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A Flight
Marc Wisbey   Dynamic Duo   55   50   105
Pete Cashen   Dynamic Duo         
Jake Bowen                      56   50   106
Jason Rollins            
Ed Gonzalez   Last Ones   59   52   111
Cecil (with Ed G)   Last Ones         
Seth Wolzen   Sneebz 2.0   58   53   111
Greg Lewis   Sneebz 2.0         
Daniel Loomis   Honey Badger   58   54   112
Minna Dennis   Honey Badger         
Dan Schisler   Team Treemendous   59   53   112
Chris Gore   Team Treemendous         
Doug Kroll                             58   55   113
Ron Klein            
John Theiss                             58   56   114
Thomas Davis            
Bryan Gaskill   Bryan & Adam          62   53   115
Adam Johnson   Bryan & Adam         
Steve Thimmesch                     57   58   115
Jon Parsons            
Matthew Eklund                     61   54   115
Paul Eklund            
Tim Becks                                     60   56   116
Ryan Oldham            
Arturo Villareal                             62   54   116
Jennifer Brockman            
Sean Chancellor   Suck My Disc   59   57   116
Dalton Puckhaber   Suck My Disc         
Caleb Coffman   UFA                          58   58   116
Brandon    UFA         
Lance Haller                             58   59   117
Josh Seymour            
Gary LaFreniere                     61   54   117
Eric Kolkmier            

B Flight            
Rob Miller   Discombobulators          59   59   118
Dave Valdiviez   Discombobulators         
Charlie Upton                            63   55   118
Ed Wilken            
Tom Verstraete   Tom & Gary   60   50   119
Gary Lewis   Tom & Gary         
Pete Engelman                             62   57   119
Steve Drew            
Matt Fox   Discgruntled                  62   59   121
Mark Dunphy   Discgruntled         
Jon Oakes   Mighty Moakes           64   58   122
Colin Mauch   Mighty Moakes         
Steve Hoestetler                      61   61   122
Steve Clayton            
Anthony Birchfield   Exploding Chains   66   58   124
Mark Lienemanm   Exploding Chains         
Steve Engelman   Petal Pushers           65   60   125
Patrick Shaw   Petal Pushers         
Jed Baughman   The Two Basketeers   63   63   126
Jason Pool   The Two Basketeers         
Kevin Montgomery   K Doc                   65   62   127
Doc Norby   K Doc         
Matt Keys   Team Sexy                           64   63   127
Mike Overmeyer   Team Sexy         
Elza Gott   Gott One for You                   64   64   128
Jenny Gott   Gott One for You         
Brian Palmer   Team - Loomis Sucks   62   66   128
Bennett Delp   Team - Loomis Sucks         
Neil Porras   Disorderly Dudes           66   64   130
Scott Foga   Disorderly Dudes         
Jim Sherwood                                      68   62   130
Hans Weding            
David Tate   Tate Lawn and Landscaping   63   67   130
Parker Asay   Tate Lawn and Landscaping         

C Flight            
Lee Hansen   Cart Farts                           66   65   131
Mel Joy   Cart Farts         
Vlad Wunschl                                      69   62   131
Michael Gardner            
Zach Frosch   Z Squared                   70   61   131
Zach 2.0   Z Squared         
Rob Hack                                              68   64   132
Lance Williams            
Derek Ozkal   Hyzer Soze                   69   63   132
Phil Bess   Hyzer Soze         
Dan Emerson                                      68   65   133
Trevor Frosch            
Rich Lodes   Brew Brothers                   67   67   134
Mike Lodes   Brew Brothers         
Rick Fusaro   Degenerative Discs           70   65   135
Mike Butler   Degenerative Discs         
Nick Hosack   Putt 2 Death                   68   67   135
Toby Gifford   Putt 2 Death         
Mike Phillips   Team Discasaurus Rex   68   67   135
Dave Tracy   Team Discasaurus Rex         
David Eaton   Big Bad Bogey Boys           71   65   136
Steve Miller   Big Bad Bogey Boys         
Michael DeHart                                      66   71   137
Michael Mullen            
Nick Gabrielli   Suburban Team           71   69   140
Chris Havens   Suburban Team         
Tyler Jump   Guns and Bogies           71   71   142
Scott Allen   Guns and Bogies         
Mike Specht                                      73   70   143
Van Spratford            
Donna Lite   Tree Trimmers                   82   999   dnf
Becca Strauss   Tree Trimmers         

I'll be posting later today and THANKS

We still have room for either one more team or a partner for Ed Gonzalez.
Let Gary or I know ASAP.

We've had a few people drop out.
I have room for one team for sure, possibly two (I will know on ht esecond one for sure later tonight).

Let me know if you are interested?

It's supposed to be 72 degrees and sunny! You don't want to miss that, or the salmon burgers!

That's the most frustrating part of Thornfield... I LOVE the fact that we are raising money for a very worthy cause, but that is the only time we get to play/see the course. Seems like Disc golfers monetary contribution is all that's wanted!

Tank, this comes up ever year. I'm not sure the right solution but I will see Bill Stueck at an event tonight and would be glad to make an argument for more access. My position will be however that anyone playing our tournament could come play Friday betwen say noon and 6. If you are not playing in the tourney, pay a nominal fee, say $5 to play between noon and 6.  (The hours would have to be limited becasue he likely will want someone form the charity there the entire time and I only have limited time on Friday.

This is just a thought off the top of my head and responses are encouraged - tell me I'm nuts if you think so.

Here is the map. It's not the greatest but it is the best I have for now,:

#9 is shorter
#10 now has a dogleg
#14 we play short
#18 is longer

I have asked before but because they are usually prepping the course on Friday they have said no.
I was going to ask again but don't count on it.

