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If the Rain comes.....I may suggest playing an alternate format....
1 to the practice
2-from the road to #1
3-from road to #11 long
11-From Road to #18 long (Blue Pin)
12-#11 short

This would only be a 12 hole league, but I think that it is in the options....If you needed to add holes to make 18.....

This would minimize the amount of "muddy terrain" you would be walking on, and risk aversion to injury by avoiding 4, 5, 6 climbs up and down....

Food for thought

Beginners / Re: How to make an etiquette call?
« on: Today at 12:36:46 pm »
It happens in all divisions, and people get snippy about it.  There is an unwritten rule that states "don't call someone on the faults" in disc golf.  That makes it tough to legitimize our sport.  Not only should you call yourself out, but you should be calling others and asking for ruels advice as you play.

I am guilty as others...but then I don't play "pro" for yet another reason in the many of "1000 reasons why Jack Lowe is still playing AM"

I'll see everyone at 9am, for day drinking, disc flinging and 'Merica!

Weird, we didn't see you!

NICE! ;D ??? ???

Beginners / Re: How to make an etiquette call?
« on: Today at 09:33:13 am »
The best way to combat this is to do so before the round starts.

I would have a conversation that starts with, hey, looks like we are playing together.  I know during league I have asked you to refrain from moving in my vision field.

I don't want to have to worry about it during the round, so just a little friendly reminder to refrain from doing so.  Since we have played together already, do you have any pointers that I can stop doing as well?  I want to make sure we are only distracted by our shots, not by each other.

Be sure to let one of your card members hear what you are saying.

If it happens quickly, try not to be too rude, give a gentle, hey stop please...if he continues stop your putt, let him know that is his first courtesy, and the rest of your card, explain it, and then from there on out mark each instance with a verbal warning to the individual as well as notating to members on the card to mark accordingly.

I have done this with a couple of people....well ok, only one, who has an even # PDGA.....and told him before the round, dude, your louder than me, you don't follow etiquette, and I am going to call you on these things today because I don't have the patience I normally do.  A rather smooth round with him at that point

Just as others have warned me about my vocal outbusrts during events, I have been given warnings before the round as well, and it does help keep my head aware to internalize those thoughts, some times it works, sometimes.....well.....I am loud.....

PDGA league returns to Cliff Drive tonight.  I am running it for Rob Martin, who is out of town.
5:30 sign up, 6:00 tee time.
I'll try to keep to cards of three to speed things along.
$5 for KCFDC members, $6 for non-members.  Add a buck if you want in the ace fund.
Playing all nickels.  Thanks to Jack Lowe for all of his help! The course looked fantastic on Saturday.

That would be Drew Neitzel, as Jack Lowe has been out of town, and DREW has been a continual MACHINE out there, and thank you to him for certain!

General Banter / Re: Back to Field Work... Oh, joy?
« on: Today at 09:15:57 am »
Can your wife come catalog all of my discs? ;D

Practicing bad habits is worst than not practicing at all.

Be sure you are comfortable with what you do.

Pay for a lesson to get pointers to work on.

Attend leagues, play above your level, play pro, its a $5 clinic....ask questions, ask for help, observe those that you feel you desire to be and learn from them by watching.

Aaron Rodgers sat on the sidelines for years watching Favre......just sayin.....but then so did Bono and Grbac from Montana and Young, so it doesn't always work....but those in KC think it will.....

General Banter / Re: Why I don't go to Wyco league
« on: Today at 09:07:19 am »
tourneys on the weekends is the biggest killer for me.

As for the low turnout, it probably averaged ~10-15 consistently, spiking at times.

The other BIGGEST issue is now there are 5 leagues Monday, 3 on Tuesday's, 2 on Wednesday's, 2 on Thursday, and then 2 on Friday is just simple math unfortunately.

This is why I determined that it just wasn't worth my time to give on Monday's at Cliff any longer.

Found and Lost / THANK YOU-Cliff Drive pick up
« on: July 01, 2015, 02:42:23 pm »
Cooper just let me know that my Blizzard Destroyer made it's way into DD today.

