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Tournaments / Re: Wide Open 2016
« on: June 27, 2015, 11:29:47 AM »
 Anthony you have a poor way of offering constructive criticism. The fact is we are all running around lime chickens with our heads cut off trying to control the crowd. Many of whim want respect from us while they have ZERO for us or players. Laughing at McBeth with beer in hand, sitting beond the ropes even after we asked them many times, sitting in areas where its clear a disc may go, guys all but on the pad while players are driving, people with pets inside the ropes. I can go on and on.  The fact is at some point the show has to go on and you have to bark a little to get the attention of those ignoring you. The bark is what gets them moving cause I assure you the 50 times I said please move back did nothing. Your criticism did nothing except cause a large chunk of the rope team to say "fine do it yourself." I won't volunteer my time to be criticised. We had guys with cameras in direct line of putters behind baskets as well. We had players even complain to us of this fact. You think its easy to control a crowd of that size when a large part of that crowd has no respect for why we are there and rather than back up they choose to challenge us to prove we have no power. We don't want power we want respect for the players throwing. Its that simple. Maybe when you run it next year I will watch and see how you nicelt ask people to move and get no results. I will also watch as the top players then complain and do not return to the next wide open. Good Luck by the way. Oh yeah and a word of advice, the guy who gets hit behind the basket by the clubhouse standing where he should never have been, tell him nicely thanks for possibly costing a pro a stoke. Just be sure to tell him nicely and smile at his ignorance.

If your one of the people I just mentioned you should respect what we help do and this post never happens.

Found and Lost / Disc left behind at Hole 9 Rosedale Top
« on: May 21, 2014, 08:41:45 AM »
I accidentally walked away from my Moonshine Flag Stamped Truth in the woods to the right on hole 9 up top at Rosedale last night. Its says "Swade" and is marked through on the front and has my name, phone, and PDGA on the rim of the back. If anyone found it I'd like it back. Threw a roller out of the woods and ran out to see the result and neglected to turn back around and go get it. Went back after the round and it was gone.

Found and Lost / Lost on ice at Pleasant Hill
« on: January 29, 2014, 11:24:07 PM »
My son lost his. Tie-dye champion Valkyrie tonight on hole 16 out on the ice.  If anyone local has a retriever and can pull it in I'd give $10 for the disc back. He was pretty bummed. It's his favorite disc. His name and number are on it.

General Banter / Re: Ice Bowl
« on: January 27, 2014, 12:04:51 PM »
I brought my kids and that meant no drinking for me. I agree it would have been great to have something for them to drink as well as myself. However, we knew coming in it wasn't likely set up that way so we brought drinks.

The porta-potty thing was for sure an issue. My wife left 3 times to take kids to the gas station. I mean beer and chili for sure makes for multiple trips to the restroom.

I was on the mini golf course when the raffle was held and missed out on grabbing a few extra tickets. I just couldn't hear the announcements when I wasn't right by the shelter.

The rest of the weekend was awesome and my family really enjoyed it. The final round was a bit crazy cause everyone was crowding in to see where to play. Guys were showing up to holes down under saying they were just sent there cause they didn't have a card slotted. I don't see this as a big issue because its a charity event and squeezing in 250 golfers is no easy task I am sure. Once we found our hole assignments it was smooth sailing after that.

I am fairly new to the game but this event will for sure be something I never intend to miss in the future.

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