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[quote author D link=topic=10903.msg88611#msg88611 date=1413841482]
You kids have fun! I'll miss this one as I'll be in San Diego for my son's USMC graduation... Semper FLY!

Ooh rah! Semper fi!

Play morely field or sun Valley while you're in town!

Liberty 2
Perry 2
Wyco 1
Swope 1

Thanks Jack, this is the kind of well informed, thoughtful, and positive dialogue we shouldand ccan have.

I like the idea of a standing position on the board for the business owners. Voting or not, I'm not sure. I do think that our BoD has been pretty good at considering the input from the business folks as well as any members and visitors. At least that is my limited experience. 

We always have the option to vote for folks who are/ are not business to be on the board.

Where do you want to play? (not ww cliff or Rosedale)
Wyco - 1
Liberty - 1
Lake Perry - 1

I'll finalize location this afternoon

I am thinkingeeither liberty or lake Perry for this week. But I am open for suggestions

List of names of those who played all three rounds has been PM'd to Scott Reek. You should be able to redeem at the store.

There were three folks that I didn't get last names for . . . please get them to me, if it is you, or you know them.

(all played together all three rounds)


General Banter / Re: Mini Disc Golf Distance Record - Now 160.9 Meters
« on: October 28, 2014, 05:32:04 AM »
This past June, on a foggy windy afternoon, I gently tossed my putter, and it took off for about 300 ft.

I was on top of a lookout at the peak of El Yunque in Puerto Rico. (it was windy and we did finally retreive said putter)

General Banter / Re: The 'Official' ACE Thread!
« on: October 28, 2014, 05:28:16 AM »
Thomas Park in Salina has a Sunday league with an ace pool around 2200 bucks

I've only played Thomas once . . . I don't remember seeing any aceable holes.

General Banter / Re: November 15th Club Elections/ Voting Item
« on: October 28, 2014, 05:26:28 AM »
As long as it stays civil, I believe the forum is a perfect place to discuss this. I for example, think through things better when I have time to read the issues, do a little research, hear both sides . . .

often in a meeting situation (especially at a large club election/dinner/swap meet/ . . .) the issues are not well presented and discusssed. Often lots of emotion and no time for reflection.

So far, I am still undecided, so keep up the good discussion. (or you can slip me some $$$, just before the vote  ;)  ;D )

Thanks friends,

Thanks for the props! I do play my worst golf on FTL!

I will write down all those good ideas, and hopefully next year's Paradise 54 will be much smoother. I also think that those ideas and this experience will make FTL's run smoother and still be flexible, relaxed and fun for all.

I still have some payouts and a few tags. (I actually have most of the tags into the right peoples' hands!). If you have not recieved yours pm, text, or facebook me. I will be out and about this week and also at FTL Friday.

I am sending a Scott at Dynamic Discs a list of all those who played all three rounds. A BIG thank you to Scott and DD for providing you with a $10 voucher/discount that you can pick up at the store. Show your love to them. I am pretty sure they will be more involved next year.

Thanks to Dick Parker as well, although he couldn't pull of any sponsorship this year, he was very encouraging and wanted to be involved. And specifically shout out for the challenging and beautiful design for those three wonderful courses all in one local!

25 total players out today . . . 20 played all three rounds on the most beatiful day of the year at the most beautiful disc golf complexes in the world! PARADISE 54

I have payouts and several tags. I will be at Rosedale at half time and about 15-20 minutes after the Chief's game. Contact me if you want to make other arrangements. (text, phone, facebook, forum, pm)

                                WH      BC      BT       total        pay     KCFDC
Jaimie Danger Berry   63       46       56   =  163        $65        #9
Das Loomis                54     (59.6)   53   =  166.3      $50       NT
Zeke Henry                62       48       59  =   169        $47.50   #10
Kevin Zane                60      (59.6)   54  =  173.3      $40        #12 
Kevin Weiss               63        54      58   =  175        $15        #22 DD#5
Anthony ?                  63        56      59   =  178       $5          #43
Jon  ?                        64        56      58   =  178        $5         #65  (retrieve from Heath)
Dave Jamison            66        53      60   =   179      $7.50       NT
Heath Kinton             66        54       59  =   179         0         #71  (retrieve from Travis)
Travis Corporon         66        56      59   =   180         0         #81  (retrieve from Thomas) DD10
Thomas ?                  66       53      62    =   181        $7.50    #109 (retrieve from Andrew)
Andrew Stomps         62       57      63    =   182        $7.50    #114 (retrieve from Mike K.)
Mike Kruegger           66       59      61    =   186          0         #133 (retrieve from Duane) DD22
Duane Waldman        70       60      58    =   188          0         #242 (retrieve from Jeff W.)
Jeff Woldron              71       55      65    =   191          0         #257 (retrieve from Harold) DD75
Bill ?                         70        58      64   =   192          0           NT
Harold Berciunas        70       59      65    =   193          0          #264 (retrieve from Ryan K) DD117
Ryan Keck                 67       59      67    =   194           0         #273  (retrieve from Chris M))
Chris McKee              71        61      64    =   196          0          #319    (Harold has this)  DD150
Liz Borgman              81        72      77    =   230        $15         NT
Zack?                       99         72     82    =    263          0           NT
Tony Todd               (70.6)    56      62    =    190.6       0         (NT)
Travis Detwieller      (70.6)    55      66    =    193.6       0          (NT)

(course not played so players recieved average of all scores on that course +2 strokes) Totals on these only for tags.

Payouts include each round payouts and overall payouts. (those who did not play all three were not eligible for overall payouts)

Liz won women's division (only woman playing).

I have payouts and several tags. I will be at Rosedale at half time and about 15-20 minutes after the Chief's game. Contact me if you want to make other arrangements. (text, phone, facebook, forum, pm)

Dynamic Disc vouchers are pending.

Please note the mess up in tags . . . please attempt prompt contact and retrieval of your proper tags. (Sorry for the mess up, part caused by early departures and fatigue by TD)

Next year we will do several things differently (better organization) Tags turned in, specific start times, TD that is not playing . . .

Other suggestions?

I have payouts and several tags. I will be at Rosedale at half time and about 15-20 minutes after the Chief's game. Contact me if you want to make other arrangements. (text, phone, facebook, forum, pm)

practice your putting on Friday, spend time with your wife/girlfriend/husband/boyfriend . . . rest. You will need it!

General Banter / Re: Independence Disc Golf Day - 10/25
« on: October 22, 2014, 03:50:23 PM »
They haven't told me that they wanted to remain anonymous...EPIC church in Independence is graciously donating the discs for distribution.

Maybe they will all be Epic discs

Tournaments / Re: Paradise 54
« on: October 22, 2014, 09:46:35 AM »
Note edit: WE WILL START AT WOODHENGE parking lot.   8am  cards go as soon as filled.

Make your travel plans now.  Don't forget $5 ffor parking.

If youwwant to play withyyour buddiesmmake sure you get there together

Tournaments / Re: Paradise 54
« on: October 22, 2014, 09:40:17 AM »
Will there be tourny stamp FTL/paradise 54 glow wardens?

No.         But there will be $10  voucher for playing all 3. And cold liquid libations at lunch time.

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