I just wanted to thank whomever found it.  I know it was last seen at Cliff Drive, and I gave up early on it.

At any rate if you were the person that returned it.....please let me know where you found it at, and a few beers are on me!


General Banter / Re: KCFDC noob question
« on: June 30, 2015, 09:13:57 am »
wow....close to #2000 for the club, Geez Louise ;D

General Banter / Re: KCFDC home brewers, are there any?
« on: June 30, 2015, 09:03:05 am »
Quite a few of them...quite a few....

You have been misinformed. And thanks to Nate Zier we have current agreements with PHill and Liberty. KCMO is on a three year cycle and will be renewed in September. BTW, we pay a percentage of all income recvd on KCMO courses annually. Thanks to mostly Jack the KCFDC has a pretty good relationship with KCMO P&R.

Great job Nate!

I'm thinking about signing up and only wearing a bikini and shoes.  Even Jack will tell you, you cant play in a tournament without shoes.

You need sandals.....thank god I had sandals.....

I'm in favor of requiring individuals being members in order to post in certain sections, such as Tournaments, Leagues, etc. 

Can we have a BOD member comment on the contract question - are they still current?  I was told very recently that at least the contract with KCMO has expired.

Even if expired, as long as the intent is to remain in effect, nothing really changes.  The piece of paper's expiration date doesn't dictate that the relationships between the club and municipality failed, just needs to be resigned.  There are many instances over the years where things go a few months without being "in contract" though nothing changes.  Insurance is still paid, agreements are still in place, and the knowledge that it is a working relationship between the long standing organizations is in place.

A date can be overlooked, a relationship can be ruined by those not following the protocols in place and thus jeopardizing the efforts of many by selfish acts of interests on their own.

Why again it is imperative to be on the same page as the BoD with events in KC, it keeps it cleaner in most instances.  Why the BoD has done a great job working with the multiple TD's the town offers, and businesses supporting the sport and the club.

You have been misinformed. And thanks to Nate Zier we have current agreements with PHill and Liberty. KCMO is on a three year cycle and will be renewed in September. BTW, we pay a percentage of all income recvd on KCMO courses annually. Thanks to mostly Jack the KCFDC has a pretty good relationship with KCMO P&R.

I would ask someone before just assuming what someone told you is true. Believe it or not, our partners read our board.

mjohnson : Actually the KCFDC has a record number of current members 408-ish (though many will expire at the end of the month).

I just hear arguments, but no solutions here. I have an idea: run your won events folks. Start planning now because the schedule starts filling at the January meeting.

Spot on in many areas.  It wasn't/isn't just me.  I only took the time to formalize many and countless others keep it flowing the right way.  It takes our entire community to make it work here in KCFDC land......It isn't one person, it isn't 2, it is the thousands of members, and hundreds of workers and volunteers that make it grow.

It takes all of us, like us each, hate us each, or better yet, agree to disagree, we collectively are the club.  Typing a forum is good for topics, but working to build a better sport is personal interaction.

Thanks to all who have points they want heard.  That is what makes us great as a club, and one many around the world are envious of.

We can disagree vehemently in the threads, and then go and scoop mulch together the next day, we do that because we value the courses, and sport.  We do that because we (mostly) realize we aren't bigger than the game, and we realize we are fortunate to be a part of the best disc golf community in the world.

We just aren't always afraid to speak out, and that is good as well!

kudos, so no, I am not ashamed of this thread, I think it shows the ability to drive Q&A's.....

But it is a thread drift extra size, and sorry Rob! ;D

Why I said, one section needs to always be open, people can post about other events, traveling people asking questions, etc.....there should be a way to have open access in one section that may be the "general banter" area, but the others are listed to only members for typing, but open to view for all in case you want to read about other topics.

General Banter / Re: KCFDC noob question
« on: June 29, 2015, 03:54:17 pm »
Takes a few days, but you will get a # soon!


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