I had a map on Google Maps but can't seem to find it. I'll post a link if I can find it tomorrow.

Hey James, I'll be your partner for this, if you'd like.  Otherwise, I may go to Topeka.

Not to speak for James but he got partnered with John Theiss today.

FYI, we currently have one single and two teams on the wait list.

Shout out for sponsors and donors:


Dynamic Discs
FadeGear Bags
Gorilla Boy Bags
Keen Footwear
Hyzer Bomb
Tallgrass Brewery
Clear10 Vodka
Dave & Busters
Gordon Biersch
Pete 2.0
The Emersons
Salty Iguana
Wil Jenny
Talk of the Town

crap i play this every year !!! i've been working nights and dont check the forms much. i knew it was coming up. my wife and i play as a team and enjoy playing !! please contact me if there is any opening's  My wife is going to kill me !!!  she loves this tournament!!

Elza, someone is bound to backout. Email me your contact info and I'll start a wait list with you one it.

SOLD OUT!Tall Guy just got the last spot, he needs a partner though. Anyone interested?
Contact me or James directly.

Down to ONE opening!
Here is the latest list:
   Name                    Team Name
1   John Theiss   
   Eric Minton   
2   Rob Hack   
   Lance Williams   
3   Charlie Upton   
   Dave Wismer   
4   David Eaton   Big Bad Bogey Boys
   Steve Miller   Big Bad Bogey Boys
5   Michael DeHart   
   Michael Mullen   
6   Matt Keys                 Team Sexy
   Mike Overmeyer   Team Sexy
7   Tom Verstraete   Tom & Gary
   Gary Lewis   Tom & Gary
8   Rick Fusaro   Degenerative Discs
   Mike Butler   Degenerative Discs
9   Sean Chancellor   Suck My Disc
   Dalton Puckhaber   Suck My Disc
10   Derek Ozkal   Hyzer Soze
   Phil Bess                 Hyzer Soze
11   Marc Wisbey   
   Pete Cashen   
12   Rob Miller                 Discombobulators
   Dave Valdiviez   Discombobulators
13   Dan Schisler   Team Treemendous
   Chris Gore                 Team Treemendous
14   Pete Engelman   
   Steve Drew   
15   Rich Lodes   
   Mike Lodes   
16   Tim Becks   
   Ryan Oldham   
17   Steve Engelman   Petal Pushers
   Patrick Shaw   Petal Pushers
18   Lee Hansen   Cart Farts
   Mel Joy                 Cart Farts
19   Mike Phillips   Team Discasaurus Rex
   Dave Tracy   Team Discasaurus Rex
20   Vlad Wunschl   
   Michael Gardner   
21   Donna Lite   Tree Trimmers
   Becca Strauss   Tree Trimmers
22   Nick Hosack   Putt 2 Death
   Toby Gifford   Putt 2 Death
23   Jon Oakes   
   Colin Mauch   
24   Dan Emerson   
   Trevor Frosch   
25   Zach Frosch   
   Zach 2.0   
26   Jim Sherwood   
   Hans Weding   
27   Kevin Montgomery   
   Doc Norby   
28   Jed Baughman   The Two Basketeers
   Jason Pool   The         Two Basketeers
29   Derek White   Domsch/White
   TBD                 Domsch/White
30   Seth Wolzen   Sneebz 2.0
   Greg Lewis   Sneebz 2.0
31   Mike Specht   
   Van Spratford   
32   Arturo Villareal   
   Bobby Villareal   
33   Thomas Davis   
34   Neil Porras                 Disorderly Dudes
   Scott Foga   Disorderly Dudes
35   David Tate   Tate Lawn and Landscaping
   Parker Asay   Tate Lawn and Landscaping
36   Bryan Gaskill   
   Adam Johnson   
37   Chris Johnson   
   William Davenport   
38   Matt Fox   
   Mark Dunphy   
39   Nick Gabrielli   
   Chris Havens   
40   Steve Hoestetler   
   Steve Clayton   
41   Caleb Coffman   
   Brandon ?   
42   Gary LaFreniere   
   Steve Harris   
43   Leo Daprato   Da Deisel
   Cecil Cameron   Da Deisel
44   Daniel Loomis   
   Minna Dennis   
45   Brian Palmer   
   Bennett Delp   
46   Matthew Eklund   
   Paul Eklund?   
47   Tyler Jump   Guns and Bogies
   TBD                 Guns and Bogies
48   Doug Kroll   
49   Lance Haller
   Josh Seymour

Three more registrations overnight, only three openings remain!!
- Greg Lewis/ Seth Wolzen
- Matthew Eklund/ maybe his dad
- Tyler Jump/ TBD

Also, got a boat load of donations today, I'll start listing some things tomorrow.
I'd guess we have well over $2k in Gift Cards and Prizes to give out, at least.

I'll also post the list of teams tomorrow as well.

Now we are down to ..... SIX!

Also, I believe there might be a single or two that still need partners (not 100% sure though). PM
and I'll put you in touch.

There will be at least four rounds of Ring of Fire over lunch and one, maybe two after the second round
and while we add up scores etc.

Overall winners will take home well over $100 in prizes (Gift Certificates, Discs etc.)

> 3 CTP Prizes (1 retails for $200) [Holes #1, #4 and #7
> 1 long drive each round (Hole #18)
    -  Fade Gear Tour bag with Quad Straps
    -  Keen Gift Cert for ANY pair of Keen shoes, not just DG shoes!!

Ace Fund $200 (aprox. $2 per player is included in the entry fee)

May 12th
Players meeting around 9ish

$40 each

Who's your partner?

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