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Tournaments / Re: City of Fountains - PDGA Event - November 3rd
« on: October 30, 2013, 01:49:53 PM »
Sure it wasn't a Wizard?

General Banter / Re: Hawkridge Master Plan
« on: October 17, 2013, 08:33:15 PM »
I was there.  It's still moving forward.  Our next workshop will be Nov 5th and that is where we will start to lay out a preliminary design and plan for the park.  My guess  is that the firm completing the master plan has never dealt with disc golf course and don't really know how to handle it.  At this point a course there is still a major consideration for this park.  There were some at the first session who didn't support disc golf and don't get it, but my impression was that they had their own ideas about what should go in there.  I didn't hear anything in the conversation that would prevent a course from going in there.     

Barter Town / Re: A few discs for sell
« on: October 07, 2013, 12:12:14 PM »
Several have moved.  Let me know if you want anything. 

Blue Valley / #2 and 6 pulled out
« on: October 03, 2013, 08:33:37 PM »
Played BV today and holes #2 and 6 weren't there.  It looks to me like somebody pulled them out with a truck. 

Barter Town / A few discs for sell
« on: October 02, 2013, 08:20:17 PM »
I have some discs that I have listed on DGCR.  I will let them go cheaper if I don't have to ship them and we can do a person to person exchange. I would likely give at least 1-2 dollars depending on the disc.  Prices as listed.  Send me a PM if you are interested in any.

#  Weight    Plastic      Color      Disc       Scale      Price       Details
1.  173g  Champion  Blue     Rhyno  10/10   $13    Extra Gummy with Jedi Open Stamp, San Marino mold
2.  181g   Star   Lt Blue/Pink   Atlas   10/10   $20    Bought at 2013 Am Worlds
3.  172g   DX   Blue   Roc   10/10   $6    LDO 2013 - gone
4.  167g   DX   Blue   Roc   8/10   $4    LDO 2012 - pending
5.  178g   Glow Champion   Glow   Whippet   10/10   $20    2013 KCWO
6.  169g   Champion   Maroon   Teebird   10/10   $11    New - gone
7.  167g   Star   Lt Blue   Monarch   9/10   $20    2009 Worlds Disc 3, very light ink rim
8.  172g   Champion   Yellow   Beast   9/10   $20    Bought new 2010, custom dye, light ink
9.  174g   Champion   Pink   Krait   9/10   $10    No ink
10.  171g   Star   Red   Archon   9/10   $9    Light ink rim - pending
11.  179g   Champion   Peach   Katana   8/10   $12    Team Innova Stamp, ink on rim - gone
12.  177g   Champion   Blue   Valkyrie   7/10   $8    5XJK, stamp wiped, no ink - gone

13.  174g   Star   Yellow   Wraith   7/10   $9    PSU dye - disc bought in 2010, ink
14.  176g   Star   Lt Blue   Wraith   7/10   $10    2008 Des Moines First Class Challenge, no ink
15.  176g   Star    Yellow   Wraith   8/10   $9    Light ink, 12X KC logo
16.  175g   Star   Blue   Wraith   9/10   $9    Partial wipe, 12X KC logo, no ink
17.  173g   Pro   Green   Wraith   6/10   $4    Wiped
18.  169g   Champion   Dayglow   Orc   9/10   $8    Factory Second - pending
19.  157g   Blizzard Champion   Yellow   Boss   8/10   $9    2012 KCWO, ink  on rim
20.  168g   Champion   Yellow   Groove   8/10   $3    Please take it before I throw it off a cliff, ink on rim - gone
21.  175g   Champion   Yellow   Destroyer   7/10   $6    Ink - pending
22.  173g   Champion   Orange   Destroyer   8/10   $8    Stamp Wiped, no ink - pending
23.  176g   Champion   Blue   Destroyer   8/10   $6    Factory Second, ink on rim

24.  175g   Champion   Orange   Destroyer   10/10   $10    New/silver stamp
25.  175g   Champion   Orange   Destroyer   10/10   $10    New/silver stamp
26.  175g   Champion   Orange   Destroyer   10/10   $10    New/black stamp
27.  174g   Champion   Yellow   Destroyer   10/10   $10    New/gold stamp
29.  174g   Champion   Yellow   Boss   10/10   $11    New/silver stamp - gone
30.  177g   Champion   Yellow   Boss   10/10   $11    New/blue stamp - gone
32.  177g   Champion   Purple   Boss   10/10   $11    New/silver stamp - gone
33.  177g   Champion   Green   Boss   10/10   $11    New/red stamp - gone
34.  175g   Champion   Orange   Boss   10/10   $11    New/white stamp - gone
35.  174g   Champion   Orange   Boss   10/10   $11    New/white stamp - gone
36.  174g   Champion   Orange   Boss   10/10   $11    New/white stamp - gone

