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The big thing about the location rule was to not bring in "ringers" this was to be active local members of the KCFDC for the event.  I would say you are on that list regardless of the distance rule.

Kudos though for reading the initial "mando rule"  ;D

......Just curious Jack, what are the club membership numbers for women?

7:08-Rick Rothstein, Treasurer. Treasury and membership reports. Instituting an annual membership beginning January 2017. This will simplify things although it may present challenges. Means that next year, Club Championships will be busy with dues being paid. 389 active members as of tonight. #1911 is the latest number issued. 202 in MO 183 in KS.  KCMO is most common city of residence, Olathe most common zip code (both the 66061 and 66062 zip codes). Average age of member is 37 years old. Max Hilters oldest member at 77 years, Sloane Winkelbauer youngest, at 4 years old. Last count, 10-13% of membership are women. .....

..... (another KevMo exception reference.)

Isn't he the best?  I know many of you know him, but he has done sooooooooo many great things for the KCFDC it's still inspiring to me, as well as forcing encouraging his lovely wife to help as well.  Great people is something we are blessed with in KC for certain!

Leagues / Re: Call for Summer Leagues
« on: Today at 02:08:22 pm »
Do I need to post in this thread if the league is outside the KCFDC's jurisdiction?

I would say No, this is for KCFDC leagues only.

I will be running a Monday night league at Cliff and Blue Valley to rotate between the courses.  More than likely it will be a PDGA league as well....for part of the league schedule.

Nope, that's just you caving to a special interest group.

Correct in some respects I can see what you are saying, however in no uncertain terms would I call women a special interest group.  It is human of the different sex, it is therefore (in my own opine here) completely acceptable to balance the KCTC with appropriately distributed places on the team, as it is for the women to play within their own.  The PDGA rules even support this as a WOMAN may play in any division offered to males, but a male may not play in any division that is female.  As such offering a chance to earn 1-2 spots on a 18 person team aligns with the current make up of the PDGA by it's own statistics.  Women make up about 8% of the current PDGA #'s.  Us OLD Geezers have the luxury of playing with the same decade people, but also can play with any younger folks.

I understand the crux of your thought process, but the women that will be vying for this also don't have a age requirement attached to them.  Nova is over 40, Crispian is not.  So they won't have an "age protected" division and will have to earn the spot just as any male would, by beating interested parties.  Having the notion that Women should be lumped in that is a toughie, the only event that I can think of that does this is the USDGC, and though a tough battle the KCTC isn't the USDGC.  This endeavor (should it work) only goes to show the adaptability of the event to return to one of the original pieces though remaining consistent in most every other area>  The removal of age protection.  Many over 40, or 50 have qualified, so you can still do so, but to say that a gender is a "special interest group" is slightly belittling to the great woman that do play this sport.  We currently have 2 wonderful women on the BoD, we have almost always had a woman on the the time has come for the captains to move in a direction that mirrors the growth and popularity of the women in the sport.  As such, allowing them to compete for a single slot or 2 on the team through efforts of a consistent format that aligns with the male process will also ensure that the best women will be playing for their respective state and ensure that we still have that balance of making the best players compete accordingly.

So thats the long answer of  :P c'mon dude it's a gender not a special interest group....

General Banter / Re: No Disc Golf carts?
« on: Today at 09:42:00 am »
Actually. ...I would think Golf Carts as an essential tool for maintaining the disc golf course's.
When I was building ball courses...We had one with a dump cart on it. (Place to carry tools, haul dirt, rock..ect ect..
It was a modified club car.
But we also had little dump bed gas toro's...those ran like a bat out of hell.
And then there was John Deere , who would regularly drop equipment off to test out..The gators , Tractors, Bobcats, ect ect.
All your golf ball courses have maintance carts.
A must have ....

This very different, but very true, and why there are many 4-wheelers out there that get used in this manner.....  Disc golf courses are a few hundred yards, and ball golf courses are thousands of yards, so the need to be as far away from vehicles isn't as bad in MANY disc golf courses.

"don't %$#@ with it"--Pete Cashen (this was not his response, but one he has given to me years and years....and years.....

I think adding women is good, there is a demand, and it looks right to do.

I think if you want to go with the format that is in the article, that is a new item, and not the E v. W.  It would be something different.

