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Club Archives / Art work? Who wants to do the courses?
« on: August 25, 2008, 10:55:04 AM »
I need to have maps created that are similar for all the courses.  Who wants to create this type of art work?  I would need to have examples, and would want all the courses to be available:
Rosedale-Top and Bottom
Water Works
Cliff Drive
Blue Valley
Shawnee Mission Park
Pleasant Hill
Lees Summit
Lake Lenexa (2x)
Swope North
Penn Valley Park

Start by letting me know you are interested.

General Banter / My 1000th post
« on: August 22, 2008, 02:15:37 PM »
This is actually 999, but once I reply to it, it will be 1000th posting..... I think that it means that I have too much time in front of the machine at work from time to time, what do you all think?

Cliff Drive / League 8/18 (Chappy & Rick's Bday!!)
« on: August 22, 2008, 11:30:24 AM »
12 out for some fun before the Lions Den is opened!
In a SHOCKING happening, Arturo beat everyone....I know you are all in awe.....
Jack-58 (With a SUHWEET putt to beat Danger in a playoff from the road, he missed, I didn't!!!)
Hart Donation-59
Morales-63 (Lateness will no longer be allowed, daylight is to scarce....)
Bill N-66
Lexi-83 (I mis added your mis added....)

Saturday is on, and then back to league on Monday.  See what happens as you too can be a part of the most centralized disc golf league in Kansas City!!!

Club Archives / Par-how to define @ Worlds
« on: August 21, 2008, 09:33:01 AM »
The topic in the other thread is giong adrift.

I personally think that the way that Par is designed is inherent with faults.  We have differing viewpoints on what it should be, but yesterday there was a topic that I was reading that hit it right on the head.
Mark Ritner  wrote:
> "The real reason for the ridiculous scoring relative to ball golf:
putting is way easier in disc golf."That depends on what you define as
a "putt". Shots from the 10 meter line are the equivalent of 4-5 ft.
putts in ball golf. To get similar scoring distributions to ball golf
greens we can simply define our "green" and thereby our "putts" in
such a way as the pro player should take 1-2 shots to get in the
basket without error. A "green" thereby becomes, say, a 150 ft.
circle around a basket without obstacles. The "green" shrinks as
obstacles are introduced. Once we have the proper definition in place
by which to make a parallelism putting in disc golf suddenly isn't any
easier than ball golf."

I am not sure that I agree with the 150' analogy, but the point made is something that I have always thuoght of.  I have long considered the 10 meter line a good barometer, but not a true"green".  I have always felt that a 30' radius should be available to the player, but not as a green, but because it is close enough that it should be open for them to have a chance.  THat doesn't mean that I feel that it is the same as a 4-5' putt, but more like a 10' foot putt.....

What are your true thoughts on Par folks.  The argument probably has been going on longer than you haev been playing this sport.......

General Banter / Disc Golf Wrestler out in Olympics
« on: August 20, 2008, 06:41:23 PM »

I played with Ben last year at the Mid America, he was my partner.....we finished as well as he did alone in the olympics.....bad week to draw me as a partner.......even worse week to draw the guy he lost to though.....

Club Archives / Next Meeting Tuesday August 26th @ River Market @ 7:00
« on: August 18, 2008, 12:52:28 PM »
We will discuss the most recent worlds, and other items.

We need you there to help.

We had planned a night this upcoming Monday, with me running league, I don't want to start late.

Lots of good from K-Zoo, looking to improve in some areas, and steal from them in others.

You can help make history, and it starts now!!!



Cliff Drive / Bike Race 8-9-08-Saturday start #17
« on: August 06, 2008, 05:27:09 PM »
Saturday Morning and all day there is a BIKE RACE, you will have to start at #17, or walk down to get to the course at Cliff, but it is pretty cool to watch, also then be very careful heading to #4 on Saturday.  It will be a little tricky to get to Cliff Drive, but you can get there...

