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General Banter / Re: Word of the Day: *CLASS
« on: May 12, 2016, 01:00:39 am »
I thought it was funny around the 14 min mark Bradley is asked what disc he threw and his response is "some sh*tty disc only ams would throw." That guy is a tool.

Tournaments / Re: Ice Bowl 2016
« on: January 14, 2016, 07:47:43 pm »
Am I assuming correctly that if we show up at a satellite and sign up there, they will have the full options of disc choices available as were listed on the ice bowl flyer?

Those second round ratings are al over the place. Was there a difference between rounds?

Found and Lost / Lost: Twisted Flyer PD2 hole 9 lakeside
« on: September 04, 2015, 12:40:46 am »
My drive went right, over the trees and mini swamp, into the tall grass. 2nd disc I've lost there. Would really like to have this one back. It's white with blue and orange circles.

Thanks for the info. I was just curious how that works. It would be fun to play a ratings based event. I don't really expect the MAC to be a major. Just wondered if that's the only way for the ratings exclusion to apply or if it could be up to a TD's discretion. Now I know.
And I really don't mind playing against the pros who were at the MAC. I like playing with guys like Dick and Jose and whoever else because it makes me a better golfer. I could play intermediate if I wanted to, but I committed to advanced to play against tougher competition to better myself. So no, I honestly don't have a problem with it. I was just curious how it all worked. Thanks for clarifying.

I read something in the old settlers thread about ratings limitations but didn't want to thread drift. But this is where I feel like it would apply. I know the rules regarding pros playing am events. It is what it is. I don't have any problem with those guys playing in the MAC per say. It just means I have to try that much harder if I want to cash. It's an added challenge (as if the OB isn't enough). But what made me think was that it was brought up that in Majors, pros absolutely cannot play AM regardless of rating. I know the MAC is not a major, but is there anyway to establish the same rating rules as a major for this tournament?I heard a few players who were just a little disappointed that in an Amatuer championship they weren't actually competing against just amateurs. I know the system is flawed. We don't have to get into that. Just wondered if this was a possibility or not. I think it would almost make it an even more elite style tournament if there was a real am only designation.

If I remember right we used both courses at the same time last year. Pros and advanced played lakeside first then PC. Vice versa for the other divisions. Will this still happen if it's only 90 players?

Lakeside Hills / League moving to prairie center
« on: August 02, 2015, 09:10:40 pm »
If my memory serves me right, it was announced that Monday league returns to prairie center this Monday Aug 3rd. Is that correct? I haven't seen an announcement about it on the forum.

Beginners / Re: How to make an etiquette call?
« on: July 06, 2015, 11:02:17 am »
I'd say the real best way to combat this is to move up divisions. Yes it may still happen in higher divisions but hopefully less frequently and there is a better knowledge of etiquette. Recreational is a division where unfortunately that behavior is not seen as bad most of the time. However if you stay in Rec then I think what Jack suggested is spot on.

Thanks to everyone who came out today! I thought it was a lot of fun. We had 20 teams which is awesome for a first time event like this. Next year we'll try and make it bigger and better. Hope everyone who played had fun. I know I did!

Thanks Eric,
I have taken that sheet and reformatted it to reflect the doubles and $20, $10 team amounts. Thanks!

Upon further reflection about payout, I think we have decided to use more of a league payout schedule rather than just top 3. That way there is a more fair way of paying people out depending on the turnout. With this said, is there someone who can send me a payout structure that is used to determine how many get paid out and how much depending on the number of people/teams? I thought maybe the people who have ran doubles leagues might have this available? you can email it to me at or just post a link on here. Thanks in advance! I'm excited for this event!

Yes, #6 will be moved short. Everything will hopefully be as short as possible.

And yes Brett, as is noted above a Hole in one gets your 3 points i.e. birdies.

Also, because I did not clarify before, this is a BRING YOUR OWN PARTNER DOUBLES EVENT.

My original post was deleted for some reason. So here it is again with some different terminology. Some friends and I are organizing a little event/cash round on Sunday afternoon.

BIRDIE BLOWOUT JULY 5th. Prairie Center Park. 12:30pm

Prairie Center Disc Course (Olathe) - 36 holes - most birdies wins - doubles best shot - BRING YOUR OWN PARTNER
Registration Fee:  $10 for A-flight players(Open) $5 for B-flight players(Ams)
Payouts for each flight > Depends on turn out.
[Tie breaker will be "closest to the pin" throw-off on hole #1]
Hole #18 Prize Drawing - $25 Dick's card [Every birdie on #18 earns a ticket for the drawing (both players) - 3 tickets per person possible]
Playing holes 1-10, 17, 18 a total of three times = 36 holes
Scoring:  Only tracking your birdies - miss the birdie put, pick up and go to the next hole.  Most birdies wins!
[Note:  Hole in One is scored as 3 birdies]

Simple enough. No need to sign up ahead of time. Just be there with your partner and sign up. Men women children it doesn't matter. Just come have fun.

Tournaments / Re: Wide Open 2016
« on: June 27, 2015, 10:00:40 pm »
Derek, again I want to reiterate that I appreciate your volunteering. I'm sorry that I have upset you. I'm sorry that people at the final 9 did not respect you. I did not post this to shame or put you down.

What did you like, what didn't you like about this year's event that you would want to see, not see next year?

Maybe I am wrong, but it seemed like the point of this thread was to discuss the things we felt could be improved on. I am sorry for using the term "bad apples on a power trip." That was not constructive and I understand why it would cause someone to be offended. My apologies. And you are right on a lot of things; That is not an easy job. You deal with a lot of people who do not know what proper etiquette is. I watched Mike Petrin work his a$$ off during that final nine. Nothing but respect for that guy and what he does for this event and for the club in general. I truly appreciate you guys stepping up and doing that. All I am trying to do is suggest ways we can improve. No one is perfect and there is always room for improvement. I really hope that my suggestions or tone does not cause you guys to stop volunteering.
“Criticism may not be agreeable, but it is necessary. It fulfils the same function as pain in the human body; it calls attention to the development of an unhealthy state of things. If it is heeded in time, danger may be averted; if it is suppressed, a fatal distemper may develop."[New Statesman interview, 7 January 1939]” ― Winston S. Churchill

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