, and got it set up and taken down.  It was incredible.

I would be interested in some feedback from everyone on this (with the exception of "where are my scores Jack?") in regards to some ideas for next year to make this easier on everyone.  Obviously folks the hardest thing is the "final 9" with this many people.  I know that we need to track better next year who will be playing in it and who won't be.  Some other items that I have taken to heart from conversations-
  • Satellite series-limit to 1 location per day, possibly start aligning with Wildcard weekend again, that gives 6 courses leading up to the actual weekend of the Ice Bowl, with Saturday and Sunday at Rosedale.
  • Selling mulligans-18 for $30 OR-$20 to play "cali" round-you cannot do both styles
  • Scratch the "shotgun start" on Saturday, it will be tee times starting at 9 stopping at 1.  everyone tees off from hole #1, go every 8 minutes, that way if you don't have a grouping of 5 you can pick it up quicker.  Day of registration would still be allowed.  Down Under would be the same tee times as well, but it would be stopping at noon for Down Under scores on SATURDAY
  • Better understanding of the Silent Auction-or return to the CTP?  (This is a manpower issue)
  • Better staffing around Sunday and Saturday-Really need to have 2 people responsible for each of the Final 9 boards-that means 8 there.  Need 1 person dedicated to only Chili, need 4 people for registration, this means realistically need a staff on Sunday of 13-14 people, not the 4-5 that we had this weekend.

Congrats to Winner Steve Dresser on the day, shooting a 24 on the Back 9 Down Under to win the Ice Bowl Cup, after shooting a 37 (he bought 25 mulligans----not the most bought by one person BTW) for the first round.  I hope your dad is ok from the concrete, and thank you so much for helping at the storage facility to unload those things.

This is not a one person event, this is not an event that is like any other, this event is truly the most unique in all that we do.  I hope to have a better list of numbers to report to you either late tonight or tomorrow.

I can't begin to thank you enough for the efforts so many of you put into this event of "newer magnitude".  I received many thank you's and atta boys from many in regards to altering the format.  Though yesterday may not have seem as big of an event (at least by some accounts), I do believe that the knowledge of where we are growing this should quite possibly engage more people to return to Sunday as we look at ideas to increase that awareness-Dunk Tank in January for $$$?  Did I say that?

More to come, but a huge heartfelt thank you from the bottom of my heart for the work, effort, talking, enjoying so many of you brought this past month to make this happen.  We are quite simply a pretty dang awesome group of people and I am proud to be associated with.



apologies again to those that I may have missed.....

Tournaments / Re: 2015 Ice Bowl
« on: January 22, 2015, 07:04:26 pm »
I see the double errors on Blue Springs, but I am not fixing it tonight folks, I am leaving to go and start the Chili I need to.

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