Water Works / 2 Work days planned 9/27 & 10/4
« on: August 06, 2008, 11:12:42 AM »
The nieghborhoods around Water Works are planning a workday on the 4th of October.  We want to help.  In order to help them, we should have our own workday the previous weekend to have them help with the cleanup of the debris that we create.  Some of what I personally think needs to be done is as follows:
1-clear out the honeysuckle by the sign in area, chop it all off, maybe replace with actual shrubbery.  Prune the trees around the teeing area.
2-clear out the Honeysuckle around the pad to the right, and clean up the teeing area in general.
3-CLEAR OUT THE AREA TO THE LEFT, it is over grown, and needs to be cleaned deep.  This will allow those errant shots on the way down to be more visible.
5-prune trees up, mulch
6-fix stairs up to pad, they need it bad.  throw grass seed all over......
7-address erosion issues all over (more than this workday will do)
11-clear out stumps by road
12-Walnut trees need to be raised all over and have some actual "lines" put in(same with that silly shot way left, trees need cleaned up to give an actual shot, not just a righty hyzer, unfair shots suck.
13-the area to the right of the tee pad to woods needs mown, chopped, etc.  The area up the hill has been cleared out nicely.  We also should think about the far right top of the hill pin, and creat a couple of erosion areas, built up walls, one with the pin, and another about 30' away.
18-plant some trees, really miss that double mando of a few years back, and just clean up the area, as well as possibly replace the old "stairway" to the original top pin.

Some ideas that I have, please start to share with what you feel may need to be done.



Cliff Drive / League Results 8/4/08
« on: August 06, 2008, 11:00:17 AM »
On what some may consider a hot and humid night, 9 players determined that disc golf is just the right thing to do on MOnday at Cliff Drive.

With the work done on the new hole #1 teeing area, and moving #10 into the long position, the determination was made that the not ready for play yet #1 would have to wait.....soon, will come.

With the heat, the throws from many were hard to keep it in the -, and thus the scores showed it:

3-way tie for first, that Hart Donation had to relieve himself from after the first playoff left a tie after 4 extra holes in the heat.  Which meant that Brain Gammon and Jamie Dangers "won" the league.

Brian Gammon-56
Jamie Danger-56
Kevin Hart-56
Jack Lowe-57
Mark Morales-58
Dan Coffman-59
Steve Hostetler-64

No ace was hit, so come on out next monday and try to take some money!

Cliff Drive / League Results 7/28/07
« on: July 29, 2008, 09:29:54 AM »
With beautiful weather, 79, not too much wind, the course looks to be in pretty good shape, with the exception of some trash.  Mowers are starting to get the right areas, and we are moving forward.

This will help with the clean up this Sunday at Cliff Drive, if you can come for an hour, it makes a difference.

We will work on:

#1 Where the pad will actually be placed, open up the trail....
#2 Opening for the mowers, and alt#1 pin (last item to work on)
#3 hillside
#5 Deep placement
#8 in front of pad, they cleared out #7 nicely, so we will spend a little time pruning it, but not much!!
#10 Deep placement
#15 New pin placement

We may look at additional holes that with a MAJOR tree down (#6) may allow us to create the hole to come up and out by the water, and then re use the shot that goes around the road that we used to do after the "cliff shot" that had a long walk.  I doubt we get to it, but hey it is a possibility!!



Arturo-50 (with a 6 on #12)
Hart Foundation-50
Matt Hummel-66
Alexi Kontras-77

Will move pins during the workday, so look for a new layout next week!

Course should be awesome!!!

Cliff Drive / Work Day August 3-Sunday
« on: July 24, 2008, 01:50:25 PM »
I am not sure when I will have another chance to make this work.  I am planning a work day on Sunday to get ready for the lIons Den, and more importantly for the tee pads.  I had initially planned on getting the pads in prior to Lions Den, but I am thinking that we may need to do that in Sept or October, as all of my w/e are booked through Sept now.

Please plan on showing up, the more tools you bring the better.  Lawn mowers, rakes, gloves and hands will all help.

Plan on being out there from 10-6.

The more the merrier.



Reply in here if you can help, and please pass this information along.  Anounce at leagues, tell your friends.  If you have the means, put it on an airplane and fly it over the Royals game, then by all the disc courses in town.