I personally had envisioned a more N v. E v. W v. S when this started, and you would have courses that would be North, East, West or South linked up to fill roster spots, but the KS v. MO thing works, it works well, and has come into a spot of its own.....even if the West Side tries to bring FAR WEST people like Val and Nate!


EAST side, we stay local.....cuz we care

General Banter / Re: No Disc Golf carts?
« on: Today at 09:31:32 am »
Couple of reasons as stated here.  PDGA allows them ONLY if everyone has access to them.  So, like when we were in Japan, EVERYONE was given a cart for 2, and the entire field used them.  They just weren't allowed off the cart path, no matter who you were, video crews etc MUST stay on the cart path.

The other is P&R in most cases (includes KCMO) do not allow motorized vehicles in the park, now it does happen, but they can be written up if abused.  Most disc golfers that have carts on the course are seemingly well behaved, but technically it is against the rules, and you could be given a ticket.

Then the third reason, exercise.  Walking is part of the sport, it gives you a better vantage of the throwing options, so it helps in many aspects.

Same thing in Emporia in that they are MISSING $$$, if they were to charge an additional $20 and get carts out there on the golf courses for each player it is $$$ generated that would really put some juice to them.  To me personally paying $20 more but knowing that I would be on a cart on the golf courses is money well spent.  It gives them $18,000 of straight money to the courses at 900 players....something nice for certain that I think the courses would LOVE.  Just hold them to the rules and make cart paths only.....

Tournaments / Re: 2016 Kansas City Wide Open - May 6-8, 2016
« on: February 09, 2016, 01:47:32 pm »
so...dick's a smartass...but thank you for the clarification

We are all smart asses Jeff, c'mon man!!


Cliff Drive / Re: Course closure dates 2016
« on: February 08, 2016, 01:59:59 pm »
October 8-9

Downhill MTB, Cyclocross, XC MTB all return to Kessler Park and Cliff Drive for the third year at the Kansas City Museum. Come celebrate off-road riding in the heart of Kansas City.

Tournaments / Re: East Vs. West 2016--June 18th and 19th Location TBD
« on: February 08, 2016, 10:08:13 am »
Just for the record, this event did not start as "the best of the best". It has become an elitist event. Having to play in PDGA rounds to qualify for a local club event is ridiculous IMO. We should have spots for over 50 players and over 60 players. Without them, we wouldn't have the KCFDC. On the shoulders of giants, standing we are. Let's act like it.

Not quite true, but close.  The goal was to make it the best of the best, and it was to be a very privileged honor to be on the team.  The first year was trying to balance all the needs, and see what would work, and it now has grown into what it is.

As for the women.....they take it so personal in forums.....I believe that the timing is better now as we do have a much stronger contention of area women players than we did when this started.  Therefore I believe that the plan that Joe is working on aligns with the demands of attention the women seek in this event, and let's see if they can meet the guidelines that the captains put in place.

As for the age protected=women, c'mon Joe it's not the same question.  The gender bias is something that is truly divisive on the plan, that is the reason that it has to be looked at.  Representation of the women in our sport is growing.  The Deeva's have done a great job of supporting our events in many cases.  They (Rhonda and Ben) have turned the tables on the women by getting involvement on a consistent basis, that in itself deserves the nod of "lets give them a chance".  If it doesn't work, it doesn't pan out then we go back to where it is, but we also attempted to give them a viable option.  Personally I believe that the 6 model that Joe mentioned makes ABSOLUTE sense.  Because even with Amy's #'s on the 16, the balance of that is that there are what, 70 men on each side vying for the spots, so asking 6 to compete aligns pretty closely with the 92/8 rule that was mentioned.

Tournaments / Re: Ice Bowl 2016
« on: February 03, 2016, 10:25:57 am »
This is Swope before the final 9.  I left it as it came in on cards so if you know your name is on a card and you want to make it correct, I can change it.  I haven't done the final 9 yet, because there are A LOT OF ERRORS (my fault as well as many others).  Some people played in a different group, some people made their own cards, some people put down hieroglyphics instead of actual numbers on the cards.  So by the time I was done with the Registration entries, looking at the scorecards from the rounds, and got to the final 9 boards well....I wasn't a happy camper.  I will work on getting this updated over the next few days, and should have an estimate before weeks end on where we are at.

