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General Banter / Re: New guy: Michael Taylor
« on: November 08, 2010, 12:51:22 pm »
I think that Ben and Rick bring up a great point, and also sidestep my #1 problem (in a good way) I had with the bylaws. And honestly I didn't think the bylaws were going to pass by what I heard on the course but sadly most of those people didn't show up to the meeting due to short notice. So I understand that is was not an ideal election due to the bylaws were just passed. With enough notice people could have time to show what they can bring to the club and sport, and have people in mind of who they are going to vote for when they enter the meeting. I would think that it would be a lot less of a popularity contest and more based on skill, and for newer players they would have insight on people they don't know personally and vice versa. Everyone that I voted for I either knew they would do a good job or I heard them mentioned in good light by Rick and Jack at the meeting. That being said you had my vote Dan  ;)

General Banter / Re: New guy: Michael Taylor
« on: November 07, 2010, 09:07:57 pm »
Thanks again Jack for giving me insight on the new bylaws and the reasoning behind them, and everyone else for that matter. I am still personally not sold on the idea but I will let bygones be bygones and let rest for now. I changed my phrasing on #1 the second time but still was shooting for the same outcome (that being voting per position would be more beneficial) just with a different angle. I love everything about disc golf and the comradely that goes along with it and I don't want to see that change. And I will take you up on a meeting sometime (sadly not on Thursday I will out of town) and voice some ideas. If anyone else would like to hop in and hijack my thread with my ideas or ones I didn't mention please feel free to do so.

And as always Thanks for reading :)  

General Banter / Re: New guy: Michael Taylor
« on: November 07, 2010, 07:48:28 pm »
Thanks Dan and congrats on being elected to the board, but I am not causing a stir for myself (this is the only example I can give). I just would like for people to have a chance with what they can bring to the club. As stated before I don't think I have alot to bring to the table as a board member and going into the meeting I wasn't planning on running. But since I am watching the Cowboys get mangled like always the only thing I can think of is they aren't sending in all their veterans to play, they have their best squad available rookies and all.Edit: Minus the part about the cowboys sucking this year, but you get the point. Look at the Chiefs :) I think that reflects my views the best.  

General Banter / Re: New guy: Michael Taylor
« on: November 07, 2010, 07:20:50 pm »
Just got back from playing old pike for the second time and it was a blast! Anyways thanks everyone again for replying and not scolding me :), and thanks Jack for the detailed break down. I have come to see you point on #3 but let me elaborate one more time from another angle if you don't mind and I will put it to rest. And again I have read all comments but still believe in my first statements and have not came to the dark side yet  ;D

1. The way the board sits now, it would be nearly impossible to gain a spot on the board being a novice or young member.

As everyone has said I and or anybody else that wants to run for a position should have a background of helping out the club. Granted I don't have a whole lot to bring to the table as a board member I would have asked to be a Sergeant at Arms if elected because I am new and wouldn't feel comfortable in a higher role. The problem with this is (think from my point of view) if I was let's say Bill Gates or Mark Funkhouser and could have a vital impact on this club and the sport in KC, I would get shot down just as fast running for the board. But if you put one of those people in a position to run for a Technology Officer or VP of MO it would probably go their way and have a great impact on the club and sport. And I understand I have not earned my stripes because I am new but a way to keep that in tact would make a minimum membership time (but that would still be leaving out newer players).

2. People that hold a position on the board can also be coordinators.

I understand that the people elected were voted in by the people and and they will do what is best for the club don't get me wrong. This was more of a precaution to let's say 8 of the 9 members on the board were also on the course committee for WW. I hope that it would not hurt the other courses but I could foresee players getting angry for WW have better facilities and or more money spent at that course. I do not have a major problem with it but I have heard chatter about it on the course as soon as I heard about the new course committees. I think that course committees if ran correctly could really take a load off of one persons back running a course but I can also see problems with it.

And Jack I did say it was okay after a few times of raising my hand and went out to smoke. I was not mad at you, I understand you had several people shouting at you at once and that was what I was most fed up with. But obviously by the responses here and at the meeting it would have done little to change peoples minds. And I have not went to the board to ask if I could help but anybody that knows me, knows that I always help Jim at Swope when his is picking up trash or anything else he needs help with. And I participated in Beginners League (I would love it if more experienced players came out to help teach) every week we had it (and still have a group of people that show up) and a few other leagues. And have played in every tournament since LDO that I could possibly make. So I am trying to earn my stripes a little at a time, but it would be great to see some breaks for people that are young and help them get involved. Since this one was pretty long too, Thanks for reading :)

General Banter / Re: New guy: Michael Taylor
« on: November 07, 2010, 12:19:59 pm »
Thanks for all that commented, and going into last night's meeting I had no intention of running for the board. That being said, I did receive more votes than expected and got a lot of positive feedback from players after the voting time. But I didn't expect to win because I realize that it is a popularity contest and I could only see 5+ people that I knew well enough that would vote for me. But I will put myself out there for helping my home course. This is really a side note to why I posted this whiny thread, I still don't see why the elected officials for our club are not elected to a position instead of a general board. If someone would make a great Technology Officer they should run for that position and list their experience in that field, because this is a specialty office. It is not that I don't trust that those 9 people will pick the best person out of the group for the job, but those jobs at hand are very specialized in their roles. I have not seen a successful business or organization ran this way, and that is the reason it was my #1 reason I proudly stood (almost alone) up against the new bylaws.