I would appreciate it.



Cliff Drive / 7/21/07 results
« on: July 22, 2008, 09:34:34 AM »
With a beautiful calm evening, and partly cloudy in the high 60's Hawaii would have been a great place to play last night.

Fortunately for us, our leer jet fuel prices prevented us from making the trip to the Island for league, and we played at the cozy confines of Cliff Drive.  We were treated to another car on #11, that was removed before we got to the turn!  Fast action on the KCMO police was not the only hot item, as the temperature brought out the heat in Morales as he shot -1 to tie with Jack who also shot a -1.  Morales, while complimenting his own game on #17 was letting the card know that this was the best round he had shot at Cliff, he was at -2, proceeded to crush 17, par it, then use a putter from 190' on 18 and then yank a putt, and finish tied -1.

Next time, he should keep that enthusiasm for the end of the round, when the score matters!

Jami Danger-56

Staye tuned next week, as we play it again!

This league was brought to you by the no ace yet fund, watch it grow!

Cliff Drive / 7/14/08 Results
« on: July 15, 2008, 09:03:04 AM »
On a beautiful night last night, we had 15 people out to play.  The weather was fabulous, no matter where you were last night, I hope that you got to enjoy the weather.  Summer evenings like that are just too fleeting to pass on.

No one hit the Ace Fund last night, so it rolls over:

Angie Biondo-76--$5
Becky Stebbins-84

Older Gentlemen (and Paul)
Rick Rothstein-63--$3.50
Paul Eklund-63--$3.50
Dan Coffman-65

Rest of the geezers
Kevin Hart Foundation-51--$13 (yet not donating back to league!!)  :)
Dick Parker-55--$6
Arturo Villarreal-55--$6
Jack Lowe-56
Jamie Danger-56
Demian Vela-59
Brad D'Amico-60
Andrew Jewett-61
Caleb Walker-61
Long Jon Stebbins-64

Come out next week when we see if anything else new and exciting happens at Cliff Drive.

I plan on working on #10, and #7's green, #10 will be moved to the deep placement......

General Banter / Vichy Videos-local players
« on: July 14, 2008, 02:33:28 PM »
Timko-giving assessment of course.
House-standing funny
Chappy-sending a disc FAR....

From PDGA-

We are just about to release a dvd from the 2008 Ozark Mountain Open.

Below is a link to some trailers on You Tube,,, ENJOY!!!

Cliff Drive / League 7/14/08-Mondays where to play
« on: July 14, 2008, 02:20:06 PM »
Cliff Drive

The argument has been made by Tom that Olathe is better prepared to handle the basic disc golf needs.  While I do not disagree with that statement, I feel that Cliff Drive gives an opportunity to play disc golf and take in culture at such a high level, that one can not avoid it.  It should not be siad that those of you wanting to understand the game, should head to Rosedale for Free Golf on Monday nights to learn about disc golf leagues, and how to behave.  With that being said.....

So....Olathe has nice clean cement tee pads-we don't, we like to play in the earth that god created, not some sort of man made liquid and rock mixture (yet!)

Our #1 tee pad is located within the park itself, but the sign must have been hidden, it makes the chase of the game more exciting.

We have plenty of outdoor trees to visit for high volume nitrogen drop offs.

Though we do not have any shelters within the disc golf park area, we do have at times many homeless shelters that you can tell others about, or if you are in a spirited mood, you can ask nicely to leave the area (some times it can be quite interesting).

Though not formally a playground......we do have a playground of life, where differing cultures expand inthe park for a wide variety of activities that will shock and awe some, and others find interesting.....

Several of the Top Players play this course, and frequent the area, not always during leagues, but sometimes under the cloak of afternoon golf, keeping it hidden from others, so that they can enjoy it themselves.

This is after all the closest thing that we have to Jungle Golf in Kansas City MO, so come see what the excitement can be like on Mondays at Cliff Drive......

Did I mention that it has the highest Ace Fund total on Monday's, and in MO for disc golf right now?  Why wouldn'tyou want to be here? :o ???

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