Name Last Score
Travis ;45
George ;50
Jerry ;62
Steve ;55
Marc ;56
Justin Lowe DNF
Jeff Waldron DNF
Brice Nichols 58
Robert Barnes 65
Joe Burke 58
Dino Ricciotti 57
Cynthia Ricciotti 61
Dan Weinert 62
Bob Walker 60
Brian Palmer 49
Bill Neenan 54
Ted Keith 55
Megan Ramey 60
Jordan Ramey 53
Jim Ramey 51
Eric Taylor 57
Peter Tady 48
Ryan Nibert 45
James Grahovac 55
Rhonda Crosby 69
Tina Patterson 66
Jerry Patterson 51
Joe Hammontree 51
Ben Crosby 54
Mike O'Rourke 57
Jimmi ;56
Sloth ;76
Bunck ;59
Kelly ;50
Rhonda 73
David Walker 53
Jerry  Brown 63
Shean Stanton 52
Ellis Ruffin 61
Ben Gardbner 56
Jim Muzic 49
Josh Lawson 48
John Davis 52
Joe ;57
Marcus ;69
Mike ;55
Corey ;65
Thom ;59
John ;59
Pauly Cross 52
Trent Strayer 50
Jeremy Evans 50
Kevin Crist 52
Bryan Guthrie 48
Jon Thomas 48
Matt Crowe 58
Matt Jenkins 45
Michael Krueger 43
Peter Bures 46
Richard Clark 67
Mike ;68
Brian ;46
Travis Roth 57
Aaron Lamley 61
Ashlyn Rozean 57
Jay Eichman 56
Jeff Webb 48
Nate Phipps 65
john Roth 65
Levi Malottki 52
Otto ;49
Matty Hays 46
GI Dave 44
Josh ;72
Tom ;73
JR Sexton 58
Derrick Trostle 59
Chris MF LEE 55
Dylan Holmes 61
Jared Finley 52
CJ ;49
Tommy Johns 52
Danny O'Connor 60
Fred Netherton 53
Jeff Waldron 52
Chris McKee 55
Matt Fox 53
Justin Lowe 54
Nate Zier 54
Toni Smith 75
Ruthann Lammers 75
Johnny Seed Harrison 52
Gary Birge 54
Patrick Smith DNF
Marty Lammers 56
Mike Fabulae 60
Mike Thomas 49
Mike Filla 51
George Roussis 45
Jim Armor 67
Eric Kolkmeier 53
Andy Portwood 45
Chris Portwood 57
Mike Petrin 55
Brandon Forbes 50
TJ Carr 64
Eric Eastwood 44
Travis Troeber 49
Mike Price 59
Paul  ;51
Carl ;49
Ken Franks 44
Chris Timko 48
Chris Milsap 45
Travis Corporon 43
Matt Dixon 45
Curtis Cooper 49
Mayor Brad Damico 53
Rick Rothstein 56
Anna Hare 68
Angie Biondo 54
James ;64
Matt Veazman 53
Nate Justice 58
Matt Kane 58
Brian Isbell 54
Don Cerra 68
Chris Lemmon 76
Erick Lukowski 52
Thommy Lukowski 51
Steve ;50
Brandon Spencer 59
Austin Spencer 78
Bob Ward 42
Brandon Garrison 51
Grant Riotta 50
Josh Lankford 62
Ben Dresser 51
Dad Dresser 57
Steve Dresser 36
Beckett Carduff 37
Jack Lowe 39
Paul Klunel 46
House ;48
Jerome Harvey 47
Drew Neitzel 49

Tournaments / Re: 2016 Kansas City Wide Open - May 6-8, 2016
« on: February 03, 2016, 10:14:57 am »
I have had some request for housing options for some women from out of the area.  Please PM me if you can help a couple of ladies from out of state with accommodations.

Tournaments / Re: Ice Bowl 2016
« on: February 02, 2016, 10:18:41 pm »
It was 41.  I can ask them about it but normally it does take a couple of days to upload the "fringe" items that are more civic minded, so I figured I would wait until Thursday.

Thanks though Doug.

Tournaments / Re: Ice Bowl 2016
« on: February 02, 2016, 08:43:21 pm »
thats from 2012.  I don't think that they have uploaded this years yet....

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