Did the new by-kaws pass, and who are the officers? Are the CC's named yet, or does that happen later?  ???

Yes they did pass, and I do not know everyone's names that were elected and I didn't write them down. By my assumption there are no longer CC's, their is now a committee instead of CC's. They had a sign up sheet for the courses people who wanted to be on the committee.

Tell us from Pres. on down.

I have no idea what position each person on the board will receive, this was a major reason for the first post.

I don't see what your proximity to a lawyer has anything to do with this Michael? Your campaign bus tour was epic. I do not know how you didn't become one of the November Nine yesterday with all those fliers i posted for you all over the city.

Thanks for reading

You're welcome?

I guess i should mix in a compliment after reading my slightly derogatory post. So here goes:  I DO like your militia-esque machine gun toting avatar.

The lawyer comment was because I know that Jack and company put alot of time into the new bylaws and I appreciate that but I don't know the rules of what all that entails. And yes my Ford Festiva is EPIC! I also appreciate all your efforts in posting fliers at every course in KC but I don't think anyone will see them til this morning since my campaign was so short :) Finally, I felt that it was a very long read and one that not many would appreciate so I put the thanks in out of courtesy. I am a very polite person in person also.

General Banter / New guy: Michael Taylor
« on: November 06, 2010, 09:04:45 pm »
Hello everyone, my name is Michael Taylor and I recently attended and ran in the "elections" at the flea market. Since I was largely out voted on the new by-laws, and did not receive a spot on the board I will go to the message board to answer a few questions I have. Please take into consideration that I am very new to this club as stated above and at the meeting, and I am nowhere close to a lawyer.

1. The elections that were held tonight were for a group of 9 people to be on a board, and from those 9 people THEY would select the appropriate person to run each of the positions available.
This seems very counter productive, why not have an election for each position that will be held? The reason being that people that have expertise in certain areas might or might not get elected to the board but would be a better fit for that position.

2. People can hold a position and also be on a course committee?
This seems like a huge conflict of interest, that would be like the president of the US still holding a position in the senate or being a governor of a state while in office. Yes the example I gave is on a larger scale but it still is a conflict of interest.

3. Course committee without a coordinator?
This is just asking for trouble! Being that if there isn't a leader, it will be a he said she said situation all the time. Granted I know that there are multiple people running courses now but there is also a coordinator that leads those people (or should).

I think that there is one more but I forgot already. I would love to be on a course committee or ever multiple ones but being that I am new I feel my voice will go unheard, because that is how these by-laws are built. I raised my hand around 5 times and was ignored and not chosen to speak so I remained silent about these issues. If I am overstepping myself please let me know but I have to at least throw these out there because I really think it would help the organization grow (with newer players). Don't get me wrong I love that fact that we are applying for a real non profit organization, but I didn't agree with the above flaws (as I see it) so I said voted against them. Thanks for reading :)

Found and Lost / Lost Z Crush Tie Dye Rosey #7
« on: October 18, 2010, 11:22:01 pm »
It was mainly blue but also had red and antifreeze green in a weird S pattern. I left it on the course after I putted out from the right side trees and went out there the next day and it was gone. That was my favorite driver please return!!!

Found and Lost / Re: Anyone know Matt Caylor?
« on: October 18, 2010, 11:17:45 pm »
Are you sure that it isn't Michael Taylor? If it is faint my number should also be on there 660-214-1166.


Tournaments / Re: 1st Annual Big Brother Big Sister Tournament 9-18-10
« on: August 26, 2010, 05:14:20 pm »
I hope that we can get several people from this forum to come to this. But since I am the first one to respond I don't think it will happen :(

Tournaments / Re: The 8th Annual Lion's Den Open - Aug 21st, 2010
« on: August 23, 2010, 11:13:45 am »
This was my first event and I had a blast, I just hope all the "tourneys" are like this. And thanks Dick for making right at the end of the day. I also have to thank Arturo (I hope I spelled that right), Miles and Kevin for making me step my game up! First tourney, first time at cliff drive and 1st place  ;D

Mike T

General Banter / Re: New to sport, kinda
« on: August 20, 2010, 12:47:21 am »
Thanks guys! Yea sorry Shane I forgot to mention I have played the beginners league since day 1. I played Blue Valley tonight for the first time and man was that a hike! I look forward to meeting you guys if I haven't already  ;D

General Banter / New to sport, kinda
« on: August 19, 2010, 12:40:49 pm »
What is up everyone? My name is Michael Taylor and I have just now signed up on this message forum. Just to give everyone a heads up that doesn't know me: I started playing around a month ago but have played quite a bit since start. I have gotten to know alot of you guys since everyone that plays around here are good people and have introduced themselves to me. I look forward to getting a lot better at this sport and playing league with you guys (I played in the Doubles @ Old Pike on Tuesday and it was a blast). Anyways that is me and if you see a little blue Festiva I am at the course, and just hit me up because I am always down for some pointers!

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