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Water Works / Mighty Mo-Basket help please
« on: May 04, 2009, 04:17:32 PM »
Course set up-Hopefully our course coordinators will be able to set up the courses accordingly:
Water Works-
1-far right
2-long right in between the trees
5-middle of the road
7-long #10 pin please
9-right long
10-short right

Cliff Drive
10-long(yeah I know, but I wanna see how it plays)
11-long (or new long-long if it gets in on time this would be in the position across the street)
17-Island (hmmmmm...17 island on both courses.....)

I will try to get some distances on this for the scorecards and the program....but no promises.



Cliff Drive / League 4-27
« on: April 28, 2009, 09:34:22 AM »
Drove around the course about 5:45 no cars, so I won, got three aces and cracked my skull with a tree that fell on me in the middle of the round by hole #9, this was after a car jumped the road on #7 and hit my disc as it was in straight flight ricocheted off the windshield and hit the big tree, and slammed the chains.   I am pretty sure that's how it happened, but could be the tree that fell on my head hurt my memory, becuase I couldn't find the scorecard this morning. 

I do know I played and got three aces, I just am not sure who witnessed it or where the scorecard went.

Guess I will try to do it again next week!

Cliff Drive / Updated Map
« on: April 22, 2009, 10:38:32 AM »
The map is ahead of the layout, 13&16 are moved on this map, and the new placements are listed on here, 8 has not yet been added, we need to determine where exactly it goes in the short placement

Cliff Drive / May 2 2009-Work Day
« on: April 21, 2009, 02:46:26 PM »
Tee pad installation shuold be happening this day.  This is also the same day that the Clean Up for the area is planned.  This used to be coinciding with the Great American Cleanup that we have helped to support over the years.

THis year on top of the Tee Pads as usual we want to work on the course to get it ready for the Mighty Mo.

Hole #1-finish cleaning out the rest of the area to the West of the hole now (up the hill).
--Mow around the basket, clean up and ensure its mow ready for the season
--Marquee (Rosedale steel/steal one?)
--Create new area striaght north of tee for new alternate placement (doubtful for this weekend)
Hole #2-mow the fairway, rebuild stairs (replace basket)
Hole #3-chop HONEYSUCKLE on the ROcks down and out.
--Clean up the hillside down to the road
--create exit strategy from the basket
Hole #4-continual loving the fairway with mowers (replace basket)
Hole #5-better stairs, clear out the old fairway (North of existing Basket)
--Get trash out of there, it was dropped from the road, due west from existing basket
Hole #6--mow fairways, clear out the debris, trim tree lines
--Get all the TIRES out from the new pin
Hole #7-trim hillside to the Western pins, remove old cuttings
--------Between #7-#8 clean and mow proof the area for the walkway, design the path better, and ensure no new growth along the rock face
Hole #8-Trim South of pad, try to get the boulders out and use by #7 tee
--remove trash on the hillside
--grab the plastic tubing for the drainage on the pads in some areas that is located on the East side of hill about 1/2 way down for pads, 1, 2, 7
--Trim up the long placement, get the shorty one in, and make the "band staging area" good to go with the bricks, rocks, etc to possible build a stage, or better structure to house the actvities....
Hole #9-clean up the green, work on longer placement (Not this weekend)
Hole #10-clean, mow, trim.
--Marquee to deter #1 pad from being an issue
Hole #11-watch it grow lovingly, clean up around the reservoir to expose wrought iron
--Ivy removal from large tree
Hole #12-Trash teams removal, I would like to bring everything trashy down to the bottom, and create a place for the P&R to come and get it....
Hole #13-Clean up the trees, plant trees
Hole #14-pray the last big tree there doesn't die before Worlds
Hole #15-get the large fallen branch off, and trim and cut all the IVY off the trees
Hole #16-Wrought Iron Fence Clean up some more, lets see how many discs we can actually getin the in reservoir by having no protection.....
Hole #17-Tree trimming up the road to the South
Hole #18-I think its ok.

Let me know if you can help.  I'll make a day out of it, probably 8:30ish-7ish.

The biggest thing needed though is CONCRETE FINISHERS AND TEAMS TO HELP.  Please step up and let me know.

