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« on: November 11, 2005, 07:35:50 PM »
There will be a Downunder Tourney on Sunday the 20th

Pro Entry will be $30.00
Am Entry will be $20.00

Sign up at 9:00 am Downunder by hole 12
Tee off will be at 10:00 am

 Please forward to other websites in the web area, thanks[/b]

Tournaments / 2005 Kansas City Wide Open
« on: April 15, 2005, 10:20:01 PM »
I'm not sure how to put this gently but Bartle Hall has only four towers with the art on top.

General Banter / message board
« on: March 07, 2005, 06:05:56 PM »
Is the message board running good now? I think we should switch to this forum for our club business and dump topica. Lets move the traffic to our site. What does every one think? Seems to me we have a split going on in the cyber world and in order to bring the club members togather we should start by bringing them here to chat.      pete

Tournaments / tourney time
« on: March 03, 2005, 10:35:59 PM »
We need the schedule on the site!

Water Works / Ace Pot..
« on: March 03, 2005, 10:24:00 PM »
Eric send me an e-mail so I will have your address.

Swope / Spring Renewal
« on: February 23, 2005, 06:54:50 AM »
Let me go slow for the mizzou players;  SWOPE SPRING STRETCH

Rosedale / Rosedale workday
« on: February 13, 2005, 06:38:44 PM »
There will be a Rosedale workday in the next couple of weeks to try and clean up debris left from a long winter. Also we will be dealing with the erosion problems on hole 1 greens and around hole 2 greens.
Please stay tuned to this site for more information. thanks pete

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