37.  173g   Z   Yellow   Nuke   9/10   $12    No ink - pending
38.  172g   Z   Blue   Nuke SS   9/10   $9    No ink
39.  176g   ESP   Yellow   Crank   10/10   $15    1st Run from 2013 AM Worlds - gone
40.  175g   Z   Pink   Surge   9/10   $9    Stamp wiped, very pearly, light ink -
41.  177g   CryZtal FLX   Yellow   Drone   9/10   $10    LE, light ink on rim - gone
42.  175g   Old Z   Turquois   Predator   7/10   $8    Old Elite/stamp wiped, no ink
43.  172g   Sparkle Z   Yellow   Force   8/10   $15    2008 Players Cup, very gummy, no ink - pending
44.  174g   Lucid   Orange   Renegade   10/10   $12    2013 GBO, no ink - gone
45.  173g   Gold    Pink   Mace   10/10   $11    No ink
46.  173g   Gold    Color shift   Bolt   8/10   $15    2011 Worlds, ink

47.   172g   Standard   Blue   Astra   10/10   $9    Pitt Open 2012, no ink
48.   172g   P-line   Orange   DD2 Frenzy   8/10   $8    
49.   175g   Icon   Green   Cannon   10/10   $10    From 2013 Am Worlds - gone50.   180g   400 series Proto   Orange   M1   9/10   $10    From 2013 Am Worlds player pack - gone
51.   182g   E-plastic   White   Karma   10/10   $5    From 2013 Am Worlds - gone
52.   177g   Proton   Purple   Vector   8/10   $5    1st Run, tried to dye it blue but it ended up a little dark and looks purple. - gone

General Banter / Re: Hawkridge Master Plan
« on: October 02, 2013, 12:47:01 PM »
Thanks for voting, but not quite in the lead yet.  Actually 5th.  Click on Park Activities and select dsic golf.  Actually fishing is #1 which there's a lake their so that makes sense. 

General Banter / Re: Hawkridge Master Plan
« on: October 02, 2013, 10:29:05 AM »
Is that better? 

General Banter / Hawkridge Master Plan
« on: October 02, 2013, 09:05:27 AM »
Raymore, MO Parks and Rec is currently completing a Master Plan for Hawkridge Park.  A new disc golf course is one option being evaluated for this park.  We have a course budgeted in our 2014 budget, but the location has not yet been determined and this park is much larger than some of our other options so it is preferred to get a full 18 hole course.   As I said, this is one of the many options that could go in to this park.  They are taking input from the public and our using the following website to gather data.  If you would, please go to  register an account and put in your vote as part of the public.

Well that sucks.  And at the club championships you play for tags on your card only.  It only counts that way for the initial distribution for the following year.  I know because I got 4th overall last year and yet I won bag tag #28 due to how it played out during the four rounds.  I did start the year off with #4, but I left the club championships with #28.   

What if you can't make all the rounds?  How are you going to do bag tags?  I'm suppose to coach a game at 9am, but would love to participate in this. 

It was a 48.  Couldn't quite get the hang of putting with a buzzz though. 

Tournaments / Re: Roc V Buzzz 2103 - September 21 @ Swope Park
« on: September 05, 2013, 04:36:29 PM »
I have a soccer game to coach at 12:00pm in Lee's Summit, which puts me out from 11:00 - 2pm.  Is there anyway, I can participate in one round, either before or after?  I wouldn't want to let me team down. 

Swope / Re: tree cut on #7
« on: September 04, 2013, 04:22:37 PM »
Hmmm, left fairway tree. Perfect left handed hyzer shot .... what were the scores for last night?
I'm looking at you, LEFTIES!

Horrible.  A good lefty wouldn't need to take out the tree to birdie that hole.  It's already easy enough for us.   Probably a righty who can't control his anny. 

Keep your ears open.  I'm sure somebody will be out bragging about it. 

General Banter / Re: Ratings?
« on: August 16, 2013, 08:32:41 AM »
Those events weren't included in this rating update (MAC and Run for Roses).  There is a lag.  "PDGA Player Ratings Updated: August 13, 2013
The latest PDGA Player ratings were published on 8/13/2013 and include events reported by the 7/23 submission deadline." 
  If you look at your events, then you can see which rounds were included.  Don't worry, they will be included next month. 

My rating went up 8 points.  980 baby!

Legacy Park - Lee's Summit / Re: 8-2-13 Dubs
« on: July 24, 2013, 02:49:59 PM »
I verified with Scott, course is not closed.  I would try my best not to interupt the wedding. 

Now here are my suggestions.  I'm assuming that the baskets haven't been moved.  If #3 is still in short position, Bring another basket and place it near the long position of #3, maybe a little longer and to the left to bring the OB road into play.  And tee off to the left of #3 basket and further towards hedges.  You could bring another basket and add your 7A hole that we were talking about the other day.  You could also, adjust the tee for #10 and go further up coneflower and tee off from the road to the #10's basket.  You might want to confirm with the groom where she wants to walk from so that you can avoid it.  Then you go up to running trail (behind #11's tee box) and tee off towards #12.  And then play everything else as normal.  That's actually 19 holes.  You could skip both 10 and 11 altogether and just go to running trail and play to 12.  Lots of options.   Another idea is to play 1 tee to practice basket, and then tee off of the running trail towards regular #1 basket.   

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