Cliff Drive / League 4-20-09
« on: April 21, 2009, 10:55:30 AM »
You missed 4-20 league in a gusty night of a bunch of new people showing up.  10 folks, some blood, but fun by most.
Jim Sherwood-70
Frank Macaluso-103 (that's right Frank Mac playin disc golf up the street from his house)


Saturday, May 2.  We will be pouring the concrete.  I need to have those people that know how to properly finish ready to go.  The big truck will come in, fill the form, then we go at it.  The more teams we have in place, the faster, and quicker it will be.  Please pass this information along.  Contact me directly at 913.485.5123 for more information about helping.

General Banter / Concrete Finisher's needed at Cliff Drive May 2
« on: April 17, 2009, 02:05:32 PM »
Saturday, May 2.  We will be pouring the concrete.  I need to have those people that know how to properly finish ready to go.  The big truck will come in, fill the form, then we go at it.  The more teams we have in place, the faster, and quicker it will be.  Please pass this information along.  Contact me directly at 913.485.5123 for more information about helping.

General Banter / Camp WIN-Volunteers Needed-June 8-11
« on: April 17, 2009, 02:01:23 PM »
Looks like the girls age 9-12 will be June 8-11 at the OP Jewish Community Center on 115th - we only have one day though. I'll keep everyone posted-CD

Moved to a thread of its own.  Please help out if you can, this is a great event that really helps out the growth of our sport.


Cliff Drive / league results 4-13-09
« on: April 14, 2009, 01:27:48 PM »
8 people from missouri, kansas, and florida came out for some great golf.  a little muddy but the ace fund stayed intact at this course.  sun broke out long enough to shine on the blood that was on BEckett's knee...

GUys over 40


Cliff Drive / League 4-13-09 [s]Cancelled[/s]
« on: April 13, 2009, 11:11:59 AM »
I'll head out there around 6ish, but with all this rain, I really don't want to trample the ground too much.  Lets try to get everyone out on 4-20 for the event at Cliff unstead, it was afterall the coolest place to get high according to the pitch in 2005 (referencing the rock climbing.....what else?)

Cliff Drive / Ruthanne Harper Disc Golf Course at Cliff Drive
« on: April 08, 2009, 10:02:00 AM »
For many of you you don't know her, but most of you should thank her.  Ruthanne was the major reason we got the PIAC approval for Cliff Drive and Blue Valley.  I would like us to start to refer to Cliff Drive as Ruthanne's, but I doubt it will happen.  I feel a great loss for her, she was inspiring and had a passion that I hope I can gain as I grow.

Tribute | Ruthanne Harper kept busy with civic causes
The Kansas City Star

Who: Ruthanne Harper, 74, of Kansas City.

When and how she died: March 29, after a long illness.

Hard worker: Harper worked as an AT&T executive for years. As a district manager, she became highly regarded, according to friend Meg Conger.

A promotion letter in 1982 mentioned her “extraordinary capabilities” and what a “perceptive” employee she was.

“She did have a keen perception not only of people but of situations,” Conger said. “She was very clearheaded, very keen, had a very keen mind.”

After retiring in 1989, Harper turned her attention to the city she loved.

Devoted to the city: A proud urban dweller, Harper spent most of her life in the city’s Northeast area. She grew up on South Myrtle Drive before moving a few blocks into a Queen Anne- style home on Gladstone Boulevard.

She became involved in organizations like Old Northeast Inc. and Scarritt Renaissance Neighborhood Association. She advocated for Corinthian Hall to be the home of the Kansas City Museum and led renovation efforts for the museum.

Cliff Drive, the only scenic byway in an urban area of Missouri, would not have been what it is without Harper’s work, Conger said.

“Some people involved in politics like the spotlight,” Conger said. “She was not a ball hog at all. She would do a lot of work, not get credit, never let it bother her. She didn’t get enough credit for all the things she did.”

Respected: Much of Harper’s political activity involved advising people who were in positions of influence.

She was appointed to several terms on the Kansas City Neighborhood Tourist Development Fund Committee and the Public Improvement Advisory Committee.

“Her insights and her opinions were very valued,” Conger said. “People listened to Ruthanne. They paid attention when she spoke. She didn’t say a lot, but when she did speak, it was an intelligent, insightful observation.”

She stuck to straightforward beliefs. She believed strongly a city should offer quality basic services. She also believed in a transparent political process guided by policy, not politics.

“She called you out if she thought you were not following the rules,” Conger said. “She was very fair, and she had a strong sense of justice.”

Busy: Harper never married or had children, but she lavished love on her friends and on her dog, Muffin.

“To be able to say you were a friend of Ruthanne Harper’s was a very special thing,” Conger said.

Harper always kept busy.

“She had no free time,” Conger said. “She spent every minute of every day making it count.”

Survivors include: A sister and a brother.

The last word: “I had a tremendous amount of respect for her, for her success, and her life made me drive harder to be successful myself,” said her brother, Jim Bond Perleth. “Her brains, her integrity, her honesty, it all rolled into one wonderful package.”

General Banter / Race tickets April 25, & 26
« on: April 08, 2009, 07:16:32 AM »
I got 4 tickets for the entire weekend.  They are with a group that has an RV, they are infield tix, they cost $140/each, you pick up a wrist band for the entire weekend so you can come and go all weekend long.  There is a group of 10 of these seats, I have 4, a buddy has 2, so we have 60%.  I will be in Lamoni this weekend, so these tickets need to go.  The guys already have a rooftop seating, these are the front row of turn 2 I believe ( I have not used the seats yet, and I am already missing the first race.....)

Let me know if you aer interested.  I believe it is Truck racing on Saturday, and open wheel on SUnday.

Cliff Drive / League 4-6-09
« on: April 07, 2009, 09:50:14 AM »
Upon my depature of work, and the subsequent drive by of Cliff Drive, outside of seeing new presents donted by undoubtably the wonder new neighbors, there was a television, a bed, and some other new items that if I had a hankering to fix I might make use of...I saw three lonely gentelmen throwing plastic at shiny metal objects.  They then gave this rather large Floridian man an oragne card with numbers on it that appeared at my house.  With this large Floridian, there was "heat" a disc ctaching dog that apparently can not jump as high as a "Darby" but is able to catch these discs better, and is teaching one "darby" how to enjoy the discs....the numbers on the card meant nothing to me though they said the following:
M Hayps-67

THis large floridian then consumed a few barley flavored water bottles with something called Budweiser in them, and amongst all the watching, the mighty Green Spartans valiant to a point, were sliced by the Roy Williams lead Jayhawks to another tournament win to the Kansas Faithful.....oh wait, sorry, he left for a better school......

I'll be out there on MOnday the 13th the new terror begins, where we don't wait for Friday any more!

General Banter / Brett Long-please call Jack Lowe
« on: April 01, 2009, 04:15:22 PM »
Brett Long, please call Jack Lowe, and if you see him, please have him call me.

Cliff Drive / League Results 3-30-09
« on: March 31, 2009, 11:32:40 AM »
with wind blowing harder at the begining of the round than by the end, it was a fun night of 17 disc golfers out to enjoy the evening.  Though many tried, no one was able to pry away the #1 tag that had many getting to league to play.  With the addition of 4 people of the older persuasion, we had a masters group.  Just so you all know, if there is enough people to warrant a division it will be offered.  Typically over the last few years of leagues we have not had enough to warrant anything other than Open/Women.  I have not carried KCFDC Kash for am's, and most people have been pretty acceptable to this.  You need to have at least 3 to open a division, and if you have it, I will make it!!

Here are your results, from a less than muddy experience that was anticipated.
Spencer(Keizer insert last name here)-70
Matt Hummel-75
Sean Snider-75
Keizer-76 (I still have your yella putta in my car as well)
Jeremy Wade-79 (you left a 166 Pro-Valk on #10, I found it Tuesday, in my car now)

Chappy Chapman-64
Lefty 2-77


We shall try again, we still may need to start by 5:45 next week, and then after that 6:00 should be good.  I have class next Monday so I doubt that I am in attendance at Cliff Drive, if someone can step up and run league next week, that would be great!!
--Morales?  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.....I had to laugh at the thought of it.....No seriously.....ROFL.... ;D

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